Verstappen unimpressed with Raikkonen’s “moaning”

2016 Belgian Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen rebuffed the latest criticism of his defensive driving from Kimi Raikkonen following the Belgian Grand Prix.

The Red Bull driver tangled with both Ferraris at the first corner on the first lap of the race and blamed Sebastian Vettel for causing the contact.

“The start wasn’t great,” Verstappen told reporters after the race. “I dived up in the inside and locked a wheel so I was easily making the corner but they just kept squeezing me.”

“At one point I was in the inside, Kimi was again squeezing but then Sebastian turned in on both of us. That took my front wing, I had a lot of damage, and also the floor got destroyed. From there on your race is gone.”

Verstappen said Vettel “definitely” should have allowed more room for the two cars on the inside of him at the start. “He knows that he is on the outside and suddenly he just turns into the corner where there are two other cars,” said Verstappen. “I think that’s pretty logical.”

Raikkonen, who has had several run-ins with Verstappen earlier this year, vehemently criticised his rival for his defensive tactics on the Kemmel straight, telling his team on the radio “his only interest is pushing me off the circuit”.

Verstappen responded: “He should say that in turn one.”

“I mean it’s ridiculous. But it’s good television if somebody’s moaning. Especially after turn one where they do something to you like that. I’m not going to give up my position to them that easily afterwards.”

Verstappen said claims he defends his position too aggressively are “a big lie”.

“I’m just defending my position,” he said. “If somebody doesn’t like it, it’s his own problem.”

2016 Belgian Grand Prix

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    110 comments on “Verstappen unimpressed with Raikkonen’s “moaning””

    1. Verstappen needs to get his brain checked. Kimi was unfortunate to be the victim of his bad driving twice today.

      1. I dont think this has anything to do with a brain….the one at fault here was Vettel for 100%

        Max drove a terrible race after that….didnt had a clear direction anymore what strategy to use…had a damaged floor…..but I have to admit…his action on Kimi was over the limit. Like Vettel, Verstappen also had to be handed a penalty.

        Other then that…boring race….Rosberg solid…Ricciardo benefit from the T1 display, but drove a colorless race…Hamilton also greatly benefited from the action in T1

        1. The first one was 50/50 Verstappen/Vettel. Verstappen divebombed the corner like a fool and Vettel turned in too early.

          1. What Vettel did was ridiculous. He knows Raikkonen is there and he leaves him no space. Even if Verstappen hadn’t been there he would have compromised Raikkonen severely. Leaving him vulnerable on Kemmel. Why?

            Just look at the footage of the start. Almost the whole field goes through turn one three abreast.

    2. *rolls eyes*

      1. For Dutch speaking people, this interview is absolute madness.

        1. not quite @paeschli. It is not enough to speak dutch. You have to actually get online with a Dutch ip adress, because it’s blocked otherwise

          1. hola! (hint)

            The worst driving of the day, though, was Sainz trying to carry on with 3 wheels after a complete blowout, taking a short cut at Les Combes and nearly taking out two other drivers when he span on rejoining the track. Come on. Drivers need to accept more quickly that their race is over and try to park up safely for their own sake and others.

            Verstappen was simply daft at the first corner, there’s always ‘space’ there for the good reason that nobody risks sticking their nose into the corner for fear of getting it lopped.

            1. I’d argue the worst driving of the day award goes to Magnussen.

          2. spafrancorchamps
            28th August 2016, 17:44

            He said he would rather drive the Ferrari’s off the track after what they did to him in turn 1.

        2. Vettel takes first corners like he is the only driver on the track. Check Mexico 2015 and China 2016!
          Most F 1 drivers push the DRS button and expect the other to act as a sitting duck. NO WAY WITH MAX! If you want to pass you must overtake. Max will never give his position for free. You need to DESERVE it. Max is the best attacker and defender on track!

    3. Liam McShane (@)
      28th August 2016, 15:17

      I’m unimpressed with your driving Mr Max. Kimi had to brake in a straight line. I’m more concerned by the lack of penalties or even an investigation about it. Week after week he is moving very late and is seemingly getting away with it.

      1. He’s F1’s new darling (media gem), therefore he has more leeway…relatively.

      2. You guys should maybe read the rules of F1

    4. This onboard footage on kemmel straight speak for them self could have been Alonso all over just at 340 kmh

    5. Raikkonen unimpressed with Verstappen’s ‘driving’

      1. Räikkönen is an old guy who has to quit F1 and give back his absurd paycheck to the sport. He doesn’t ad anything and becomes a sick moaner just like his buddy Vettel. They didn’t do well the last one year and a half. There are so many good other drivers out there! .

    6. Yeah, sudden change of position at 340 Km/h it’s completely normal…
      When he hurts someone what will be the excuse?

      1. Everyone will be forced to run a bubble around their car, and the FIA will call it all good. The excuse will be trying to go too fast around Max.

    7. Quality Maldonado impression from young Max today.

      1. It started with winning in Spain, crashing out at Monaco, just like Maldonado taught him.

        1. Mr Maldonado Miyagi: “Always remember young talented yet petulent moron, the immature driver must strive to crash into everything I tell thee.”

          Daniel Verstappenson: “I understand wise foolish sensei.”

        2. that made me smile.

    8. I saw what you did at Les Combes twice today, Max. You should thank Kimi for giving back the position (unlike Perez) and not hit you in the face with a shovel.

    9. The problem with Verstappen is he doesnt defend his position untill and unless the driver behind hime starts his move which is unacceptable. Being a driver in front, you’ve to set your car in the defensive line first according to which the back driver can make a move.

      1. To be honest, wasn’t it exactly the same with Schumacher and Hakkinen in 2000?

        1. Didnt start watching F1 untill 2006, so cant comment about it.

        2. No, there was a lapped car involved in that incident, the went on other side of it

          1. Schumacher blocking happened in few consecutive laps before famous overtake where Zonta was between them.

        3. Exactly! i Remember that race like it was yesterday. Schumacher was blocking almost the same way as this little brat kid. But exception today is that we had some rule changes about moving and blocking and weaving(Ham vs Petrov in China or Mal in 2010 maybe).
          Also problem with this little arrogant *rick judging by his statements after the race is next: he won’t stop until someone is really hurt or even killed! F1 big shots are protecting their next “star” and let him do what ever he wants and we can only hope that they and Ves don’t kill someone.

          1. The difference though is that it was allowed back then whilst there are clear rules about it today.

            1. there is no rule in F1 forcing you to make the first move @xtwl. That is IndyCars.

            2. @bascb I’m not talking about first or second, but fact is you can make one. Not weave which wasn’t a problem in the olden days.

        4. Well, kind of, Shumacher started moving first in that example. But arguably he did the same thing by slowing his transfer at the middle of the track, then continuing.

          At any rate, the standards are a lot higher since then. Back then, there was very little problem with running someone out of room. I like to think we’ve improved.

        5. Those two drivers are actually the reason why the sporting regulations were updated to include rules to govern this subject.

    10. Max went with four wheels out on left?! That tells that his only interest is to `clear`Kimi off

      1. He did confirm his intentions on Dutch TV after the race “The FERRARI’S ruined my race in the first corner. then I will not let them past. I’d prefer to run them off the track instead”.

    11. I don’t won’t to see that happen when cars are going upwards of 300kmp/h.

      He needs to pull his head in, the Red bull team needs to pull their head in and reign him in.

      The running people off the road at turn seven is obviously wrong, just as it was when Rosberg did it, the diving up the inside is obviously silly, it was always going to end in tears, but the cutting people off at high speed. That’s a line that you can’t cross.

      Magnussen hits a wall at high speed and was lucky to get out as well as he has. A crash further up the straight involving two cars at a much higher speed is something that, is, just, not on. The amount of force a car has at that point is incredible. Alonso had to miss races because of his crash. A crash there could have been much worse.

      Max is a great driver, but this is an example of him at his worst.

    12. Sviatoslav (@)
      28th August 2016, 15:25

      Verstappen pushed three drivers off the track today. This is crazy! Just because he is a popular spoiled kid, no one even thinks of giving him a penalty.

    13. Crazy max is a spoiled brat! What he did there SHOULD have earned him a penalty. Moving after the driver commits to a passing line, how he didn’t get a penalty is beyond me! Stewards were out to lunch and telling crazy max that that is ok to do. Total nonsense. Loonie driver if you ask me.

      I have no respect for this spoiled crazy brat anymore

      1. Something tells me you never ever had any respect for this sol called spoiled brat. I dont know if you ever raced on a competitive level…but this happens in sports…..Verstappen is getting under your skin…and you are getting mad about it…while Verstappen laughs about it….so you can moan all you want…but that doesnt change a single thing concerning Verstappen

        1. Mark in Florida
          29th August 2016, 2:54

          The young man is definitely talented, but I think that all the hype has went to his head. He drove like an overzealous idiot. He looked nervous and uncontrolled constantly running off the road and cutting the corners. The way that he drove Kimi in NASCAR his shiny white teeth would have been knocked out. Just ask Kurt Bush why he needed some dental repair after rough driving another driver. Like Kimi said it’s coming sooner or later.

    14. Drivers will report, the stewarts can’t ignore it anymore then!

    15. did the stewards just not bother with the race today? we saw bad releases, weaving, causing collisions and gaining advantage all get utterly ignored (not all by Max but many were). come on, where’s the consistency? on another day Max would have been gaining license points like they were going out of fashion. really hope he calms down before he causes an airplane crash

      1. the FIA are about as effective as any other overfed bureaucracy.

      2. ERI get a 5 sec stop go, that was the only one in the whole race I think.

        The one with ALO-HUL was a slam dunk unsafe release, really surprised at that going under the radar. I doubt the team mechanics are happy with that.

        1. @scarlet-fever I’m not sure if its unsafe release or not because Alonso doesn’t cut Hulk. However it was noted that he stay in blue line and the contact is a bit clumsy from Hulk that squeezing too much when he clearly knew Alonso is beside him (and already conceding at the end of the pit). Personally I’m glad no one get penalized, because if Alonso get penalized, I think Hulk should be too for crossing the white line (when they contacted).

          1. I guess the stewards were being lenient as the drivers were in high spirits and pushing each other very hard as the topsy turviness post the race start meant that many drivers had an unusually shot at a good result. I feel they went too far in their leniency.

            PER, MAS, VET, RAI, HAM, HUL, BOT went to the limit on the track, raced fair and hard. VES behaved like an ass on track and off track. Life will wring that out of him eventually, hopefully before it causes irreversible harm.

            ALO-HUL was ultimately harmless but was nonetheless silly and potentially dangerous behaviour. It needs to be condemned as the pit lane is the highest density area in terms of employees and equipment. A pit lane incident has the potential to harm many critical elements of a race – mechanics, engineers, the pit wall, the garage – and can have long term effects on individuals/team unlucky enough to get caught up in the incident.

    16. Is Bernie paying the stewards to not penalize his golden boy Max?!

      Forcing other drivers off the track, moving in the braking zone are illegal maneuvers and have to be penalized.
      He did similar things in Hungary and didn’t get penalized and now again the same story. That’s just ridiculous.
      He’s becoming the new Maldonado.

      If somebody like Rosberg did that they probably would’ve given him the black flag.

    17. I need “worst driver of the race” vote. Never seen such behavior from one driver in modern F1 and even not an investigaton. Sadly, I’m starting to believe of some bias from Charlie.

    18. Did anybody see Verstappen’s former teammate Sainz’s idiotic driving with no rear wing and huge tyre puncture and half of his car in the air trying to rejoin the track?

      Also stewards missed out – Vettel causing first corner crash, Verstappen pushing Raikkonen off the track, Verstappen blocking Raikkonen, Verstappen pushing Perez off the track, Wehrlein crashing into Button, Hulkenberg weaving six time down the kemmel straight, Alonso and Hulkenberg crashing in the pit lane. How bad can the stewards get?

      1. Verstappen didnt push Kimi off track..he had track position…and was totaly right not to give it up

        1. No. The rules state that one must leave space for the other in the corner, the photo above and the video on the incident shows this was not the case, Max braked too late, hit Kimi and went off in the corner himself.

          Stewards did indeed have a very bad day today.

      2. Did Vettel cause it? Was it reasonable to expect Vettel to know he had to leave space for two cars?

        1. A clear yes on both those accounts @mike.

          From the on board, its clear Vettel also knows it, despite putting the blame (wrongly) on Verstappen in interviews after the race. Vettel hit Kimi, and only then, when Kimi bounced off that, did Kimi and Verstappen tangle, and Verstappen lose his FW. He even mentioned that he knew Verstappen was there “but he had a bad start so should just have backed out”. Verstappen did not even lock up or anything, he was just going for the inside line.

          1. “He even mentioned that he knew Verstappen was there”

            That’s completely incorrect. The quote you gave was in hindsight. In an interview after the race Vettel said the exact opposite.

            I’m not sure who hit who first makes a difference to the cause. If Kimi had of turned in slightly earlier would you reverse you opinion?

        2. You said it.

      3. Yeah, I mentioned Sainz above. It’s not the first time recently that a driver has tried to carry on or rejoin after taking heavy damage and ended up in a near miss. He took the run-off and so had every chance of parking up in a safe corner, rather than race round Spa with everyone else, on three wheels with bits of car falling off. It seemed a free-for-all out there today, maybe Charlie Whiting was having some beer, chips and mayo with his feet up.

    19. He was pushing his luck with the first corner, but to be frank he had a substantial amount of his car alongside and it’s the opening lap, you have to grant some leeway. Vettel’s turning in was ultimately the cause and the blame lays with him.

      His late moves were really on the limit, but if the stewards review them and take no action then how can you argue he’s wrong to make them? Finding the limit is a racing drivers job. They aren’t on track to make friends and politely say ‘after you sir’ they’re there to make other drivers lives difficult and get results… within the rules. And without sanction what he did was within the rules.

      1. Jelle van der Meer
        28th August 2016, 15:40

        +1 Exactly agree 100% – you worded it better than I did myself

      2. Go race something and see how far that gets you in any series other than this one! Apart from likely hospitalised.

        Look putting people at risk is a move too far and he has got worse and worse. You know just like his father. Are we really going to wait for the big one? Or just straighten him out. When Kimi is talking – it’s time people listened rather than excuse and if you can’t see the very worst stewarding at this circuit since 08 then you need to reconsider what racing is all about.

      3. “he had a substantial amount of his car alongside and it’s the opening lap”, he was only alongside because he did dive inside where everyone tried to turn in, he dived in by breaking very late… almost his clash with Ros’s dive last time around?

    20. Jelle van der Meer
      28th August 2016, 15:37

      Only the move mid Kemmel straight was maybe questionable – did not see any problems with any of his other defending moves.

      At the first corner he did nothing wrong – it was Vettel that made the error – even if Max would not have been there he would have hit Raikonnen (Vettel first hit Raikonnen before Raikonnen hit Max – Max did not lock, did not run wide and was maximum on the inside).

      As to Raikonnen complaining about being pushed off the track – Max was on the inside of the corner and Raikonnen himself went wide. I would agree Raikonnen should not have given back the position as Max himself also did make the corner.

      There is a lot of complaining on Max defending recently yet the stewards have not even investigated any of the overtakes/defending this race or previous races – so I guess Max is right that he defends as he is allowed by the rules.

      Any claims of favoritism of Stewards for Verstappen are also ridiculous.

      1. It is obvious they let him slide cause he is new “golden child” but as Kimi said he will cause a huge crash/accident in future if this goes on.

        1. Yes it’s obviously a cunning FIA ploy to favour this irresponsible juvenile brat and aggrieve poor Kimi.
          Btw. have you seen Vettel divebomb like a madmax^Hn into the same Kimi in La Source hairpin just after the start?

      2. `As to Raikonnen complaining about being pushed off the track – Max was on the inside of the corner and Raikonnen himself went wide. I would agree Raikonnen should not have given back the position as Max himself also did make the corner.`
        How do You comment fact that after Kimi went out, Max went too out on left with all four wheels?
        If he was defending, why he drove car all out the track on the same side?

      3. I think that hits the nail on the head – the only move of his that I saw a problem with was move on the straight. If it had caused a crash he’d have got a heavy penalty, I only assume they didn’t look into it because nothing bad came of it.

        1. If he had caused a crash then would be penalized???/IF he cause d a CRASH at 330km/h? You and this Dutch guy you quote here you two saw nothing else apart possible huge accident at high speed and since Kimi had some reflexes left then it is like nothing happened??No big deal,right? You two should have your heads examined and you can take Ves with you

          1. Calm down, dear…

            I think what he did on the straight was dangerous… what I said is that I assume the stewards let it slide because there was no crash. They’re the ones to whom your “it is like nothing happened” applies, not me (can’t speak for Jelle).

      4. You do know he was completely all wheels off the circuit into that first corner?

        I can’t give a toss about limits but if your off the circuit your right there in the negative. To have a tune up from the team and come out calling respected racers and everyone ‘liars’ and how you were the correct one having fluffed completely your start.

        Sorry – zero respect.

    21. Why wasn’t Perez penalised? If that is allowed, maybe Kimi should also drive like that around Max.

      The only moaning I saw was Max to his team at the red flag.

      Gotta a lot to learn this brat.

      Full support behind Danny now. BTW Vettel needs to go to a eye doctor.

    22. Nah. I want to like Verstappen but he’s making it a bit difficult. Can’t see how he didn’t get a penalty.

      He’s going to be in F1 for a long time and he’s clearly very talented so I don’t know why he feels the need to drive like a madman sometimes. His driving too often comes across as a bit dirty.

      Certainly seen people punished for less.

      1. Maldonado would get black flag for less.

      2. I think Verstappen is also the youngest driver to have hit prima dona mode in his career, which makes him more difficult to like. From what I saw yesterday, it seemed like he made a futile attempt to overtake in turn 1 which ended in disaster, he pushed Kimi off the circuit along with his own car to defend his position and made a dangerous switch of direction when Kimi’s front wing was right next to his rear tyres. I’m surprised he got away without any penalty today, and it’s extremely disappointing to see that he can never admit he was at fault or being over aggressive. It’s a shame because he’s a hell of a driver, but unfortunately, with delusion levels similar to Pastor Maldonando.

    23. Lol, this kid. If stewards dont get involved there is an accident comming down the line.

      Kammel straight was the kind of thing Nico did on Lewis in Spain… On the limit of aircraft crash, had Kimi not braked at 340kph in middle of highway DRS pass. Very disturbing…

      Then pushing him wide at the chicane, both fail to make the corner all 4 wheels over the white line… And Kimi was forced to give him the position back…. Why?

      Exact same thing happend with Perez. Why didnt he have to return position? Double stsndards?

      So during the race he crashed 4-5 times, damages the car and gets big fat 0 points. Good job. Meanwhile MC Riciardo offers M.W. some champange in a shoe… Geez.

      Summary: Within the rules but outside any driver ethiquette..

      1. Agree that RAI should not have given the place back. Will be interesting to hear the team radios on this.

        I think Ferrari asked Kimi to give the place back as they thought Max had made the corner and were sure they could overtake him in the next lap. Then the high speed Kemmel straight incident happened and Kimi backed off big time.

        Basically Max pushed Kimi into not going for an on track overtake but a strategy overtake as Max’s driving style (and his later interview) essentially say ‘try to get past me on track and I will ensure an incident takes place’. Anyone who cares about on track action should be condemning Max.

    24. The only debatable move was the one on the Kemmel straight, which granted was probably a bit over the op. None of the other moves, whether blocking or touching or whatever, were any different from any of the moves and/or moments of touching we saw today. Verstappen is clearly talented and hyped to an unfortunate degree so people take pleasure in trying to take him down. Comparisons to Maldonado are painful and unfair. Most of his defending comes from a different era, from drivers we still worship today. I don’t see a problem with it. That being said, he did his own race no favours today, so no matter how talented he is, it might be worth having a look at efficiency and pragmatism over aggression and passion.

    25. This article needs a small correction: In the interview with Max on Dutch television, he said that he DIDN’T block a wheel in the first corner, and therefore had no problems with it, or, to be precise, he wouldn’t have had any problems if he was racing alone…

      Something else: For me, a Dutch guy, after reading hundreds of tweets from all over the world, it appears to me that Verstappen doesn’t get much love from the majority of the (tweeting) F1-fans. Do you think most people are objective, or are they just defending their ‘own’ hero driver?

      1. Most of them are just stating the facts.

      2. Oh right…

        My goodness that’s all right then, we did not know that!

        Completely excuses the absolutely ridiculous way he drove from a fluffed start onwards and we really were watching a masterclass just like last year when we watched tyre advantaged overtake after overtake to race from 9th to…. 10th

        And then vote driver of the day.

        So sorry – I will get right on it and correct anything I have said…

      3. Twitter is the cesspit of the internet where like minded, biased, not so bright people, get together and yell stuff, not unlike a old fashioned mob. And definitly not only about F1. Never pay attention to twitter.

      4. VES had a bad day and he should think about how harsh he should defend, but I really love his ability to fend of the criticism – that attitude is what makes me truly believe he is a coming champion. That is the strong mental will of the likes of Senna, Schumacher, etc. Not like Rosberg, who crumbles mentally, when his team is cursing at him.

        1. I’m tired of people justifying that being a d0uche bag is a sign of a great world champion. That boy has talent but he needs a good spanking to set his head straight and give him a reality check.

    26. A very soft translation of Verstappen words. He showed a way of anger I have never seen of him. He is right in his believe that Ferrari ruined his ” home-race”

      1. He clearly thinks he is new Jesus of F1 or something. I predicted long time ago that this arrogant kid will cause huge accident in F1 and i am sure it will happen very soon.He is not even investigated for his “driving” so message is clear that FIA joke stewards are given a nod not to punish him for anything.

      2. He is not right, he was just as much at fault as seb, he destroyed his own race and should be happy that he wasn’t handed a penalty for the later moves

      3. dear Dex022
        For a lot BREXIT people is Hamilton Jesus. Even BBC is thinking that way.
        It seemed to me that as you call “FIA joke Stewart’s ” have more understanding about racing.

      4. The fact that Max believed this was his home-race (Stoffel might feel offended ) and the immense pressure this must have generated on him, made him too nervous for an 18-year old to be able to handle. He missed his start, tried to make up for it by taking the cerbstones inside turn 1, and blames Vettel in the 3d lane (!) for not leaving enough room. Not making friends there, Anticli-Max. Which is a pitty, because he had a great quali. If he would just have taken a more cautious approach and waited for the plenty of overtaking opportunities Spa offers, he might have still gotten second.

        1. I have not seen Stoffel racing today. But your way of thinking is is NOT wrong.
          However I disagree about Vettel’s move.

    27. As Jelle said;

      ” There is a lot of complaining on Max defending recently yet the stewards have not even investigated any of the overtakes/defending this race or previous races – so I guess Max is right that he defends as he is allowed by the rules.”

      Is this complaining telling something of the drivers who complain ??

    28. Max’s turn one move was never on. He was carrying way too much speed. Would have had to cross the track and caused

    29. A bigger pileup had the vettel/Kimi/max

      1. @Chip: VES had his car under full control in T1, no locked front wheels and RAI hit VES because VET punched him into VES, so VES move in T1 was fully legal and not punishable within the rules. Problem in T1 is often that some drivers think they can cut in along the Apex right after the start as when they approach the corner alone, and this sometimes causes these incidents.

    30. Stewards let clearly illegal and worse clearly dangerous driving go unchallenged ;the governing body turns it’s back on what will soon be a serious or fatal incident caused by an arrogant child; that child is willing to cause injury or perhaps death so he may proclaim himself the new king of the hill and has actually said as much publically .His bosses are willing to sacrifice others well- being and perhaps others lives to say that their employee has outperformed all others ; a father is willing to watch his child sink to the depths of endangering others so he can see his son raise a trophy ; a fan is willing to ignore all logic and reason just to say that the best at a profession is someone of his own nationality and an industry leader is willing willing to see it’s industry turn the clock backwards to a time when it sold a blood sport rather than a modern and safety concerned contest -all this is what F1 has become when it elected to turn itself into “Max’s world”.
      What could be worse than giving the key to the city to a spoiled child one with talent but, no heart no conscience no humility ,no concern for others and NO GUIDANCE ?
      He is not 6 years old,he is old enough to know right from wrong but, either does not or has been lured from what is right by his own ego and those voices who have whispered in his ear that he is great and far worse have failed to say any thing to him when he has treated others’ well- being and very lives as disposable objects .
      What creation from Hades says that it would rather drive a person off the track than let that person pass him ? Let us all remember what seems to be lost on the speaker: the person going by is going 200 mph and forcing him off track means a fragile body and delicate hold on life itself may be the cost of such a care-free disregard for those who pose an obstacle to his plans and ambitions.
      Is being crowned champ really worth putting someone in a wheel car,possibly for life or extinguishing that life and crushing the many lives that are close to the injured or killed driver ?
      I know its racing and it is risky. I lost a family member to the track and am aware that all drivers are aware of the fact that every time they strap in may be their last but, they don’t agree to be put in a hospital bed or a coffin just because another driver was not man enough to accept being bested even for a moment.
      What Max Verstappen and EVERYONE who supports him and the way he drives represents is ALL that is wrong with F1 and every other enterprise which places a win at literally any price mentality as acceptable . Max is clearly not the mature person he is held out as being but, rather is a cancer which is being allowed to grow and spread.
      Contrary to being the bright star which would help lead the sport to a new high he is the black spot representing not only much of what is wrong with F1 but, much of what is wrong with all of us. Fortunately ,most of us have help and between that help and our own inner voice we rise above our darker half.Max ,however , seems to embrace his bad side and has plenty of help doing so .
      I know that there is little that we, the fans, can do to support what is right and oppose what is wrong but, we all should do whatever we can. We are talking about far more than entertainment and withstanding Red Bull and Verstappen ,all life and well-being is precious and must be treated as such .

    31. Dear Rik.
      “What Max Verstappen and EVERYONE who supports him and the way he drives represents is ALL that is wrong with F1 and every other enterprise which places a win at literally any price mentality as acceptable,”

      Ever watched football ??

    32. This is the junk that is F1.

      Go over a white line? Madness, sheer reckless madness! Penalty! Penalty!

      Weave in front of people, barge into them and smash up their cars? Meh, who cares?

    33. Standard for first lap is “don’t hit the car in front”. This was adopted to keep the penalties to a minimum and to try and keep the track clean and green. With that precedence turn 1 is kimi and max’s fault, there is such a thing as a blind spot so it is the driver that is behinds job to brake. BTW this is the same rule that kvyat broke and it got him demoted.

      1. Don’t see how it’s Kimi’s fault. From the replay it looks like Max is carrying a lot of speed into the corner. If Kimi had backed off big time and let Max through, Max would not have made the corner but gone on straight into Vettel. What we would get in this scenario is likely to be a pile up involving half a dozen cars or more.

        What happened was bad enough and its Max who caused it.

    34. I agree with Kimi, but at the same time, if Kimi hasn’t slapped this kid’s jaw off, why should Verstappen respect him? Kimi is soft. Too soft. You get what you earn, and if you’re going to let this diaper wearing Maxy boy punk you continually, you deserve what you get.

    35. Hes right about Vettel though. Whats he doing on the outside and turning in like that. Gone off the boil Vettel has.

    36. Teenager driving a very fast car….there is bound to be a spectacle, either good or bad. The end results justified his driving at Belgium. If Max learns from his errors, he will become better. He still has many seasons left. If he is able to curb the ‘red mist’ and drive with patience he will get the results. What I did not like today however was the arrogance when he is saying: “I’m just defending my position”…“If somebody doesn’t like it, it’s his own problem.” This is not a demolition derby. If he respects other drivers, he will surely earn their respect in return.

    37. I think the main point is that Verstappen didn’t get any points. After the red flag Kimi went from 17th to 9th, Max from 14th to 11th.

      I think Verstappen is happy to talk about these incidents because they take the focus away how poorly he did in the race.

    38. Love how quick everyone is to paint ves with the same brush as crashtor. He saw a gap and went for it on turn one. Its what he is paid to do. Vettle obviously was not expecting to be 3 abreast. In my opinion it was just a racing incedent. But max should not have blocked kimi on kemmel at that speed that was reckless.
      Bit the real idiot driver for me was Sianz had a blowout distoried his car spun and still tried to make it to pits eventhough he was leaving a trail of bodywork as he went. Glad k.mag is ok after the tank slapper, but i did not appove of how the headrest few out of the car, a device that is desighned for side and rear impacts. They need to make it more secure in the car rather then a couple of split pins on side and a locator slot at the back. Look at this before implementimg and halo, because if the head rest comes loose like that with a halo on the car that could be nasty.

    39. If you look at Vettels onboard camera, you see him turning in while positioned still on the left to the rear of Rosberg. He must have seen that Kimi was alongside to his right, but knowing the track well he must have assumed that Kimi had plenty of space to spare to the inside of the turn. Lacking the fantastic, multiple angle birdseye view that all of us can enjoy, he cannot have known that Max would boldly clip the turn in a kamikaze make-up-for-bad-start attempt. Even if technically Max can’t be blamed from a regulation perspective, it was a very risky move with a low change for succes. A move that is made by inexperienced or desparate pilots. Max was both at that very moment.

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