Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Baku City Circuit, 2016

Hamilton tells rivals to stop moaning about Baku

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In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton criticises F1 drivers who described parts of the Baku circuit as unsafe.

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We can’t knock F1 for trying such a relatively adventurous track. To do so would impose more Tilke Cutter race tracks upon ourselves. Despite the long straights, I hope we see a great race with some old-school close quarters racing on what looks to be an old-school track.

One final thought. I fear that final kink onto the main straight is yet to show us it’s teeth. Every time I see the cars go through there, it makes me think of another fearsome corner we have in Australia, turn eight at Adelaide, another street circuit that can show you who’s boss!


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Daniil Kvyat, Toro Rosso, Baku City Circuit, 2016
Daniil Kvyat, Toro Rosso, Baku City Circuit, 2016

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Denny Hulme, the tenth driver to win the world championship, was born on this day 80 years ago.

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  • 40 comments on “Hamilton tells rivals to stop moaning about Baku”

    1. I just hope that when he accidentally kiss the wall on sunday, he won’t moan as usual.

      1. Surely you mean
        “I just hope that “IF” he accidentally kiss the wall on sunday, he won’t moan as usual.”

        If not, why would you hope any driver crashes into a solid concrete wall?

        1. I guess it is understood what I meant becuase no one in their right mind will kiss the wall on purpose, but in regards to the track, it is almost certain that one or two cars will hit the wall because of the very tight corners. I just hope nobody gets hurt.

          1. Of course Lewis will moan, that’s all he ever he does when things don’t go to his liking! He’s a spoilt brat! :)

          2. By the way he did kiss the wall. Welcome back grumpy Lewis. That didn’t last long.

      2. He kissed it already !! LOL

    2. Yesterday he was asking why they didn’t make tracks like they used to do, now “they are all moaning about everything”.

      In any case, I rather have different opinions with arguments than calling others “moaners” because they don’t agree with you. Besides, most of them are talking about safety aspects, like the pit lane entrance.

      Hamilton said he doesn’t do track walks, so maybe he’s lacking that point of view. He said he’s not been doing them since 2010 and it never affected his preparation for each weekend, but I’m sure there are a lot of safety aspects, unrelated to driving, which can be seen better while walking the track, rather than driving around it at 200 mph…

      1. ” Yesterday he was asking why they didn’t make tracks like they used to do, now “they are all moaning about everything”. ”

        Exactly my thoughts. Hamilton doesn’t do himself many favours when he does stuff like this. Shame, as he’s one of the best drivers out there..

      2. “These guys they want it to be smooth like, smoother than ever, no vibrations and no bumps. They want to take all the character out of these tracks.”

        So he’s not talking about the layout, as he was yesterday, he’s talking about the bumps, and if you read the full comment, he’s being consistant as he wants to retain the sorts of bumps and vibrations you’d get at a traditional street circuit.
        It also clearly states that he agreed with the other drivers about the safety problems with the pit entry.

      3. Exactly…

        I guess Lewis is a bit under the weather for having Beiber Fever and thinks that he is the almighty driver and the rockstar of F1… no pitwalk… no moaning… no halo…, I guess maybe put him in the shoes of Bianci family or drive Mclaren nowadays so he should have more respect for safety and be thankful that he is on an almighty car that MADE him win and respect other drivers opinion.

        1. Nothing like early morning Hamilton bashing to get your weekend going eh Cris? Some friendly advice, stop being so bitter about the triple champ for no apparent reason- unless of course there is a justified reason?

          1. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
            18th June 2016, 10:18

            His arrogance and aloof nature are the primary reasons for the dislike many have against Hamilton (myself included). Having met Hamilton face to face I can tell you with 100% certainty that the nice lad of 2007 has been superseded by an arrogant, rude hypocrite that people find it increasingly difficult to warm to. Shame really as I used to like him.

            1. ‘Arrogant, rude hypocrite’……. now thats some strong stuff.

              Please tell us where and when you met Hamilton, and what sort of personal interaction you actually had with him, to justify such a poisonous statement.


            2. Given that he’s neither arrogant nor aloof @peppermint-lemon, I find the rest of your internet claim less than persuasive. “I used to be like him until x” is an old technique generally used in suspicious circumstances.

            3. A motorsports driver that doesn’t do a track walk. Mind bogglng. Somehow he makes it work, will bite him in the tail one day.

    3. I’m not sure how I feel about this one, on one hand I’m with Button with the safety of the drivers, only really in a couple of corners but the danger is there, especially in turns 8 and 9 where on the opening lap if a car at the front or midfield gets it wrong there could be a massive pile up. On the other hand I’m with Hamilton as well, the track has character and is a challenge, tight in areas like Monaco but with some serious speed, cars look amazing in turn 16 through to 20, massively fast, the cars are jumping on the main straight with the bumps making turn one really tricky.

      Tough one.

    4. When Hamilton spoke out against the halo or aero screen I couldn’t agree with him, the drivers head being exposed is a passive risk where any number of fluke events could see a fatal injury regardless of driver skill.

      But in terms of tracks like this and Monaco I’m with him. The accelerator pedal isn’t an on off switch, it is entertaining seeing the drivers measure their balls at events like these or the Isle of Man TT. A driver can sit it out if it’s too risky, or drive within their limits if they can’t handle the risk.

      I don’t like this track, I think it’s too narrow for a race. But I can see qualifying being breathtaking.

      1. Problem is no F1 driver will lift the loud pedal just to save his life, they may do it to take a corner better, but not to save their own lives, they just dont have time or luxury to think rationally when in the car racing.

    5. Someone’s going to get killed there.

      1. Back to glory days then. Let’s hope no one moaning when its happen.

      2. I can foresee a mega pile-up at that castle…

        1. I cant…..the speed is just too slow through there…..what i can see is one car completely blocking the track…..and a red flag.

      3. don’t say that…. had a dream (bad dream) the other night about Felipe Massa crashing and dying, it was so vivid that it was really scary.

    6. Don’t see the problem, really. The dangers aren’t that big, the only concern for me is the lack of cranes. Too big a chance of red flags. But dangerous? Nah. Especially people moaning about that castle section. Even if there is a pile-up on the first lap, the speeds are so slow there, nobody will be hurt. It’s like a pile-up at Mirabeau, more comical than dangerous.

    7. ColdFly F1 (@)
      18th June 2016, 8:21

      “they moan so much about so many things. I guarantee you.”

      This must be a Trump quote ;)

    8. Adam (@rocketpanda)
      18th June 2016, 8:43

      Hamilton moans as much, if not more than the others. Then again I suppose it’s easy to dismiss other’s concerns when you know you will be on the front row with a scruffy lap.

      I’m not keen on the track. It looks pretty but I can’t help but feel it’ll be one long procession punctuated by safety cars.

      I hope I’m wrong.

    9. Off topic. Iv been looking at the specs on the front running le mans and most of them are running really complex and advanced engines which is cool. Im glad Formula 1 left the dinosaur V8 engines

    10. The GP 2 race is truly epic. It is a great track for it. The 90 degree corners make for decent overtaking, you know.

    11. Nice one Lewis – endearing himself to other drivers and to neutral fans as always!

      The point he is missing is that a circuit can be a challenge without being outright dangerous!

      Gravel traps / grass next to corners make it challenging and penilise errors. Tarmac at the edge means they can take more risks as no penalty for getting it wrong.

      Here, we are talking 200mph with hardly any run offs. Yes its like Monaco but Twice as fast! Cars doing u-turns into oncoming traffic!

      It really is recipe for disaster and the FIA are doing their usual hope it doesnt happen rather than making sure it doesnt (like with Bianchi).

      Imagine Alonso’s Melbourne accident around here!

      But yeh – stop moaning!

      1. Ask yourself Chris: Why does Lewis have to endear himself to “neutral” fans or other drivers? Is it too much for you understand that he probably does not need the acceptance and approval of others, like you and most of the world does?
        Think about that.

    12. Just shut up and drive man

    13. People should read up on the context of the Hamilton comments before lambasting him when it is clear that most articles online are quoting him way out of context. Perhaps only The Guardian captured the actual context of the ‘moaning’ remarks – Lewis wasn’t referring to safety, he was talking about the layout and the bumpiness of the track, which some drivers had apparently complained about.


      1. @rantingmrp The reason I put that link and the others in these articles is because I expect people are going to go and read them.

        1. @keithcollantine I think the above vommenter`s only saying that through no fault of yours peeople comment without having read the articles. I usually don`t bother myaelf but I often don`t comment on only the headlines anyway

      2. @rantingmrp
        “People should read up on the context of the Hamilton comments before lambasting him”
        Now you are asking for too much. Even if they read the whole article, and had a professor emeritus explain it to them, they would still employ considerable mental gymnastics to spin it out of context. It is Lewis we are speaking about after all.

        1. I’m sure LH’s comments, in context, are not as bad as some are making them out. Is he fully appreciating the context of the ‘moaners’ though? Has he talked with them to try to understand their viewpoint as we are being asked to understand what LH is saying? I think probably not or there wouldn’t be this generic ‘moaners’ comment.

          1. Lewis just hit the wall during in Q3… this is a very tricky ciircuiit. Come race day it will be very busy. Jenson is right.

    14. Who posted something about Lewis & “Karma?” You nailed it. Never mess with the Gods of Karma or even Murphy for that matter…

    15. Anyhow, it is a circuit that does not looks like F1.
      I miss real ones like Suzuka, SPA, monza, imola and many more!

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