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Ten of the best pictures which tell the story of the Singapore Grand Prix weekend.

Max Chilton

We may be seeing more of these next year. Singapore’s bumpy straights produce the most spectacular showers of sparks.

Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen said he was finally happy with his Ferrari’s handling and was quickest in Q1, only to be stymied by a technical problem on his final run in Q3.

Kamui Kobayashi

Kamui Kobayashi’s Caterham didn’t even make it to the start of the race. He jumped clear to avoid the chance of getting an electric shock.


With no threat from his team mate at the start, Lewis Hamilton easily held the lead while Fernando Alonso got ahead of the two Red Bulls by taking an unconventional line through turn two.

Nico Rosberg

In what could prove a pivotal moment in the championship, an electrical problem struck Rosberg’s car down at the start and eventually forced him to retire. Note the mechanic’s message in front of his left-rear wheel.

Kevin Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen was the only driver in the field having his first taste of the Singapore circuit. He brought his car home in tenth place despite suffering from an overheating seat.

Felipe Massa

This was probably Felipe Massa’s best weekend of the season so far. Having beat his team mate in qualifying, he jumped ahead of Raikkonen in the pits and stayed their thanks to a long final stint.

Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton had to pick off Vettel to claim his seventh win of the season – and the championship lead.

Jean-Eric Vergne

Toro Rosso mechanics cheered Jean-Eric Vergne home as he equalled his best F1 result so far with sixth place.


Singapore’s is always one of the most spectacular of the year.

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Images © Singapore GP/Sutton, Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Williams/LAT, Mercedes/Hoch Zwei, Daimler/Hoch Zwei, Red Bull/Getty, Force India, Sauber, Caterham/LAT, Marussia, Pirelli/Hone

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17 comments on “Top ten pictures from the 2014 Singapore Grand Prix”

  1. Formula Indonesia (@)
    23rd September 2014, 12:24

    Kobayashi jump was epic, and really photography artistic

    1. Indeed! It seems as he was floating and was like “Wow, what’s happenin’??” Ahahahah

    2. I think the caption should be:
      Kobyashi stuns spectators with jet pack show.
      Cateram experiment with rocket seat ejection!

  2. Felipe Massa had a lot of luck in 2008. And one big dose of bad luck in Singapore proved to be the difference between winning and not winning the WDC.
    Similarly Rosberg has had lot of luck in 2014. Will Singapore again be the race that breaks Rosberg’s WDC dreams?

    1. Well observed. I suppose we’ll find out on the 23rd November. :)

    2. The difference is that in Rosberg’s case he was totally without the blame when with Massa he just had a scrappy race/pit stop where he lost his chances.

  3. Since when to terribly blurry pictures become the “it” thing?

      1. @beejis60 There are many famous “blurry paintings” ;) Personally, I like these kind of photography for various reasons. But that’s just me, maybe.

    1. Agree with that. There are not good photos. They could be good but in the cases of the ones chosen above they are way to blur all over the picture. The closest one to being decent is Massa although the car should be sharper. I know it’s not easy but that’s why when they are sharp, they’re special.

  4. Kevin Magnussen was the only driver in the field having his first taste of the Singapore circuit.

    Kvyat hadn’t drove here before either.

    1. He had in 2010, Formula BMW Pacific series.

      1. Ahh, I stand corrected then.

  5. always good picks at singapore, but none really grabbed me this year except the kobayashi one.

  6. As being in photography for over 15 years I can appreciate the difficulty in some of the pictures most people wonder how they even made the cut…well done in my book. Artsy pictures usually don’t get past the mediocre viewer.

    1. very fortunate to see HD photos here, they are worth thousands !

  7. The pictures on this website are always top notch, and these are no exception. Always good material for my desktop wallpaper!

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