McLaren-Mercedes MP4-25 launch, 2010

McLaren to reveal MP4-29 online on January 24th

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McLaren-Mercedes MP4-25 launchMcLaren will reveal their new 2014 F1 car on January 24th, the team has confirmed.

The MP4-29 will be revealed online at noon GMT.

Mercedes has also indicated its new 2014 car, the W05, will be ready in time for the first test of the year at Jerez on January 28th.

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2014 F1 season

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36 comments on “McLaren to reveal MP4-29 online on January 24th”

  1. For the sake of young Magnussen, I hope it’s not a dog like MP4-28.

  2. Cannot wait.

  3. Not this again. Half garage door if you know what I mean.

    1. Lets hope they do better than Merc last year.

      1. @full-throttle-f1 @vonhoff I’m guessing the online reveal doesn’t mean the weird thing Merc did last year but like McLaren did – on youtube.

        1. I certainly hope so @hunocsi. Would be good if they had an event for actual people in their MTC too though (just like last year).

  4. @KeithCollantine I presume thats a pic from last year with the Vodafone sponsorship and what looks like a high nose on the car?

    1. MP-25 launch

  5. @keithcollantine And the Mercedes will be revealed on the morning of 28th January at Jerez

    1. @montreal95 As it says in the article…

      1. @keithcollantine no it doesnt. it says itll be ready for first test. ie. theyre not missing the test like lotus

        1. @keithcollantine @sato113 the article on Autosport explicitly says that Mercedes will unveil their car on the morning of the first day of the Jerez test, January 28th

          1. im referring to the round up as the ‘article’. lol

        2. The information from Mercedes was featured in the roundup a couple of day back, when Mercedes actually informed the world of that @sato113

  6. Looking forward to it.

  7. I am feel like I’m 6 years old and it’s two weeks till Christmas!!!! Come on mom, can’t I open just ONE present early!!!!

    1. Oh please, PLEASE tell me it won’t look like an anteater with it’s tongue sticking out as in this video from Autosport:

      1. Thanks for the link!

      2. Nice vid…thanks!If these things get any more narrow they will qualify for Moto GP.I loved the wider cars from the early 2000’s.

      3. That doesn´t look that bad! Now if they just did a “bullet” nose instead of flat noses it would be perfect! I am no designer but it seems like the logical/esthetical thing to do.. my two cents..

  8. Like probably most people, im very much looking forward to all the car launched. Funny thing about Mclaren.. last year they showed up with a totally overhauled car, which got lots praise for it’s potential. I remember Gary Andersson especially liked the Mclaren, and predicted it to be faster than the Redbull. So… taking things with a huge grain of salt at launch day.

  9. The car will come with a box of diapers for baby Magnusen.

    1. Ha ha, but if Magnussen turns out to be at least half of the 2007-Hamilton, it will be ol’Jenson needing them.

      1. Wouldn’t it be something though? I for one miss having a rookie who is taking F1 by storm.

        1. It’s the result of the lack of testing these days. Even a talented rookie is needing half a season to get up to speed.

  10. the last time McLaren had a different driver in consecutive years one of them won the Championship. Can it happen again?

  11. So… still no title sponsor, and an online launch… Things are looking up at McLaren!*

    *They really, really aren’t.

    1. Less than a week since Keith wrote article about proper launches last year and McLaren being one of few teams to do it right.
      Can’t wait to see the car though.

  12. I wonder if they’ll be racing in the same colours or maybe strip it all back and go for Orange now vodafone has gone?!

    1. I hope that they dont look back and go retro, I’m hoping something entirely new

  13. What can be read into the Batman theme McLaren ran when announcing this launch date? I’m going to say as the Batmobile was black, the MP4-29 is going to be black.

    The off-season is taking its toll now though. I’m sure it’s making me mentally unbalanced!

    1. Black could be the case. I’m sure Whitmarsh said in 2012 they’d have announced a sponsor by now, but I guess like 06 its not happening. I suspect Honda will in effect become the title sponsor in 2015.

      Orange would be cool, black would have been cool although now Lotus have done it, it won’t be so special. That said Lotus have made a mess of it now its covered in Red, missed the point with it!

      The only other thing I can think of would be racing colours of Honda i.e. white, red and maybe black. So it’ll look a bit like a BAR!

      1. I’m hearing a lot of talk of an orange livery actually being ran this season, not just in testing which has been the case on a few occasions. I will be disappointed if they ran orange – I’m not a fan of it. But people are speculating an orange livery because the Mercedes deal is coming to an end. The chrome actually had nothing to do with Mercedes. It was to make the sponsors stand out more and make the cars look more attractive.

        I still think they have a sponsor lined-up – Sony (or one of their brands) seeming the most likely if any. It would be costly to not have a title sponsor, or at least a major sponsor (Fly Emirates – 2006) considering they are paying for the Mercedes engines this season as well.

        I agree about Lotus. The 2012 livery was nice, but when they started adding a lot of red (it was meant for potential title sponsor Honeywell) to the car, it just ruined it for me. If McLaren were to run black I’m sure they could do a better job with it.

  14. You would expect that if McLaren had indeed a BIG title sponsor that a bigger launch would be used.
    Here, ( as well as other places in December Whitmarsh said
    When asked about the 2 December sponsor announcement by reporters this week, he said: “There will be some new sponsors, but I think probably – and I don’t know because I haven’t talked to our PR function – there will be more of a fanfare at the car launch rather than an announcement on 2 December.”
    …“My own view is that [in early December] we would be taking [the focus] away from what I hope will be an exciting car launch next year, but we will see,”
    Some new sponsors?? So no Marquee sponsor??? McLaren used to do well when a sponsor left, they replaced Marlboro with WEST, they replaced cigarette ads with Vodaphone, they replaced Santander with Tooned!!…….ok so the success has failed for a few years, and the Woking cars have looked under sponsored for a while so where is their future? They appear to be on a downward spiral in a sporting context ~IE a close call in 2007 using Ferrari Tech, one championship in 2008 when Fernando was at Renault (their only title since 1999) and now they have only Button and an unknown driver, a pay engine for one season and the uninspiring Whitmarsh still at the helm, Mansour ill and Dennis reportedly trying to take control financially of the group ………………..who on earth would want to sponsor them in this transition year? Is a Williamsesque decline on the cards?

  15. can anyone tell me what’s the extra aerodynamic effect that’s added with that tip of the nose, i like the car design in general, it looks like classic f1 cars 80’s and 90s, but that extra tip is making me puke.

  16. please don’t be a dog, please don’t be a dog

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