Massa pledges support to Alonso in title bid

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In the round-up: Felipe Massa says he’ll do what he can to help Fernando Alonso win the championship.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

My Ferrari future depends on results in second half of season, admits Massa (Daily Mail)

“If I’m near Alonso or in front of him I’ll do what I can to help him win the championship, that’s obvious. He is in a completely different position than I am in the championship.”

Spa secured on calendar until 2015 (GP Update)

“Organisers of the Belgian Grand Prix have confirmed a new three-year race contract with Bernie Ecclestone and Formula One Management (FOM).”

‘We’re all impatient’ (ESPN)

Caterham technical director Mark Smith: “We are making the 2013 car very much a development of the current car. So there’s not a fundamental shift in what we’re doing and therefore we are going to develop this car a little bit further in to this season than we would have done.”

McLaren: Clinical finish key to title (Autosport)

Martin Whitmarsh: “This season has been difficult for everyone – and you would have to say Fernando and Ferrari have done a great job: one in terms of development and two in terms of getting the best out of the package. We haven’t got the best out of our package.”

F1 2012 interview: Codemasters on reaching out to a new audience (Digital Spy)

“Most people who haven’t played F1 instantly think its going to be too time consuming or too difficult for them. So a lot of the campaign this year is about showcasing that F1 is a game for everyone, it’s a sport game just like FIFA is a simulation of football.”

Davidson expects fewer shocks (Sky)

“I don’t know whether we’re going to see a surprise like a [Pastor] Maldonado say win a race through to the end of the year. I think now you’re starting to see that natural progression of top teams starting to pull away. But I could be wrong.”

F1 Race Stars Gamescom 2012 footage (720p) (YouTube)

The Formula 1 engine (MotorSport)

“[Colin] Chapman used to infuriate Cosworth’s Keith Duckworth with design sketches that included a skew-whiff box that had the word ‘engine’ jotted within; and it was Duckworth, no fan of turbos, who 30 years ago proposed the introduction of a fuel-flow formula, an idea that will come to fruition in 2014.”

F1 Tales: Brushes With The Law (Viva F1)

“With most of the important staff having deserted by the time the Formula One circus arrived at Spa for the Belgian Grand Prix the story of Andrea Moda Formula reached its climax when Sassetti was arrested in the paddock for allegedly forging invoices. The following week at Monza, the FIA decided that enough was enough and threw the team out of Formula One before it could damage the reputation of the sport further.”

Topiary Williams F1 car installed at team’s HQ (BBC)

“The display was designed to mark the team’s 35-year history and won gold at the Chelsea Flower Show in May.”

Vijay Mallya, ‘King of good times’ vows to offer another gold-plated door to a temple (The Times of India)

“The door, about six ft in height with an equal width, has a 2.4 kilogram gold cladding which cost Rs 80 lakh (??91,000), including the fine work. Later speaking to the media, Mallya said,’I have been a devotee of the deities of this coastal district. I have been visiting Kollur Mookambika temple, Tirumala Venkatarama Temple at Bantwal (the home town of his grand father Bantwal Ganapathi Mallya) and Kukke Subrahmanya. In business, it is but natural to have ups and downs. I will be successful again with God’s grace.'”

Great winners on F1’s greatest track (Unibet)

My new article for Unibet on the history of the Belgian Grand Prix.


Comment of the day

Would F1 still be F1 if it wasn’t an open-wheel, open-cockpit formula? @Drmouse says yes:

The central idea of F1 is that it is, and should remain, the pinacle of motorsport. This core value is only enhanced by enclosed cockpits and wheels.

Having them open is vastly inefficient. Huge amounts of effort go into mitigating this at the moment: See all the aero devices designed to stop the wheels interfering with the aerodynamics of the car. I would say that enclosing the wheels would stop the manufacturers concentrating their efforts on such an irrelevant part of the car.

These efforts could then be put back into the more relevant areas: Overall aero, engine/powertrain, suspension, etc. I cannot see how it would detract from the racing, or the core F1 values, at all.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Andrew White, Hlahalasas and Lord Stig!

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On this day in F1

Michael Schumacher dominated a wet Belgian Grand Prix 15 years ago today.

The race was started behind the safety car but Schumacher elected to start the race on intermediate tyres (which is forbidden under the today’s rules) and quickly passed the wet-shod runners in front of him.

Giancarlo Fisichella came in second for Jordan but Mika Hakkinen was disqualified from third place due to a fuel irregularity, promoting Heinz-Harald Frentzen in his place.

Here’s Schumacher passing Jean Alesi early in the race:

Image © Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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55 comments on “Massa pledges support to Alonso in title bid”

  1. Great to know the Belgian Grand Prix isn’t going anywhere. For now. If Spa ever goes off the calendar, well Formula One just wouldn’t be the same, would it?

    1. Assume it doesn’t rip itself apart in the meantime, I’d probably spend more time following IndyCar, let’s put it that way.

      1. Spa was off the calendar in 2003 yet it was still a fantastic season. There’s no need to overreact.

        I also believe that it wasn’t on the 2006 calendar either.

        1. There is no doubt F1 could survive without Spa. However, the track is one of the best that is up to the standards of modern F1.

        2. @kingshark Yes but then I knew that It’ll be back the next year. No need at all to call this over-reaction because not everyone has the same values as yours. To me Spa is an integral part of what F1 is, the proverbial “straw that breaks the camel’s back” and the moment it’s permanently gone, I’ll be gone as well

        3. @kingshark I don’t think one element of F1 is more important than any other, losing Spa would be a shame, but you’re right.

  2. Who’s a good boy Massa? Who’s a good boy? Have another treat, go on..

    1. yes, massa doesn’t have to say these things in public. wish he’d stop being Alonso’s little b*tch…

    2. Top 10 things Massa can (realistically) do to assist Alonso’s title bid – (Letterman style!)

      10. Have a ridiculously long first stint and block the front runners.
      9. Impede Raikkonen, Hamilton or Vettel in qualifying.
      8. Crash into the other two on the first lap of the race. Hamilton’s probably missing the love?
      7. Give Alonso a DRS boost when getting lapped.
      6. Act as a tyre degradation dummy. (Check!!)
      5. Alonso has provisional pole? Time to bring out the yellow flags!
      4. Retire his car in chance that Alonso might need extra spare parts mid-race.
      3. Keep Kimi distracted with ice creams… hehe…
      2. Park in Vettel’s pitstop box! And finally…
      1. Crash at Turn 17 in Singapore!!!

    3. …what do you expect? It’s the professional thing to do.

  3. “If I’m near Alonso or in front of him”. Yeah, “if”…

    1. C’mon now. Enough Massa bashing already! Sure, he’s not what he was and yes, Alonso is pretty much whiping the floor with him. But their qually times have been very close lately and Massa could well score a podium or two before the seaon is over. Hopefully in Brazil. I think he could leave (likely/potentially) happy from Ferrari if that happens. I’d quite like to see him move to Williams next season; and I also hope their car remains fast for him. A new environment that focuses on him could be just what he needs after the last couple of years in a rut.

      1. It is all a bit to easy, isn’t it ?

    2. I take it he means to revert to last year’s tactics of bashing wheels with Lewis just because it’s Lewis. If he can ram him off the road that would improve Alonso’s title aspirations and I’m sure Massa would be rewarded with a new contract.

    3. It bears pointing out Massa has only been in front of Alonso for 15 of the 672 laps both have been on track this year, and it has only ever happened when Alonso has pitted first of the two.

    4. I think he means if Alonso is lapping him

    5. It is easy, but in all fairness (??) I’ve always thought Massa sucked, so I’m not just jumping on the bandwagon now ;)

  4. Only 7 more sleeps!

    1. lol good way to look at it.

  5. Hmmmm I’m not so sure about Race Stars now. I love the whole Mario Kart thing which is why I was excited about this but the gameplay looks dreadfully boring. The cars go much to slow, they barely go faster than the traffic on the highway, and it definitely doesn’t look frantic enough to keep me excited. It looks like there are only 12 cars per race but the tracks are quite long, another 12 cars on track would give it a bit more oomph.

    Hopefully it was just a lower difficulty or something like that and the cars speed up at higher difficulties plus the full 24 on track. If not, well I’m just praying we were watching beta/test demo footage, and they will speed the cars up in the completed game.

    1. I wasn’t convinced to begin with. Developers have tried combining real racing with arcadey features for some time now, and it’s never worked. Sony tried it on the original PlayStation about 10 years ago and it fell on its face, and the less said about NASCAR kart racing the better!

    2. JimmyTheIllustratedBlindSolidSilverBeachStackapopolis III
      24th August 2012, 2:38

      Well it looks alot like mario kart to me and that’s a good thing just crazyer tracks, games could always be harder but that’s how it used to be and as a result your average joe got frustrated with them. They assumed it was some kind of black magic practiced only by spectacled nerds in darkened rooms.

      In response to that games these days have a tendency to hold the players hand all the way through for fear that you might become distracted by the glowing light on your console or simply forget which way is up. Oddly this seems to have worked since game sales are higher than ever, so the fact that this one leaves something as important as oh say the steering down to a blood and flesh mistake making machine should be applauded.

    3. I think F1 Race Stars really offers what games like F1 2010-12 sometimes lack: a sense of humour. While I enjoy trying to better my lap times and taking part in a simulation of the season, sometimes it’s the last thing I want to do. I want to have a bit of a laugh and goof around a bit, and there’s no realy provision for that in F1 2010-12.

    4. you know what i find really quite lame? the fact that the ‘weapons’ are baloons… may FOM wouldnt let stuff like rockets be allowed.

  6. Idon’t suppose anyone will be surprised that I enjoyed and wholeheartedly agreed with the Motorsports article on engines.
    As I see it the only ways to reduce the emphasis on downforce are either a severe reduction in wing area or a reduction in engine power sufficient to to make the drag associated with downforce to high a price to pay. I certainly don’t want F1 to be slow but the problem of turbulence affecting following cars is causing a raft of gimmicks debasing the sport to be introduced every year. Let’s get back to basics.

  7. Woohoo, Spa-Francorchamps contract extension, the best F1-related news of August, probably the whole year.


    1. What, you mean you weren’t absolutely fascinated by Picquet jr’s wise and informed take on F1?
      Or Villeneuve’s insights?

  8. To help Alonso, you should help yourself first, Massa.

  9. “Massa pledges to support Alonso in his title bid”

    Yeah, like he has a choice, he’s been supporting Alonsos’ title bid from race one.

    1. He’s been supporting Alonsos’ title bid from race one.

      Finishing 12th, 15th and 16th in races where Alonso won isn’t really support I’m afraid.

  10. that f1 race stars looks more realistic than anything from codemasters :P

    1. You do realise it is from Codemasters also, right?

      1. obviously not. the lack of computer meltdown during the pit stop is what threw me.

  11. Looking at the footage of F1 Race Stars, you have to wonder when Codemasters will learn the lesson that Sega, EA, Radical and countless others have learned: Mario Kart is king, and always will be!

    1. Disagree, crash team racing/crash nitro kart etc are my favourites!

  12. That game looks so much like Mario Kart !!

    1. extremely like mario kart. in these lawsuit-friendly days, i expect nintendo to bring the hammer down on them.

  13. Every word you read in that interview, you can feel how devastated Massa must feel. Massa’s current form and mindsets is all down to how Ferrari create a tier’ed structure in their driver line up. That one win in Hockenhiem might have shaped his future for his own good… they crushed his enthusiasm and using his loyalty against him. This is a team which I loved watching growing up and I don’t think I like them anymore.

    1. without trying to be rude, i disagree with everything you have said there

    2. I agree with everything you said. Ferrari DID build a team around one driver. They used his loyalty against him.
      But I don’t hate them for doing it. It made complete sense to make Massa no.2 and Alonso no.1. No doubt about that. Rather I doff my hat off to them for recognizing this fact that early (10 races into 2010).

    1. “One day, two men who owned red cars went for a drive. Unfortunately, it was very, very wet, and one of the men could not see where the road went, so he cut across the grass. Then they had cake. The end.”

      1. The cake is a lie!

  14. That Massa story is by AP. Don’t understand why it’s credited to “SPORTSMAIL REPORTER”.

  15. Dimitris 1395 (@)
    24th August 2012, 9:43

    I am extremely happy Spa will coninue to host a Grand Prix. As a continuous attendant, is a pleasure to have a race there…

  16. Glad to see Spa is going to stick around a little longer. I do wonder though, with the global economic woes and declining attendance, will we see more drops in race fees? Personally, I think ‘supply and demand’ will catch up to F1 one day, and I’d rather not have it in a sense where race organizers suddenly decide it’s been enough.

    Bit of a curious quote by Massa too, “Even though the results have not been good, the performances were better. Now we need to have a clean race so the result can be positive in the end.” Is Felipe implying his luck has turned on him? Even though I agree he has been performing better in some Monaco-and-beyond races, there have been several drivers this season who had an unlucky weekend and managed to get in good points on account of strategy, perseverance and skill. I haven’t seen one of those by Massa in ages.

  17. OT: Hehe, there’s a boxing match this weekend between Perez and Maldonado.

    Perhaps F1 should encourage drivers to settle their grudges in the ring. Might this not have nipped the Hamilton-Massa problem in the bud? Might Maldonado behave himself if Perez, Hamilton and others had the chance to sock him in the jaw?

  18. “Massa pledges support to Alonso in title bid”

    Meanwhile at McLaren…

  19. Oh please stop Felipe, your starting to remind me of Gazza!

  20. I must admit I find the comments making fun of Felipe Massa quite laughable. Everybody knows that any driver who will partner Fernando Alonso will fare no better than Massa has at Ferrari. The team is so blatantly focused around the Spaniard that even a Vettel or Hamilton would be cast aside now. Only once has a team mate of Alonso’s caused him problems, and that was in a team that Fernando had no control over. At Renault and Ferrari he has destroyed every driver that has been paired off alongside him for the simple fact that Fernando was the number one driver.
    At Renault he enjoyed the undivided attention of Flavio Briatore, to the extent that Flavio ordered one of his team mates to crash so that Alonso could win a grands prix. At Ferrari, we all saw the events of Hockenheim 2010. How can any driver exist in that atmosphere without destroying their career by becoming no more than a lap dog. I pity Massa, but I tell you one thing. He has more integrity and nerve than all of you put together for even staying in the sport that so nearly cost him his life.

    1. Massa was brave to return to the sport after his crash. But a racing driver of integrity would have not capitulated in the manner he did at Hockenheim in 2010. I think that, as well as his dismal performances in the last couple of seasons, explains much of the mockery.

      Everybody knows that any driver who will partner Fernando Alonso will fare no better than Massa has at Ferrari.

      Lewis Hamilton did alright.

      1. Lewis had nothing to lose when he was team-mates with Fernando, whereas Massa was partnered with Fernando off the back of a near world championship win, and a horrific accident which put him out of the sport for 5 months.

        1. I don’t agree Hamilton had “nothing to lose” – he had a seat in one of the best teams in F1 to lose.

          But regardless of which driver ‘had the most to lose’ it doesn’t excuse or explain their subsequent performances. Both were put in those cars to score points and win races and Hamilton clearly did far better in 2007 than Massa did in 2010, 2011 or 2012.

          1. I agree with The Limit, except that I don’t pity Massa.

            I think everyone should ask themselves honestly…ever think of FM as a FA beater? Ever think they hired FA so FM could win the WDC? Ever see Ferrari favour one driver, even from race one of a season? ie. Hockenheim 2010 should have been no surprise, nor should it be a surprise to see where things are today with the team and it’s drivers.

            If I ever felt any pity for FM at all, it was upon the announcement that FA was going to Ferrari. I think for the most part everyone, including FM, knew what that announcement meant for FM.

            I think LH did the best vs. FA because LH was engrained in the team, they with much data on him already, whereas FA was totally new to the team, they will no data on him. FA did very well considering those realities and considering that FA had reason to accuse them of favouring LH and therefore politics came into play negatively for him, whereas the politics only favoured him at Benetton and Ferrari.

            I struggle with the concept that a driver with integrity would have disobeyed the order in 2010. While I get that FM would have shown himself to be his own man and a true racer if he had done that, the other side of the coin is that disobeying the team’s request could also be said to have been showing lack of integrity by putting himself ahead of the team. Keeping in mind this is Ferrari we are talking about…we know their ways…so does FM.

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