Bottas hoping for more rain in the race

2013 Canadian Grand Prix

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Valtteri Bottas says Williams need more rain to get a good result in tomorrow’s Canadian Grand Prix.

Bottas gave the team their best qualifying result of the season so far by taking third place in today’s rain-hit session.

“If the conditions are dry tomorrow then it will be difficult to stay where we are, so I will be hoping that we see some rain,” said Bottas.

“The whole team has been working hard to improve our performance and we have been making steady improvements with each race.”

Bottas said it was “a great feeling to qualify in third place”. “The team did a really good job today,” he added.

“The showers made the track very slippery but this suited us as the car handled the conditions well. We were on the right tyres at the right time which was so important today.”

2013 Canadian Grand Prix

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11 comments on “Bottas hoping for more rain in the race”

  1. Greedy =P

  2. Furnace hot winds from the Arizona desert are speeding east toward Montreal, due to arrive by midday sunday. Track temp will rise rapidly reaching 30.
    This is bad news for all who set up cars emphatically for a wet quali session. I hope these don’t include Bottas. It would be great if Williams earned points tomorrow.
    Podium: VET, ALO, RAI.

  3. I concur with Bottas about the rain. So far the rain has done a nice job mixing things up a bit. It has also reduced the tire talk to wondering about having enough inters.

    I’m so glad for the Williams team and for Bottas to be in P3. Bottas has done a good job this season in what has been a very disappointing race car. He has also performed more like the senior teammate than the rookie by finishing races, keeping his car on the track, staying out of trouble and generally outperforming Maldonado.

    With rain, Bottas could have a pretty good placement. Dry, I hope he can hang on for some points.

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      8th June 2013, 22:41

      @bullmello what happened to Maldonado in Monaco wasn’t his fault, but his crash on he practice this weekend is of course the same old Maldonado’s story

      1. @omarr-pepper True, but Maldonado has been off of the track at some point during the race weekend at nearly every track this season. He is driving like the rookie so far this season.

  4. It’s a shame that bad weather is required to get drivers within the confines of these ridiculous tyres, but back on the limit of car capabilities!

    1. Its always been the case in F1. But yes, the teams who overheat their tyres in the dry tend to do very well in the Wet.

  5. No prizes for guessing the first rookie to score points in 2013!

    1. Obviously Chilton

  6. Bottas has stated something to the effect that he has not been able to showcase his true skills behind the wheel of an F1 machine due to the Williams not being a very competitive car this year. While I’m sure that many drivers have made similar comments, his qualifying performance in very tricky conditions today would seem to back that up. Good stuff, and I’m hoping he can score some points tomorrow.

  7. What a result for a rookie! Very impressive, good for him!

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