2016 Russian Grand Prix team radio transcript

2016 Russian Grand Prix

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It was a near-silent race on the radios at the Russian Grand Prix – at least as far as the FOM broadcast was concerned.

While the new restrictions on radio messages have reduced the amount of communication going on between driver and team there is still far more going on than gets broadcast during the races.

That much was obvious during last weekend’s race, when more than half of the eleven teams did not have any of their radio communications broadcast. Out of 22 drivers in the field we heard messages involving just six of them.

Among them was Sebastian Vettel, who supplied one of the most furious outbursts herd for some time when Daniil Kvyat ejected him from the race.

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2016 Russian Grand Prix team radio transcript

Lap* Driver Message
PR From Max Verstappen Guys I think there was a problem there, the engine just completely disappeared when I went on total, there is an issue.
1 From Sebastian Vettel Oh for [censored by FOM] sake man! Who the [censored by FOM]? Oh I’m out! Crash! Somebody hit me in the [censored by FOM] rear, T2, Somebody hit me in the [censored by FOM] rear again T3, for [censored by FOM] sake, honestly. What the [censored by FOM] are we doing here?
6 To Lewis Hamilton

Get in there Lewis, come on man!.
9 To Felipe Nasr

We have a slow puncture Felipe a slow puncture, box this lap.
10 From Felipe Nasr Why do we box this lap?.
10 To Felipe Nasr

We have a slow puncture, a slow puncture.
17 To Kimi Raikkonen

So this is the critical point Kimi.
22 From Sergio Perez Do you like my pace, do you like it?
22 To Sergio Perez

Doing well Checo, pace is good.
30 From Max Verstappen I have something with the engine.
32 From Lewis Hamilton You there Bono?
33 To Lewis Hamilton

Affirm Lewis, we’ve got a bit on at the moment mate. so Lewis it looks lke we’ve got a water pressure issue, water pressure issue.
39 To Lewis Hamilton

Lewis the situation has stabilised.
53 To Nico Rosberg

Excellent drive Nico, well done we’ve finally done it in Russia.
53 From Nico Rosberg Thanks everyone. Everything worked really well this weekend, thanks a lot.

Lap: Refers to lap message was broadcast on. There may be a delay between messages being said and being broadcast. PR = pre-race; FL = formation lap; VL = victory lap.
Message: Repetitive or irrelevant messages omitted. Notes in italics. Highlights in bold.

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Russian Grand Prix data

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    27 comments on “2016 Russian Grand Prix team radio transcript”

    1. These transcripts this season are just sad… It’s a pity…

      1. This was one of the best features here, with the restrictions we haven’t gained better racing, just less insight into what is happening.

        Even LH is asking “you there bono?”

        1. Agree. I was always looking forward for this. Now it’s just…

    2. The broadcasters can’t be happy about this.

      I predict a change to the radio rules for next season, if not earlier.

      As I’ve said before, the restrictions introduced mid last season were a reasonable compromise between ensuring the drivers aren’t excessively coached, and still giving the viewers insight as to what is happening in the race.

      1. Also, we don’t seem to have the fuel use graphic anymore.

        Obviously the answer to fans’ frustration with fuel saving is to pretend it isn’t happening.

    3. I’m a bit confused. Is FOM only broadcasting some of the radio activity to make it appear that there is less coaching when in fact there is more than we are lead to believe? I’m sure there is actually less coaching, since the teams are being heard and monitored, so why don’t they broadcast everything (not literally during the race of course but made available afterwards) which will still be less than before?

      1. I’d guess Bernie doesn’t like the rules, so he’s ordered FOM to make the rules seem harsher than they are, to sway public opinion to get them revoked.

        1. @kanil “I’d guess Bernie doesn’t like the rules”

          Bernie is the one who was pushing for these radio restrictions.

          As to if FOM are playing everything, There not playing out everything but are playing most of the stuff that’s worth broadcasting. I also saw Ted Kravitz mention on one of his post race notebook’s that he was told by one team that they only used there radio 6 times during a race & most of those were messages telling there drivers to pit.

          1. @gt-racer Fair enough. He has used FOM as a weapon in the past — but perhaps there really is nothing being said anymore.

    4. FOM were missing a lot.

      We can see this from Mercedes’ open letter: “We spent a number of laps reassuring him that he had a good gap over Lewis and could ease off before the FIA gave us the all-clear to tell him to switch to a setting that would control the issue. ”

      I think that Bernie asked FOM to broadcast much less. He thinks that less radio makes drivers look more independent, I guess.

    5. What a sad state of affairs. I remember what a revelation it was when we started to get team radio broadcasts in the world feed. A chance to see what is going on under the drivers helmet and on the pitwall, all now sadly taken from us.

      Sure it got a bit extreme, but we have gone way too far the other way in typical F1 style. If FOM didn’t like hearing “Ok, Jenson, Yellow G7” or “Torque Map 1 and box” they should have just chosen not to broadcast those particular messages. I liked hearing (and reading in this piece) what was said during the race. I liked knowing which drivers needed more or less coaching, who complained more, who was cooler under pressure. Every message helped to build the picture and now one of the few tools we have as fans has been taken away from us.

      1. I’d blame FOM more than the radio restrictions. We know for a fact there were more radio messages than what’s shown here. FOM just refuses to release the huge majority of them.

        1. I do blame FOM, there is no one else to blame for this ridiculous scenario.

    6. From Sebastian Vettel: Oh for [censored by FOM] sake man! Who the [censored by FOM]? Oh I’m out! Crash! Somebody hit me in the [censored by FOM] rear, T2, Somebody hit me in the [censored by FOM] rear again T3, for [censored by FOM] sake, honestly. What the [censored by FOM] are we doing here?

      It reads like a scene from The Big Lebowski

      1. No need to ask in future he will know it was Torpedo Moscow.

      2. [censored by FOM]

        I struggle to think what word this could have been..

      3. I thought that Kimi Raikkonen was The Dude!

      4. You said it man – Nobody [censored by FOM] with the Jesus!

    7. If people want to complain about not hearing enough radio messages, they need only look at their fellow fans who didn’t like what they were hearing previously. This is the result.

    8. “[censored by FOM]”

      Says it all really. We get so little radio messages now, this barely deserves a page.

      And we were the people who used to complain about driver coaching… now we dont even know if Nico’s rear is sliding to much or if Lewis needs to put a less aggressive engine mode on.

      I am fairly sure Water pressure was going overboard due to long time highest power engine mode was used…

    9. The radio often added a little something to dull races such as that one. Now we don’t even have that luxury. A shame really.

    10. lockup (@)
      4th May 2016, 19:03

      Yep, another fail at presenting what they have.

    11. Vettel’s broadcast comments were very entertaining, in the heat of the race.
      When Alonso missed his qualy lap a few weeks ago, all he said over the radio was “Aurgg! Aurgg! Aurrgg!”
      I guess FOM is going for quality over quantity.
      I do not miss the technical queries of various drivers to their mission control; that is what message boards and flat screen displays are for.

    12. ILuvSoundtracks (@)
      4th May 2016, 21:18

      Turkey 2010, Russia 2016…Vettel being angry, 6 years apart.

    13. Joao Pitol (@)
      4th May 2016, 22:15

      And Rosberg had a MGU-K problem and had to drive in safe mode, lots of radio there also skipped.

    14. You’ve missed off Tony Ross’ “Haarooooo” to Nico on the cool-down!

    15. Where’s the rest of the transcript? What a joke they’re making of their message publications

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