Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Singapore, 2014

2014 Singapore Grand Prix championship points

2014 Singapore Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Singapore, 2014

2014 Singapore Grand Prix

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17 comments on “2014 Singapore Grand Prix championship points”

  1. The championship battle is over unless Hamilton has another DNF.

    1. That’s exactly what I thought, with a 3 point difference with only 150 points up for grabs the championship is truly finished…

    2. The gaps have decreased, you know? It was 72 points to the lead before this race, now it´s 60 points. The key is to get it under 50 before Abu-Double.

    3. Formula Indonesia (@)
      21st September 2014, 15:57

      Japan, Brazil and Abu Dhabi was quite balanced for both of them, and Rosberg should a little bit better in Sochi while Lewis in COTA. So don’t think too early

    4. I agree with you in thinking that Hamilton will now probably win the championship on performance, unless he gets another DNF.

    5. He probably will dnf again going by the stats. I’d love to see a toe to toe fight down to the last corner of Abu Dhabi but Mercedes reliability makes that too much to ask.

    6. Really? 3 points apart between Hamilton and Rosberg with 5 races to go, I don’t know about that.

      1. Agreed. One must take into account that the Engine count will cause loss in grid positions. There is everything to play for in the next few races. Mercedes will take the constructor’s championship – there is no doubt about that. However, the WDC is far from settled.

  2. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    21st September 2014, 15:24

    Maybe Ricciardo can keep his WDC dream alive. Now the Mercs are having reliability / bad luck issues more often, while he keeps going to the podium. Maybe it is time Vettel takes the second driver role from now on, he has finally beaten Ric in a podium. He can sleep well noe I guess.

    1. A MB double dnf at the next couple races could put him right in the frame. Yes they might rue not letting him into 3rd today. He is a legitimate contender.

      1. 2nd, but yeah maybe

  3. Mercedes can win the constructors’ championship in Japan if they take a one-two and Red Bull fail to score.

  4. Rosberg is gonna be under immense pressure from now onwards.
    Won’t be suprized to see more mistakes from him.

  5. Glad to see Ricciardo still on the battle. Thanks to abudouble

  6. I’m starting to think that Daniel may have that slim chance.

    Let’s say a 49 point gap to Lewis/Nico by Abu Dhabi, and the two Mercs crash into each other off the line…

    But a plot twist, Seb’s in the lead and Daniel is behind in second. Does Seb let him through for the championship?

    1. @cgturbo

      I’d call team orders, pronto and fire Vettel if he refuses to pass. I highly doubt he’d hold up Ricciardo if Ricciardo was seriously fighting for the WDC.

      1. @neiana

        Yeah, so true.
        I mean, the boos he got before will be nothing compared to the ones he’ll receive if he held up Daniel to the championship.

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