Red Bull expects Renault fixes “at last three races”

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In the round-up: Red Bull motorsport director Helmut Marko says significant progress with their Renault power unit is unlikely to be made before the final three races of the season.


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Helmut Marko Q&A: Austria will be spectacular (just not for Red Bull) (F1)

"Yes, there are some steps coming, but the results have to be seen - if it works, then at best (it will arrive) at the last three races."

Formula One stars to race at world heritage site (CNN)

"(Ecclestone) was very impressed and believes (Baku) will be one of the most beautiful tracks"

Ecclestone shrugs off EU probe prospect (Autosport)

"I'm sure they get fed up of people complaining, but I can assure you nobody has any complaints here."

Technical analysis: Mercedes adds another aero surprise (Motorsport)

"For Canada, Mercedes introduced a vertical long fin – that appears like a turning vane. It is an innovation rather than an evolution – and works well in conjunction with the aerodynamic profiles of the suspension wishbones."

Should Formula 1 be very worried about its future? (Autocar)

"You can't blame Ford and BMW. Together the FIA and ACO, who set the endurance racing rules, have come up with a very appealing set of regulations that achieve the almost impossible feat of moderating performance and controlling costs, but leaving enough room for engineering innovation."

Hulkenberg deserves top F1 drive - Webber (F1i)

"He thoroughly deserves a chance in F1 to have a top seat, but there’s not that many around."

The racer's view of Le Mans (Reuters)

"One of the most awe-inspiring things I see on any given year of motorsport, other than the Isle of Man TT which caps everything, is an Audi in the middle of the night going through the Porsche curves... because it makes very little noise. But everybody thinks that's fantastic. Nobody criticises that at all because it's such an immense thing and so fast."


Comment of the day

Today’s Comment of the Day comes from a campsite in Le Mans:

Just sat in my tent at the moment, back from the supermarche stocking up on supplies for the race.

I have to say I’m fifty-fifty. Porsche clearly have a pace advantage but I can’t help but feel like you can’t rule out Audi. Particularly the number seven. Sitting in Panorama on Wednesday for QP1, the Audi still looks by far the smoothest through the corners and is very steady under braking. And while the Porsches and Toyotas were bottoming out, the Audis just glide through with no drama. As Toyota pointed out, a second per lap advantage at Le Mans equates to about seven minutes over the course of the race, but last year the winner spent nearly half an hour in the pits at one point. That’s where the quality of Audi really shines through.

Nissan are a complete disappointment. Not only were their fastest laps miles off the pace, they were often running very slowly and doing very short runs. I don’t know whether any of them will make it to the finish.

Great to see a Viper on track again this year, bringing the thunder. Speaking of which, the weather this week has been horrendous. I suspect it’ll play a part in the race. Last night there was a huge electrical storm for about two hours rolling around the countryside, and a forecast changing by the hour.

If the weather stays clear though, this could be a year where all the records get broken. Can’t wait!

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On this day in F1

A thrilling Canadian Grand Prix held five years ago today was seized upon by the F1 powers-that-be as the blueprint for what they wanted future races to look like. With Bridgestone bowing out at the end of the season, incoming tyre supplier Pirelli was instructed to create a product which degraded as quickly as the tyre supplied in this race, which was won by Lewis Hamilton.

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52 comments on “Red Bull expects Renault fixes “at last three races””

  1. Oh just imagine the track walk at the Isle of Man TT.

  2. Fernando really sounds sad about not taking part of this year’s Le Mans :P

    1. No wonder he was mad at the Honda PU at Montreal… @fer-no65 “I gave up Le Mans in a Porsche for this!” Webber-Alonso-Hulkenberg needs to happen!!

      1. @fastiesty Like a dream line-up that is.

  3. God Lewis, fire your stylist already.

    1. Last 3 races !!!!! So do they have a deal with Bernie for double points in the last 3 races ?

      1. Supposed to be stand alone comment above. But hey Johanness that look worked for the BGs so why not Lewis?

    2. I like that jacket, and I rarely like anything “stylish” he wears. But this reminds me of the wallpaper my grandma used to have in her home when I was a child.

      1. You beat me to it. My Mother had an arm chair with that fabric.

      2. It reminds me of a set of curtains or perhaps a table cloth.

  4. oh god .. with all the money in the world, Lewis had to pick that jacket

    1. RP (@slotopen)
      13th June 2015, 2:56

      He’s going to get attacked by hummingbirds.

      1. Must be hummertime

    2. @icemangrins – My son tells me it’s a really cool look. Actually he said it was “sick” and other things I didn’t understand but the practical upshot was that Lewis got it right. “Your mileage may vary”.

    3. I think it was previously my grandmother’s curtains.

  5. @mazdachris, you lucky,lucky, B…… :) Wish I could be there, doesn’t even seem to be on TV here, the Nissans I think are very experimental this year with massive reliance on the electric motors, they may be having the same sort of problems F1 is having synchronising the electric and ICE power delivery.

    1. It’s pretty impressive then that, in straightline speed, they are still competitive. Must be ominous for next year – they just need to sort out the chassis/aero.

    2. @hohum The Nismo TV YouTube channel is streaming the race live

      1. @jaytee,thanks, I’ll check it out.

  6. I don’t think Hulkenberg deserves a seat in a better team because one reason: they are already filled with better drivers than him. Looking at past few years on the top teams: Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren (and Williams since last year), they never really need to second guess if Hulkenberg is a better driver than their own. I agree with Martin Whitmarsh and rated Perez better than Hulkenberg because Perez is more consistent on challenging podium positions than Hulk and he can do it in dry races while Hulk memorable races usually in changing weather. Kevin Magnussen also proved himself not decisively inferior last year. I think the only driver that arguably worse than him in a top team is Daniil Kvyat, and even then Red Bull already have the wonder kid Max Verstappen and underrated Carlos Sainz waiting to take that seat if Kvyat don’t deliver. Also I don’t think his achievement is invisible to team bosses since in silly season he usually get the contract done early compared to other midfield drivers, it just there are always better driver than him.

    1. He’s better than Kvyat, Raikkonen, Massa and Bottas IMHO.

      Bottas is massively overhyped (barely beating Massa isn’t enough for me to land a top seat) and Raikkonen doesn’t like the turbo era.

      His last chance for a top seat is when Raikkonen retires, but I’m afraid Bottas will get it. Hülkenberg is starting to get old :/

      1. maarten.f1 (@)
        13th June 2015, 8:19

        @paeschli I’m finding Bottas very difficult to read. He’s obviously a good driver, and deserves a place in Formula 1. But to me he doesn’t have that bit of extra skill that makes world champions (though he could luck into one if all the stars align).

        As for Hulkenberg. I think for him it’s more a case of being in Formula 1 at the wrong time. He’s a good driver, and perhaps in a different time he might’ve gotten a seat at a top team. But I think that moment has passed for him. I feel he could’ve gotten a top seat a few years ago, but he had the bad luck there were better drivers in top seats.

        1. @maarten-f1 I actually also think Hulk doesn’t have that thing that make champions. Bottas also haven’t show anything yet, but he still have a chance this year and maybe next year. They both will have a hard time to be future champions though since Verstappen already backing much of his hype except for can’t accepting Monaco mistake.

          Usually a great driver impressed people sooner rather than later (Schumacher, Raikkonen, Alonso, Vettel, Hamilton) and both Hulk and Bottas just not showing that much awe. For all we see so far, Verstappen is the most likely next world champion.

          1. Usually a great driver impressed people sooner rather than later

            Hülkenberg : Pole position in his rookie season (Brazil 2010) and almost won a race (Brazil 2012)

          2. @paeschli
            Bottas: P3 in a dog car in his rookie season (Canada 2013) and only beat by a dominated Mercedes from P13 on the grid (UK 2014).
            For me, these are even better.

          3. @paeschli Yes the pole position making him showed on many people radar, but then he not really delivered. Compare them to these:

            Schumacher: Getting points in his first (not full) season when it only rewarded up to 6th place. 3rd in WDC in his first full season with 1 win and 8 podiums

            Alonso: Out qualify people with Minardi in his rookie season, becoming test driver for 1 year then having 1 win, 2 poles, 4 podiums in his 2nd season.

            Vettel: Getting 1 win in his 2nd season in Toro Rosso outside everyone expectations that STR can win back then.

            Raikkonen: Getting points in Sauber in his rookie season (again when the point only awarded until 6th position only), 4 podiums in 2nd season and 2nd in WDC in 3rd season in era where MSC-Ferrari is dominant.

            Hamilton: 4win, 6 poles, 12podiums 2nd in WDC only losing by a point in his rookie season. WDC at 2nd season. Don’t think anyone can ever best his rookie season performance.

            Hulkenberg: 1 pole in rookie season then nothing after 4 complete season in F1. Almost win don’t count when you trying to get seat that filled with people that did win and do it multiple times. Also he got no podiums while Perez and Grosjean (2 driver that debuted about same time as him and his main contender for that big break to top team seat) already have some in their record.

          4. @paeschli You just now! :P

            Still without devaluing that achievement (which is great, kudos to him) LeMans is different than F1 and he share the car with 2 other drivers. Just saying its apples and oranges type of race.

      2. @paeschli, @maarten-f1 – For me, Bottas will get your car where your car belongs, on a regular basis. Hulkenberg will get your car there too on a regular basis, but somtimes when he’s in the mood he can go further and I haven’t seen that from Bottas.

        1. That’s well said @xtwl, also Bottas has a certain Mika H as manager, which might explain some of the hype behind him.

      3. Would have to agree with you @paeschli

        I can’t say for sure if he’s better than Kvyat, as the guy is constantly improving and is pretty quick.

        But I would agree that he’s better than Kimi at the moment, maybe Bottas as well. Definitely better than Massa. Could be better than Rosberg as well.

      4. barely beating Massa isn’t enough for me to land a top seat


        1. Barely beating Massa -> Hamilton’s first championship (although in different cars of course). And Hamilton’s done okay since.

      5. @paeschli I agree Kvyat looking weaker than him but I certainly put Bottas, Raikkonen, and Massa ahead of Hulkenberg. Raikkonen and Massa already proved their worthiness. Besides there is still Grosjean and Perez that I think is better replacement should Kimi or Massa decides to retire.

        We are in an era where there are too many good driver and too little seat that able to fight for championship. Therefore I still stick to my argument earlier that it’s simply there are better driver than Hulkenberg (which doesn’t mean he’s a bad driver).

        1. I think you are not judging things very well. Kvyat seems better than all of them actually.
          And NO i have no Russian origins or relatives at all, i am saying this completely from what i see.
          The guy has serious speed and talent and all the points gathering problems he faces are nothing but a little bad luck and not much experience.
          You people forget who his team-mate is also. His a guy who made a 4 times world champion look bad.
          Riccardo is a very good driver and Kvyat doesn’t look like a guy that can’t fight him.
          As Kvyat matures he will surprise a lot of people that underestimate him.

    2. Williams’ budget is just slightly bigger than Lotus’, and not a works team either. I cannot really see Williams would fight for the championship one day.
      By the way,It was said that Hulk has already earned more salary(5m) than Massa or Bottas

    3. @sonicslv That whole post you wrote is based on your opinion that NH isn’t any better than the drivers in top teams apart from Kvyat. That’s all right of course but that’s an opinion I and very many others happen to disagree with

      For instance, having watched the entire careers of both Nicos from F3 to now I’d say the Hulk Nico is better than Britney Nico. Or at least there’s a fair chance there is since you can never truly know until they’re in the same car

      Kimi at his peak was better than NH but now I’m not so sure

      DR is a difficult case but I’m not sure he’s better than NH either

      I’m pretty sure NH is better than Button. Naturally faster for sure though Button’s experience and racecraft would make it an even fight

      Bottas and Massa? Post accident FM is no match for NH. Bottas I’m not sure about him so won’t comment

      Now, your suggestion that Perez is somehow better than NH is unsupported by facts. During their times together NH has comprehensively outqualified, outscored and outraced Perez. Especially the qualy score is a humiliation for Perez. You cannot measure team-mates by the podium in a car only capable of podiums twice per season if at all. Yes both chances that FI had for a podium during their year and a half together were for Perez. He took the one, and threw away the second. Both those chances came during their most competitive spell pace-wise-first 10 races of 2014. During that spell NH scored points 10 times out of 10, was better than Perez 7 out of 10 and had more than twice as many points. By the way, almost none of those races when NH dominated SP were wet or changeable. Those conditions only magnify the difference( in Murray Walker’s words they separate the men from the boys).
      So, from a top team point of view why would they prefer a driver who can be amazing once in a while and anonymous and losing points to rival teams the rest of the time? Doesn’t make much sense IMO

      1. @montreal95 Fair enough and I also respect your opinion. However in the end there must be a reason why top team bosses always passed Hulk and I just shows the fact that he never deliver in F1.

        Rosberg is certainly better than Hulk. He got a beautiful win in 2012 back when Mercedes is not even a championship contender. He also hold his own against Schumacher and Hamilton, 2 proven drivers that Hulk never got as teammate so far.

        Many people think Kimi is bad now but I still believe in him. People already write him off since 2009 and then he showed he still got it in 2012 comeback. Last year maybe a disaster for him just like 2009 but I believe he still got it in him and certainly still better driver than Hulk.

        Ricciardo is also certainly better. Despite Vettel issue, beating him convincingly is not an easy feat. And he the one that always get the prize when Mercedes fails last year. I’m not sure how you can still think Hulk is better.

        Button is very underrated. He has the contract controversy early in his career but otherwise he already shown what he capable of. 3rd in WDC on 2004 only beaten by Ferraris while his teammate only managed 8th. Also he wins the 2009 WDC by dominating Rubens Barichello, someone who has lot of experience and speed too.

        Kvyat and Bottas is big unknown atm because they just start their career. Personally, I give Bottas until next year to prove himself and Kvyat 2 more year.

        Perez while beaten that year, the final score is actually only 9-8 (double retirement not counted) and Perez did not even race at Malaysia. However Perez score a podium that year and Hulk doesn’t. I think the reason that Perez is chosen by McLaren because he actually can deliver those podiums while Hulk can’t.

        Also I’m aware of Hulk achievement prior entering F1, but there are driver that looks promising but then failed in F1 and I think Hulk is one of them.

  7. Oooo…Sir Patrick Head.

    1. About time too.

      And why has John Surtees been overlooked yet again?

      1. And Ron Dennis!!

  8. “(Ecclestone) was very impressed and believes (Baku) will be one of the most beautiful tracks”

    That’s exactly the problem. It’s the visual appeal that’s appealing to FOM rather than the track being a challenge. With the recent additions of new tracks in the past decade, we’ve seen this concept of ”visual appeal” being more attractive than a challenging track.

    Valencia, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Sochi and now Baku have all been primarily aimed with being visually appealing than being an actual challenge. Over the last decade, Istanbul and COTA have given great (not good but great) track layouts and Singapore has turned out to be a demanding race with some overtaking opportunities in spite being a street track.

    It’s unfortunate but that’s the reality that we live in.

    1. Strange, because I thought Sochi looked bleak, Abu Dhabi has pretty but soulless facilities and an air of failing even to achieve style over substance, Singapore looks great from the occasional helicopter shot but trackside could be just about any dirty street, and Valencia again was nothing- indistinct corners and walls and entirely forgettable that it was even in a marina (much like Abu Dhabi actually). What a set to aspire to!

    2. The issue with the circuits is that CVC/Bernie’s main source of income is the TV money and the easiest sell for them is a race against a landmark backdrop like a computer game from the 90s. In their eyes it’s up to the track promoter/owner to ensure the track is decent and that they make money, look at any of Bernie’s comments about a New Jersey race also, he just wants to go to TV executives and say “we have a race against the Manhattan skyline, pay us more for that”.

      I think the teams need to realise that by talking about boring circuits and slow regulations they’re only deflecting from the real issue in the sport in that it’s owner takes 50% of the revenues without providing any investment.

  9. Lewis might be a great driver, but off the race track, he’s just like any self obsessed teenage girl who is really active on social media.

    1. who cares what he likes off the track ?
      well bernie does because lewis draws more attention to F1 than all the other drivers put together !

    2. It’s good that he’s having a life that he wants to. I admire him as a driver, any other life choices he pick that against my ideal, well, it’s his life.

    3. I doubt that. Though some of us are content to let him live his life as @sonicslv says and simply, er, haven’t been watching.

      Btw ‘teenage girl’ is not clever as an insult, these days.

  10. Good interview by Helmut Marko. For all the harsh comments he gets, this time the things he says make sense.

  11. Did you guys know that Max’ dad Jos Verstappen won the 2008 24h of Le Mans in the LMP2 category? He drove a Porsche RS Spyder with Jeroen Bleekemolen and Peter van Merkensteijn. They won all but one race that year, winning the LMP2 Le Mans Series.

  12. There’s only one “top drive” in F1 at present, but there are four teams with a realistic potential to come up with a top car – Mercedes, McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull.

    Webber was the Hulk of the early 2000’s. Unfortunately for him, back then there were really only two “top drives” going – at Ferrari and McLaren, and those were already spoken for.

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