2014 Chinese Grand Prix result

2014 Chinese Grand Prix

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144Lewis HamiltonMercedes541hr 33m 28.338s
26Nico RosbergMercedes5418.06218.062
314Fernando AlonsoFerrari5423.6045.542
43Daniel RicciardoRed Bull-Renault5427.1363.532
51Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault5447.77820.642
627Nico HulkenbergForce India-Mercedes5454.2956.517
777Valtteri BottasWilliams-Mercedes5455.6971.402
87Kimi RaikkonenFerrari5476.33520.638
911Sergio PerezForce India-Mercedes5482.6476.312
1026Daniil KvyatToro Rosso-Renault531 lap1 lap
1122Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes531 lap9.069
1225Jean-Eric VergneToro Rosso-Renault531 lap5.043
1320Kevin MagnussenMcLaren-Mercedes531 lap3.840
1413Pastor MaldonadoLotus-Renault531 lap10.360
1519Felipe MassaWilliams-Mercedes531 lap8.132
1621Esteban GutierrezSauber-Ferrari531 lap6.553
1717Jules BianchiMarussia-Ferrari531 lap40.527
1810Kamui KobayashiCaterham-Renault531 lap1.226
194Max ChiltonMarussia-Ferrari522 laps1 lap
209Marcus EricssonCaterham-Renault522 laps15.499
Not classified
8Romain GrosjeanLotus-Renault2826 laps24 lapsGearbox
99Adrian SutilSauber-Ferrari549 laps23 lapsEngine

The race was scheduled for 56 laps but the result declared after 54 due to the chequered flag being waved in error.

2014 Chinese Grand Prix

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Image © Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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58 comments on “2014 Chinese Grand Prix result”

  1. Do not like Red Bull and Team Orders.

    1. Tough luck

        1. lol I wish there was no team radios, would make much more difficult to pass along team orders.

      1. pastaman (@)
        21st April 2014, 1:48


    2. The thing I disliked most was they lied to vettel that ricciardo was on different strategy to him and after he let past ricciardo, they put him on the same strategy.

      1. They had to get him out of Ricciardo’s way, his fault for being non compliant. He brought it on himself

      2. GB (@bgp001ruled)
        21st April 2014, 3:55

        well, if he doesnt like it, he can search for another team…

        1. He found it man….

  2. Fantastic drive from Alonso. where would he be if he had a car to match the Mercedes? :( i wonder how Stefano would be feeling right now?

    1. Great Driver. Does not need team orders to succeed.

      1. Felipe, Fernando is faster than you… Please confirm you understand that message.

        1. That was predictable.

          1. But true.

        2. well…he WAS faster than Felipe.

  3. Brilliant from Ricciardo to pass Vettel on merit. Big mental gain that.

    1. That pass wasn’t on merit, it was based on lies form the pit box. rewatch the race. Vettel let him by based on bad information from the Australian team.

      1. Austrian team not Australian

      2. I did not watch the race but rather followed on twitter and times on f1 site. From the tweets it seems they had a din-dong and Vettel made little error by going wide and Ric passed. From what I saw on the tweets I repeat.

        1. It happened at turn 1 when ric had drs

      3. The pass on Kvyat was on merit

      4. @f1andy83 It certainly was on merit. Ricciardo caught and passed Vettel who ignored team orders but ran deep into turn 1 while defending (I watched the race…………..)

        What lies, BTW? Vettel was told the truth – Ricciardo was on the same tyre but several laps newer.

    2. 4 times WC’s shame second time in row “Let Ricciardo pass through “.

      1. Not sure what Red Bull are playing at? I actually can’t believe they told Vettel to move over not understanding what it would mean. Very odd.

        1. Red Bull ask vettel to move over because at that time Daniel was on a two stop strategy and vettel on three but they later realized it was not possible.When the team ask Vettel to move over he told red bull that daniel had to pass him on merit and he did exactly that …..fair play i reckon

          1. I don’t buy this, they just tried to convince Vettel to let Ricciardo through.

            Ricciardo is doing a better job with the car at the moment, but I still rate Vettel very high. I don’t expect Ricciardo to ‘crush’ him anytime soon.

      2. Yeah. Like I said above. Can’t stand team orders. Here is hoping that Vettel moves to mclaren when they get their honda engine.

        1. At the rate he’s going, I think McLaren would rather take Riccardo than Vettel if choosing between the two.

        2. Yes, because Honda equals sucessful. Just because 88 and 89 were total dominations, it doesnt mean it’ll be the same next year, you just have to look at Honda in the 2000s: the only car that won the championship (Brawn GP), won it because of aero, not because of engine. Look at Mclaren, they have the weakest aero among the Mercedes, and can barely catch Ferrari and Red Bull, despite the superior engines.

    3. Well no matter how we look at it, seems Ric has the grip on Vet neck and very strong. If we recall EVERYONE (Including Vet old teammate) said Vet on a single lap is crazy fast. However Ric so far is schooling crazy boy Vet. So now we must say Vet has been having issues, bad days… period pains… etc. All comes down to, RIC WAS RACING, RIC WAS FASTER. RIC PASSED HIM. IF IT WERE TO HAPPEN AGAIN, HE WOULD DO THE SAME.

    4. Brilliant from Ricciardo to pass Vettel on merit.

      Vettel let him past so it wasn’t really Riciardo passing him on merit.

  4. Thanks to Mattiaci and the resignation of Domencicalli Alonso was on the podium today.

  5. What in the world happened for Vettel to finish 20+ seconds behind Ricciardo? All I know was that Alonso undercut him for 2nd place, Vettel backed off and then what happened?

    1. No point to push I guess. Maybe he was preserving rubber just in case a safety car appeared?

    2. Team orders. Only red bull would lie to a 4 times wdc to get their favorite driver ahead. Great job red bull, I never liked you and now somehow I like you even less.

      1. @f1andy83 I can tell you don’t like them but the amount if comments you have left here on how despicable Red Bull are. Give it a rest, if Seb gave the position over straight away Ricciardo would have been right alongside Alonso for 3rd. Seb obviously had no pace as you can see he finished 20 seconds behind.

    3. Just saw the interview with Vettel on German TV. He said he didn’t have the speed on the primes – at the time he was asked to let RIC pass he was a bit reluctant but conceded the position and in hindsight he thinks it was just down to him and his struggles with the tyres that put him behind 24s.

    4. I think Brundle made a very good point. Ricciardo is used to driving cars with lower downforce levels (particularly at the rear), Vettel is not. So he will take more time to re-adjust to the new regulations, especially as his driving style was so honed and refined around Newey’s design philosophy.

      So one would expect the deficit to reduce over time, and go back in Vettel’s favour (as I still think inherently he is the better driver. You don’t just go and win four world titles in a row and not be at least a bit good).

  6. So the supposedly “second fastest cars” in Bahrain does not even finish in points this race and even gets lapped by the race leader. McLaren have their foot in their mouth now!!

    1. I bet Martin is still laughing right now, at this moment. “Kicked me out huh”.

    2. Didn’t they improve the car by 2 seconds in Bahrein? :P

    3. Mclaren is really going backwards after the first race ,they said they bringing 0.5 second before every race but that never happened.Mclaren butterly rear suspension doesn’t turn out to a holy grail either,why cant they just make small changes and make the car faster like rest of the teams do.I really wonder that maybe there chassis is not that good and if that the case then even Ron or boullier cant do any thing

      1. What I don’t really get is why people think they have gone backwards, the result in Australia was down to Red Bull, Ferrari and Lotus not getting their act together (plus Bottas’ mistake), they were nowhere in Malaysia, and Bahrain suited the Merc powered cars perfectly. Take away the engine from all the cars and the Mclaren is behind the Merc, Red Bull and Ferrari at least, with Williams and Force India possibly better.

  7. Superb drive from Alonso. I almost screamed when Alonso and Massa tangled. Still perfect weekend for him except Mercedes is out of reach.

  8. Strong drive from Alonso. As I said yesterday, it’s proof that Ferrari is not that slow as some think, in dry conditions, of course. Too bad things don’t go well for Kimi.

  9. funny thing is we are talking about a WC person… where is that Vettel that many said it was the best driver on the planet? now has no car… or wait maybe no talent and this new boy is ….kicking him… where is that vettlel? lol he was just another shumi with a good car… periot.

    1. Anyone care to translate?

      1. “The funny thing is we are talking about a world champion. So where is the Vettel that many say is the best driver in the world?

        Is it that he hasn’t got a race-winning car under him? Oh wait, maybe he just haven’t got the skill, and this new teammate is thoroughly beating him.

        So where is this world champion Vettel? Lol. He’s just another Michael Schumacher, winning only when he has the best car.

        Period (or peridot).”

        1. Hehe..Nice work.

      2. @jules-winfield – Luisml, “I hate him!”

  10. Is this win another Grand Slam for Lewis ? I mean: Pole+Win+Fastest Lap+Leading all race laps.
    Please can someone confirm this. Thanks

    1. Not a Grand Slam. Nico Rosberg did the fastest lap around lap 39.

  11. @ keith Collantine : Can you please confirm if this is another grand slam for Lewis Hamilton

    1. @usukpam answered above

    2. @usukpam
      Write it again. Third time’s a charm.

  12. Vettel is really struggling with this year’s regulations. He is certainly used to the high downforce cars.

    He hasn’t cope with the new way of driving as his team mate has done. It’s not like that he is struggling with the car.

    As his team mate has always driven the low downforce cars, so I guess it’s not very tough for him to drive.

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