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2012 F1 season

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David Coulthard, Red Bull, Circuit of the Americas, 2011

The Circuit of the Americas says construction will resume at the track now its place on the 2012 F1 calendar has been assured.

Red McCombs, chairman of McCombs Enterprises and founding partner of Circuit of The Americas, said: “[Bernie] Ecclestone received his cheque today.

“We want to thank the fans supporting us, the local officials and businesses that have encouraged us, the State of Texas, Circuit of The Americas’ staff and Bernie himself.

“I want to thank and commend Bobby Epstein for getting us across the finish line. Bobby’s perseverance and leadership kept the project on track despite unfair and unfounded criticism.”

Engineering and construction teams working on the track will resume immediately, ensuring completion for the 2012 race date.

Steve Sexton, president of Circuit of The Americas, said: “We have a substantial number of fans who have expressed interest in buying tickets and hospitality, so today is a win for all of them as much as it is for Circuit of The Americas.

“We encourage everyone to visit our website and register for information. Registered fans will receive the first communication regarding ticket sales plans. In a matter of weeks we will have more exciting news as we unveil our full calendar of world class events.”

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31 comments on “Construction to resume at Circuit of the Americas”

  1. Excellent news!

  2. Lets get this thing built then!

  3. So Tavo Hellmund is out then, or is he still organising the race?

  4. Great. Now Texans need to do their job and let’s go racing.

  5. I get a feeling that with all those kind of copied elements from other great tracks – like the Maggotts-Beckets-Chapel-like corners, the Stadium-like section, the ‘mirrored’ Turn 8, India’s Turn 3-like hairpin – with all those crazy elevation changes will make for a very very decent new track at last.

    I think I’m gonna love it. Can’t wait.

    1. @Atticus
      I can only agree with you. I think it will look absolutely fantastic.
      Whether it will make overtaking easy, is hard to say, but I am sure the track will have spectacular corners and it will look so good from on board, that it will make up for a lot of lack of overtaking. If that is the case of cause.

      1. I can’t wait for the Australian V8 Supercars to go racing on it. It is a great signing from Tony Cochrane and it will be an awesome sight to see our massive pack of angry V8’s racing around there.

        1. @macca Is it going to happen before the F1 race? Because then I’ll try to catch it just because of the track.

          1. @Atticus No, I think it is going to be it’s own round.

  6. It will be an awesome track, great news.

  7. I’m not a betting man, but I would love to see the odds both ways on this race happening.

  8. Good news, I guess, but I’m curious to hear what Bernie has to say.

    1. I don’t think he will say anything, the bargaining is over.

  9. Great. 3 GPS is North America in 2013, that’s great news for US/Canada an Mexico fans.

    1. Wouldnt that be 4 with New York?

      1. let me take that back i looked at that wrong im sorry lol

  10. Wohoo! Merry Christmas!!

  11. Great to hear. It seemed like a US GP was never going to happen.

  12. Finally it’s been solved.

  13. Good stuff! Just hope they can get it all finished in time without any more hiccups.

  14. Good job boys. I wonder if this means they got the contract they wanted as well?

  15. to make up for my stupid comment here is up to date pics of track construction with some great shots of of turn one and a few of the others. Very cool stuff

    1. That is going to be fantastic and i guess it no looks in no worse stage of preperation than india a year from it’s race.

  16. what a bunch of clowns. many of these guys are absolutely loaded, but (or perhaps because) they never pay out of pocket. when they couldn’t illegally score the taxpayers’ $25 million up front, and couldn’t pass the check any more, then the bill gets paid. tavo has found some shady friends.

    1. I like your tin foil hat.

      1. excuse me? what parts of my statement are factually incorrect?

        1. You must not have met pm before he’s a *insert word of choice*.

  17. as I suspected, everything will be back up and running as planned, however, the only worry now is the delay caused by the initial shutdown of the construction

  18. Good news! We risked having only 18 GP next year, if Bahrain was to be dropped as well. I’d be having some serious withdrawal symptoms. I’ve never watched a US GP before so I’m really looking forward to seeing how it’s received after the fiasco with the Michelin tyres a few years back.

  19. I think the world has misjudged the interest in Formula One here. My hopes are for a solid track that challenges teams and drivers and will become one that entertains fans at the track and ofcourse those who will watch from many nations worldwide.

    The track layout seems to reflect many of the best parts of the better Grand Prix tracks outside of this country and done so in topography which should enhance what is seen. Strange for me to think that this particular event will be one that is in the desert and I do wonder what that will look like.

    Now that the games are over I hope that they get it done and make it right. When completed I believe this particular event will rank with the great tracks of the world and because it is in America, Formula One will finally become the world class series it has always pretended to be.

    Add New Jersey to the mix and soon this absolutely wrong idea of America and its passion for F1 will be finally over. Fans worldwide know what Formula One means to their own country and it is the same here. Soon we will show you how it is done on our side of the pond.

    Montreal, Austin and New Jersey….this North American Trio will become the next series of great Grand Prix tracks. Please come and see the passion that is finally going to happen.

  20. Another Bernie blinder.

    With his negotiating position, he’s infallible. He’s nobody’s fool.

    It was the usual Bernie E public statement, of saying it certainly wasn’t going to happen, like a teenage girlfriend rejecting an arrogant boy, throwing the rewritten proposal back in the other parties face.

    It’s like watching peacocks court, you know it’s going to happen, but there is the ritual of show and bluff, until the master is established and comfortable and dominant.

    There’s a few of those characters in the business of F1. It’s part of the theater, albeit in this case, witnessed mainly through the writings of the press.

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