2012 Canadian Grand Prix result

2012 Canadian Grand Prix

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14Lewis HamiltonMcLaren-Mercedes70
210Romain GrosjeanLotus-Renault702.5132.513
315Sergio PerezSauber-Ferrari705.2602.747
41Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault707.2952.035
55Fernando AlonsoFerrari7013.4116.116
68Nico RosbergMercedes7013.8420.431
72Mark WebberRed Bull-Renault7015.0851.243
89Kimi RaikkonenLotus-Renault7015.5670.482
914Kamui KobayashiSauber-Ferrari7024.4328.865
106Felipe MassaFerrari7025.2720.840
1111Paul di RestaForce India-Mercedes7037.69312.421
1212Nico HulkenbergForce India-Mercedes7046.2368.543
1318Pastor MaldonadoWilliams-Renault7047.0520.816
1416Daniel RicciardoToro Rosso-Ferrari7064.47517.423
1517Jean-Eric VergneToro Rosso-Ferrari691 lap1 lap
163Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes691 lap5.184
1719Bruno SennaWilliams-Renault691 lap1.428
1820Heikki KovalainenCaterham-Renault691 lap13.088
1921Vitaly PetrovCaterham-Renault691 lap4.597
2025Charles PicMarussia-Cosworth673 laps2 laps
Not classified
24Timo GlockMarussia-Cosworth5614 laps11 lapsBrakes
7Michael SchumacherMercedes4327 laps13 lapsRear wing
22Pedro de la RosaHRT-Cosworth2446 laps19 lapsBrakes
23Narain KarthikeyanHRT-Cosworth2248 laps2 lapsBrakes

2012 Canadian Grand Prix

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    55 comments on “2012 Canadian Grand Prix result”

    1. Great ending chase. but It would be much better if Alonso and Vettel pit immediately after Hamilton set fastest sectors. then we might have seen fascinating final sprint rather than pathetic endurance from Alonso.

      1. still I think if Alonso used his kept new super soft early Alonso should have been the favorite.

        1. That was disaster for Alonso. I was expecting him to pit for super soft around lap 52 the latest.

        2. had used rather than used right? I’m trying to improve my English.

          1. ‘Had used’ does sound better :)
            And here, ‘saved’ is clear than ‘kept’ I think.

            1. *clearer
              Maybe I shouldn’t be the one to help with English after all!
              ‘Kept aside’ might have worked actually, although you’d probably want to restructure your sentence in that case.

    2. 7 winners in 7 races, absolutely brilliant!
      Hamilton’s third Canada win, he is definately a Canada master!

      1. Hell yes.

        Will Kimi or Schumi make it 8 at Valencia?

        1. Or Grosjean? Or even Perez as an outside bet (I wouldn’t have said so before today)?

          1. The two Lotus drivers certainly in Valencia if we are going to get an 8th, expect warmer temperatures there as well which will obviously play into their hands. Hamilton, given his attitude in being consistent & the amount of 2nd places he’s got (3/4 occasions), expect him to be on the podium If history & facts repeat themselves.

        2. I for one would be VERY surprised (and a bit worried too) if we’d have an 8th different winner this season.

          I think it’s unlikely though. Valencia is a bit of a Red Bull personal backyard. They’ve always performed well here and I think this year will make no exception. And even if they don’t, there’s Alonso and there’s Hamilton ready to challenge for a win. Grosjean needs to learn more about consistency following good classifications and Kimi – I doubt Valencia will suit his driving style and I doubt Lotus will be able to sort the remaining issues for him in just two weeks time. The Saubers have not performed well there in the past either…

          The different winners streak might have just stopped in Montreal. :)

    3. Did Lewis just forget to put the wheel back in?

    4. Though I don’t like Hamilton, have to admit given the odds he did it in style. Well done. Maybe now he won’t do anything like 2011 now that he knows how to win again

      1. Even if Alonso and Vettel had fitted super softs after Hamilton pitted, they would have hard time beatting him cause he drove just too good. I’m glad for him.

        1. Yes, I agree, then it would have been a very tight battle until the end, would have liked to see it, but HAM did everything right here today, they didn’t.

        2. even if Alonso and Vettel had not been able to make it, it should have been very piercing sprint race rather than just passing away.

    5. Q1) How do you make the Canadian GP – other than the last 10 laps – totally disinteresting?
      A – Remove the second DRS and keep only one!

      Q2) How do you ensure to end up 5th/4th after being 1/2?
      A – Simple! Dont race, keep on old tires, and hope&pray that the only person in F1, who ALWAYS pushes the limits, make mistakeS!

      Q3) Which site was the fastest to post the results today?
      A – F1Fanatic.co.uk!!!

      1. You do realise there was only one DRS zone…

    6. DRS sucks!!!

      It did nothing but kill what could have been a good racing fighter between the drivers towards the end.
      Watching DRS simply allow people to drive easily straght past with them not able to do anything to defend was totally ridicullous.

      F1 is no longer about racing because that wasn’t racing!

      1. Alonso was 4 seconds slower per lap, everybody would’ve soared by with or without DRS.

        1. Yes, it was VET that was still a fight, and some other overtakes earlier on too. Though MAS did it on ROS w/o DRS so maybe that straight is just too good for DRS …

      2. Not a fan of DRS but I think you should accept it that your favourite teams made the wrong choices today. Their drivers clearly had tyres that were worn out. Look at Vettel who had pitted after realising his team’s mistake was gaining 4 secs per lap on Alonso. With or without DRS, someone with a faster car and newer tyres will always have an advantage over someone who doesn’t have all these things.

        1. @Dizzy yeah, that is why Webber passed so easy with DRS? The only time it was easy was when the car behind was faster and had much better traction! All the teams have the same rules to follow, some made much better choices today, simple as that.
          But I would like to see the DRS on another part of the track to see a straight that is hard to pass on turned into one where the drives have a slight chance.

        2. I think you should accept it that your favourite teams made the wrong choices today.

          that implies im a ferrari or red bull fan which im not ;)

          my dislike of drs & the so called racing it produces has nothing to do with who gains/loses from it, My hate of DRS comes from the fact I hate what it does to the racing.

          The only time it was easy was when the car behind was faster and had much better traction!

          in which case the racing would be more competitive without DRS.

          woudn’t it have been more exciting if the cars were side by side down the straght & having to fight it out into the braking zones rather than just pushing a button & cruising straght past?

          what part of any of the drs passes we saw today was even mildly exciting to watch?
          what drs pass made you thihnk ‘wow what a great pass’?

    7. Did Hamilton get weighed with the flag in his hands? I hope they don’t take the win away! :O

    8. It was interesting to see that Grosjean and Perez could conserve their tyres to get on the podium, whilst Raikkonen and Kobayashi couldn’t do the same. I think in someways it is a shame because Raikkonen and Kobayashi wouldn’t normally finish around 20 seconds behind their team mates on pure pace.

      It’s the first time I’ve actually thought that maybe the tyre conservation is too much at the moment. That’s not just because of the reason above, but also that some of the passes were not very exciting because the defending driver couldn’t defend, because of the state of their tyres.

      1. some of the passes were not very exciting because the defending driver couldn’t defend, because of the state of their tyres.

        And because of stupid DRS!

      2. Well said!

        At around lap 40+, Kimi was doing a good-enough job to be ahead of Perez, when the Lotus team brought him in – maybe to leapfrog Rosberg – but they shouldnt have done it, simply because Kimi was matching Grosjean’s pace and was even faster at times by 2-3 tenths. Putting on the supersofts hardly made a difference to Kimi’s race pace, at times few tneths slower than while on his old yellow tires!
        what a shame, because a later pitstop and then an aggressive attack – after all, of what use is it to be conservative on the supersofts – would have put him on par with Grosjean, and then it would have been a real game.

        But, the removal of the 2nd DRS was simply stupendously stupid!

    9. Great drive by Hamilton. Well deserved win. He’s looked strong all through the season.

      Meanwhile, the “How To Throw Away Podiums” saga by Ferrari continues. Was hoping we’d seen last of the major Ferrari pitwall blunders in 2010. Apparently, not.

      Oh! How I hate the Pirellis right now! After his tires wore out, Alonso was a sitting duck.

      1. This is more or less the first time this year you could say Ferrari&Alonso didn’t get out the best they could out of their package, isn’t it @parthpb? Pity for them, feel as foolish as Kimi in China I guess, but still in the points, so could be worse.

        1. Yes. Alonso has had that Ferrari punching above its weight since the start of the season when it was rubbish.

          Still in the points, yes. Disappointing result, nevertheless.

          I’m not sure if you’ve misunderstood me. I was alluding to the fact that Ferrari made many strategic errors in 2010. And this reminded me of that. They’ve been spot-on this season, otherwise.

          1. I don’t think Ferrari was “rubbish” in the first two races. They just didn’t have the strongest package. Alonso was doing excellent job, but the team was also doing great developing the car, giving Alonso lightning-fast pit stops and making good strategy calls.

            Canada was their first error and we don’t know whose call that was. Maybe Alonso felt it was a great idea to stay out.

            1. They made an error in Barcelona as well by not pitting Alonso at the right time. Maldonado got the jump on Alonso on a track that makes it very difficult to overtake.

    10. That’s exactly what I expect from Lewis! This win was absolutely in his style, I thought his strategy had robbed him of victory but not only did it turn out that, despite more small mistakes in the pits, McLaren developed a great strategy, but also that Hamilton still had everything in his own hands.
      Also super races by Grosjean and Pérez, especially by the Mexican considering he started 15th, and by Vettel and Alonso who never gave up.
      Hamilton however was overall slightly better than the rest, which was, in a way, expected, considering his record at this track.

      1. @fixy Absolutely. Hamilton read the situation perfectly and was very well prepared when Alonso and Vettel didn’t pit once more. His pace was phenomenal.

        1. I think it’s not down to them(drivers) but it should be the teams. I don’t know why they didn’t decided to pit immediately Hamilton set fastest sectors. They have new super soft compared to soft one of Hamilton, so it would help them to fight against Hamilton. I’m really disappointed we missed final maybe-stunning wheel to wheel.

    11. Really disappointed to not see HRT classified. De La Rosa did well in qualifying but it seems @keithcollantine was right when he said about them not compensating for higher top speed than usual with sufficient brakes.

      Didn’t no Glock didn’t finish. What happened there?

      Senna managed to jump the Caterhams but it must have taken him ages as he seemed to be behind them all race.

      Another no-score race for Schumacher is painful. Such a shame, but I guess it wouldn’t be 2012 if Schumacher wasn’t having a nightmare.

      1. It should be there’s gremlin only in Schumacher’s car. Unless this wave of glitches cannot be explained.

      2. I get a feeling it’s(2012) the end of Schumacher’s racing days, at least at Mercedes.

        1. He’s definitely not going anywhere else, so it’s either 2013 with Mercedes or retirement for him I’m afraid. And if things don’t get better and Mercedes fail to give him a car in which he can go at least for a podium finish if not a win, I think we’re likely to have a retirement announcement from him around Monza…

          And he’s gonna leave the sport having the poorest season of his career, without him actually being at fault for it. That’s how it looks, at least so far. Sad…

          1. @tony031r Certainly how it looks for 2012. I think a race win would be vindication enough that his comeback was worth it (for the fans at least) and I believe Merecedes will take some stick if they don’t provide him with an opportunity this year.

    12. 7 different winners in 7 races, but I don’t think it’s a lottery. The Marussias, HRTs and Caterhams are still in the back, Alonso, Vettel and Hamilton lead the WDC, just like last year.

      Strategy is so important this year, and driver skill and car speed sometimes can’t make up with the fact that a driver is on the wrong set of tires, or pitted too early/late creating issues with “falling off the cliff” or traffic. It’s great.

    13. Hamilton did an outstanding job, Grosjean just kept his head down with some great tyre conservation on the Lotus and all of a sudden he grabs a 2nd place out of nowhere really! Perez, Vettel and Alonso all good races too.

      But seriously what is the matter with Button? It is actually embarrassing how far off the pace he is. Hamilton had a shocking season by all accounts last year but at even at his worst he was never ever slow, he just kept getting caught up in unnecessary incidents. He needs to sort it out quickly otherwise Red Bull will pull out a big advantage in the constructors, because both Webber and Vettel are looking consistent.

      1. I don’t know why Button chose to run another super soft run. Everybody knows it would not last. It’s not new one either. Noncompetitive drive, unbelievably strategy, disaster for Button.

    14. Perfect race. Well deserved win by Hamilton, thoroughly enjoyed it.

    15. Congratulations to the three podium finishers. But it’s “tyres again” — what happened to the Ferrari computer-aided strategists? Did they go home? or just go to sleep? They had the WDC championship leader, leading the race — and had no logical choice except to “cover” what others were doing. Did they? Like heck. Took a gamble, the lottery route, forgot what happened to Raikkonen earlier this season, and went from hero to zero in six laps.

      This race was not about man and machine on the track, it was about “dumb and dumber” at the pit wall. Ferrari blew it totally for their team leader and Renault could probably have done better for Raikkonen. As for the less dumb, Grosjean and Perez, drove on a logical succession of pit stops for tyres; McLaren were inspirational getting a very fast Hamilton back in the lead (but mostly in the dark for Button.)

    16. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
      10th June 2012, 22:05

      Congrats to Grosjean and Perez. Good to see them back on the podium. Seems like Lotus had another disappointing strategy call for Raikkonen (and Alonso for that matter, but him slipping back was a welcomed sight for me).

      Lotus jumping Ferrari in WCC points isn’t going to sit well with Scuderia, and I think Massa may get the short end of the stick on that one.

      1. @braketurnaccelerate Perez had a very similar strategy than Kimi and it worked amazingly well for him so I don’t know… Kimi had technical problems with his car in qualifying, so maybe they were a trouble for him during the race as well?

        1. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
          10th June 2012, 23:20

          @huhhii – Yea, but Saubers are even easier on their tires than the Lotuses. I guess I was just a little too optimistic in hoping he would be up there with Romain, though he still moved up 4 positions from his qualifying spot.

          1. @huhhii @Todd also Perez had a new set of super soft compared to old one of Kimi.

            1. @eggry I thought Kimi had new super softs as well – guess I was wrong.

    17. reading around the interwebs, lot of negativity regarding drs, more than i have seen in the past & ive seen a lot of ex-drs supporters now critisising it.

      could we now be at the point where the opinion on drs shift’s negative big time?

    18. Must say I was there in Montreal and totally enjoyed the race. The reason why Alonso and Vettel’s one stop didn’t work was the fact that Lewis was amongst them pushing very hard because he was on 2 stopper and this caused them to use more tyre earlier in the race than they anticipated. Well done Lewis!

    19. Ok I have a question about last race in Canada. Why Fernando Alonso didnt have DRS and everybody had and they used it to pass him? I am shocked!! is there any rule involved maybe in order for DRS to get enabled on the car?

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