2015 Canadian Grand Prix grid

2015 Canadian Grand Prix

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Row 11. Lewis Hamilton 1’14.393
2. Nico Rosberg 1’14.702
Row 23. Kimi Raikkonen 1’15.014
4. Valtteri Bottas 1’15.102
Row 35. Romain Grosjean 1’15.194
6. Pastor Maldonado 1’15.329
Row 47. Nico Hulkenberg 1’15.614
Force India
8. Daniil Kvyat 1’16.079
Red Bull
Row 59. Daniel Ricciardo 1’16.114
Red Bull
10. Sergio Perez 1’16.338
Force India
Row 611. Carlos Sainz Jnr 1’16.042
Toro Rosso
12. Marcus Ericsson 1’16.262
Row 713. Fernando Alonso 1’16.276
14. Felipe Nasr 1’16.620
Row 815. Felipe Massa 1’17.886
16. Roberto Merhi 1’19.133
Row 917. Will Stevens 1’19.157
18. Sebastian Vettel* 1’17.344
Row 1019. Max Verstappen** 1’16.245
Toro Rosso
20. Jenson Button*** No time

*Five-place penalty for ignoring red flags in practice
**Five-place penalty for collision with Grosjean in Monaco and ten-place penalty for engine change
***Did not participate in qualifying, requires stewards dispensation to start race

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19 comments on “2015 Canadian Grand Prix grid”

  1. Looks good!

    1. yes it does ;)

  2. So Hamilton has 1 less pole position than Vettel, even though this season is the second time that he will seeminly have a constructors’ winning car, ie the best car. Interesting stats.

    1. I’m pretty sure Hamilton had a WCC winning car in 2007 as well. Besides that, Vettels cars were never as dominant as the recent Mercedes. In 2012, the McLaren was as fast as the RB8. In the first lap of 2013 the single lap speed of the W04 was phenomenal. Vettel had a season and a half in the STR and did well to score even 1 pole with it.

      They’ve had different careers.

      1. You could say Hamilton had a constructors winning car in 07 but it wasn’t because it was illegal. So sticking the rules he has only had 1 so far.

        1. But his car wasn’t any slower for it. And the Maccas/Mercs weren’t even too shabby in 2010-2013 either.

  3. So the fun will be Seb and Felipe coming through, and where Maldonado crashes – hope it’s not into Grosjean.

  4. Oh n congrats to Kimi, hopefully this will put his qualy demons to bed. Also the Lotus drivers drove well and surprised Kyvat had the measure of RIC in qualy. It wasn’t an adrenaline filled qualy but it was still interesting non the less, at least from were I was sat. Tomorrow will give Seb yet another opportunity to prove his naysers wrong about how he can’t race wheel to wheel. Admittedly I used to be one of them but Vettel is starting to win me over. Still not convinced he is the best all round driver on the grid but he is certainly quality. Of course it is my opinion.

  5. Alonso and Vettel, one behind the other. Only in row 7/8 :)

    Good lap from Kimi to improve and cement third. Their race pace looked strong. Hopefully he and Seb will have strong races. Rosberg falters to disappoint. Lewis seals yet another P1 without much trouble.

    Surprise was the Lotuses. Wonder if they can stay there in the race as well. Else it is going to be a lonely race for the front runners.

    1. I think Seb could have got the first row, if he didn’t had any issues in qualifying. He has been faster than Raikkonen throughout the year by atleast 3 tenths on an average.

      Never the less, it would be fun watching him coming from back of the grid and secure some good points for the team.

      1. If that happened, Mercedes would have been stunned and found lost for words. They would have not expected Ferrari to close the gap so quickly especially with their car being easy on the tires.

        Still I would want to think Kimi finally got it all from the car instead of pondering over what Vettel would have done :)

        A clean race tomorrow will be good for the Iceman.

        1. I think you misunderstood my point of Vettel being on first row as him being on pole. I think he could have got second. But you are right actually, theres no point in pondering over what Vettel could have done. :)

          1. No, no I got what you were saying. But the gap was at an average of 6 tenths I think between Ferrari and Mercedes. If Vettel managed to reduce it further, Mercedes would have been uncomfortable.

            Anyway, looking forward to a great race tonight. @mjf1fan

  6. Full on dominating Rosberg this year, race pace is just as much if not bigger i mean Ham is way quicker in races when he needs too. And his qually is so good this year. It is 6-1 qually. Ham will have the pole trophy wrapped up fairly soon. As long as his car is reliable Ham will be WC. Ros not consistent enough. Has nice raw speed but no were near Lewis. People where right saying Nico would be like Webber was after missing the tile in 2010. Merc are not silly they have data they pay Ham alot more for a reason. Ros will be number 2 now, picking up the odd win here and there.

    To think last year Nico really had me worried aswell lol with the Spain Mon Aut streak he was fast even when he lost to Ham in Spain. The WC relaxed Ham i think. He was fighting vs his status when he finishes for years. It is why i feel for Alonso so much aswell. Must be awful no WC since 06. Vet has got 4 titles he must feel fairly great at his age with that, we knew Ham and Alo were greats but just could not get it done. I hope Ham wins another few then let Alo get atleast 1. It will be hard though with Merc so good, Alo window has probably closed, he is better than 2xWC.

    Im just glad we get to watch the Ham/Vet rivalry they are going to be right there in the stats i think. I think Ham could get the pole record. Vet will probably have a few WC more though as he is a lil younger.

    1. I think Vettel will stay in F1 until he has either won a WC with Ferrari or knows that he won’t be able to.

      I’m guessing Lewis will do 3 more at Mercedes than maybe return to Mclaren for 2 more (if they are competitive) before retiring.

  7. I’m beginning to think this is going to be a long year for Jenson.

  8. Renault should say Red Bull are holding them back and need to step up their game.

  9. Title should be “provisional grid”. Some good 3 hours after qualification and FIA apparently no idea who starts last.

  10. I get the feeling that both Force India cars will be at the points today. Their engine should theoretically let Checo pass the Red Bulls

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