Alonso’s race return confirmed by FIA

2015 Malaysian Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso will return to racing this weekend as the FIA confirmed he if fit enough to participate in the Malaysian Grand Prix.

The McLaren driver sustained a concussion in a pre-season testing crash at the Circuit de Catalunya on February 22nd and was subsequently ruled out of competing in the season-opening Australian Grand Prix.

The FIA announced Alonso has “passed all mandatory fitness tests and has thus been declared fit to race” at the Sepang International Circuit.

Valtteri Bottas has also been cleared to participate in this weekend’s race.

2015 Malaysian Grand Prix

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    18 comments on “Alonso’s race return confirmed by FIA”

    1. Yay!..but not so Yay! at the same time

    2. Glad he’s fine and back racing. Going to be really difficult seeing him finish second to last though. Unfortunately, dude to Mclaren’s cr*p reliability, they won’t even allow Button and Alonso to race each other

      1. * due to

      2. Who knows, maybe they have collected enough data in last race to be able to run a bit more power, especially if its wet. And Marussia might not be very fast either as they will be getting the car on track for the very first time @todfod

        1. @bascb @todfod I’m pretty sure the McHonda will be clear ahead of Manor if they run like they did in Australia, maybe even a bit better due to more confidence in the PU.
          Manor will be aiming first and foremost at getting within the 107% qualifying time, which McLaren easily achieved. Both got within 2 seconds of the back of the grid. I’m fairly certain that the 2014 Marussia, with the 2014 power unit, with adaptations to make it conform to the 2015 rules (higher nose so loss of front downforce without compensating this properly by a thoroughly designed 2015 car), will be behind McLaren. They should make the 107% but I think it might be closer than most think.

          1. I agree with that @mattds. McLaren should be quite a bit ahead of Manor if both get their cars working. Manor has the far slower package and they have two drivers who have never driven this track either.

      3. Yep, it’s back to his Minardi days in performance terms. But high temperatures and McLarens don’t mix well at the moment, so I expect they’ll be gathering data by getting both cars to run as long as possible. So the return of Bottas is bigger news for the race.

    3. Hopefully a 20 car grid this time… I’m going to this race! First ever race, grandstand F!!!!

      1. Enjoy it!

      2. @sato113 : Look forward to some nice pictures and video’s from you

    4. The BOSS is back in business. ;-)

    5. Welcome back, BOSS! Snatching 10th place will be like a victory indeeeeeeed!

    6. No amount of BOSS can cheer me up now the Cotswoldian BOSS of Sunday evenings is gone… #cryinginside

      1. @countrygent – He’ll be back, he’s just a youngster (in other words, my age). So long as he manages to rein in his contract-terminating tendencies he will have a platform somewhere – unless he is widely seen as a broadcasting pariah. I don’t think non-BBC broadcasters will have such high ethical standards given JC’s popularity.
        So look on the bright side – maybe something new and exciting will come out of this tale of woe.
        On the other hand, I’m well known as an unrealistic optimist…

        1. @tribaltalker No amount of unrealistic optimism can stop me from mourning the prospect of P1 v 919 v LaFerrari…

          I simply don’t understand how a chap I know really quite well personally (I used to work for the BBC), have had perhaps the best pub lunch of my life with, and begrudgingly admire, can have such a vile streak in him. That said, ITV took Ross, so JC will be no problems. However my ideal scenario would be a Netflix series called, say “Petrolheads”, based at Brands Hatch. It won’t happen but it would be nice…

      2. I feel your pain. I’m American and JC doesn’t even like us but,I will miss that s.o.b. He deserved it but, us fans will suffer. He can’t be replaced.

    7. What a great news! I’m somewhat relieved he seems finally ok!

    8. Unlucky KMag, didn’t even get to start a race!

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