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Germany, Canada and Brazil have provisional places on 21-race 2017 calendar

2017 F1 season

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The FIA has published a provisional 2017 F1 calendar but three of next year’s races remain subject to confirmation.

The three races awaiting final confirmation are the German, Canadian and Brazilian grands prix.

The FIA has not stated which venue will be used for Germany’s round of the world championship. The Nurburgring failed to host the race in 2015, which it shares on an alternating basis with this year’s host, the Hockenheimring.

If the German race does go ahead it will be followed by the annual four-week summer break.

No new races are being added to the schedule for next year.

1Australian Grand PrixMarch 24 – 26Forum
2Chinese Grand PrixApril 7 – 9Forum
3Bahrain Grand PrixApril 14 – 16Forum
4Russian Grand PrixApril 28 – 30Forum
5Spanish Grand PrixMay 12 – 14Forum
6Monaco Grand PrixMay 25 – 28Forum
7Canadian Grand PrixJune 9 – 11Forum
8European Grand Prix (Baku)June 16 – 18Forum
9Austrian Grand PrixJune 30 – July 2Forum
10British Grand PrixJuly 7 – 9Forum
11Hungarian Grand PrixJuly 21 – 23Forum
12German Grand PrixJuly 28 – 30Forum
13Belgian Grand PrixAugust 25 – 27Forum
14Italian Grand PrixSeptember 1 – 3Forum
15Malaysian Grand PrixSeptember 15 – 17Forum
16Singapore Grand PrixSeptember 29 – October 1Forum
17Japanese Grand PrixOctober 6 – 8Forum
18United States Grand PrixOctober 20 – 22Forum
19Mexican Grand PrixNovember 3 – 5Forum
20Brazilian Grand PrixNovember 10 – 12Forum
21Abu Dhabi Grand PrixNovember 24 – 26Forum

2017 F1 season

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  • 13 comments on “Germany, Canada and Brazil have provisional places on 21-race 2017 calendar”

    1. Notably, the German Grand Prix is again listed for Hockenheimring. They’ve said before that they won’t do GPs in back-to-back seasons, and given that they’re not overflowing with money to do some repaving of that bumpy ol’ circuit, I don’t see them hosting in 2017.

      1. I agree, although it could be an attempt to drive down the cost. The new owners could be willing to do struggling important European rounds for slightly cheaper. Time will tell I suppose

    2. is there any special reason why singapore and malaysia swap places?

    3. Baku GP and Le Mans on the same weekend, I’m chuffed by that mighty choice in scheduling, again!

      No one.

      1. @faulty At least it’s better than clashing rounds of the World Endurance and Formula E Championships!

    4. I’d be very surprised if the German GP returns to Nurburgring for next year, especially given the money troubles and that it is due to host the New York ePrix-clashing World Endurance Championship round a week prior.

      Apparently the Brazil race being up in the air is due to Brazil being in an awful state economically right now, which is understandable.

      I hope Canada happens.

    5. I’m surprised the USGP is not listed as “provisional”. The coming 2016 race is considered make or break event for its future.

    6. The first part of this calendar and the rounds between Monza and Austin are really stupidly scheduled. Why not move Australia 1 week back, pair that race with Malaysia and then have the China/Bahrain double header? Then there is room to pair Azerbaijan with Singapore for September- or Russia and Azerbaijan should switch dates- and it is then possible to avoid that Canada-Azerbaijan double header.

      1. Australia (March 17)
      2. Malaysia (March 24)
      3. Bahrain (April 7)
      4. China (April 14)
      5. Russia (April 28)

      8. Canada (June 9)
      9. Austria (June 23)
      10. Britain (July 7)

      15. Singapore (September 17)
      16. Azerbaijan (September 24)
      17. Japan (October 8)

    7. Fikri Harish (@)
      29th September 2016, 3:28

      I honestly don’t understand the two-week gap between Sepang and Singapore, especially when they have Canada and Baku on consecutive weekends.
      If they’re worried about the two events cannibalizing each other’s ticket sales, a two-week gap really isn’t going to do anything.

      1. @fihar It could be to give the people a break. Both are hot and humid countries and really takes a lot from the people during the weekend. Not to mention the drivers as well.

        Japan is lot cooler during those period and I guess it isn’t as demanding as Singapore/Malaysia.

      2. It’s also to do with promotion, Mercedes have one, if not the, largest Malaysian companies sponsoring them and as such will want to be able to do as much promotion and marketing as possible in the run up to the Grand Prix. Petronas have had a very long run within formula 1, sponsoring various guises of Sauber and then Mercedes.

        The strain on the body and cars will also come into effect, both Singapore and Malaysia are demanding circuits on the cars, and Singapore is the most mentally challenging circuit for the drivers, whereas Malaysia is arguably the most physically demanding. Having them back to baxk just doesn’t make sense in any way other than distance between them

    8. I hope Brazil and Canada happen.

    9. In general, I’m happy with this race calendar, and can live with this one, but I’d modify it a little bit by swapping Canada and Azerbaijan, so that Canada would be on the same weekend as LM24hrs, which, therefore, would make a direct clash more avoidable due to the 6h time difference between Montreal and Le Mans, and also the Mexican GP should be held on the last weekend of October on subsequent weekends with the US GP rather than on subsequent weekends with the Brazilian GP for logistical reasons.

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