2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix team radio highlights: Race

2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton told race director Charlie Whiting his penalty for Sebastian Vettel was too lenient after the pair collided on track in Baku.

Here are the team radio highlights from the race.

Valtteri Bottas and Kimi Raikkonen clashed on the first lap.

Hamilton: “Everything OK with Valtteri?”
“He stopped for a nose change.”

Raikkonen: “[Censored by FOM] same guy. He hit me. I don’t know if I have a puncture.”
“OK I’m watching the pressures. Looks fine so far.”
Raikkonen: “Something doesn’t feel fine.”
Raikkonen: “This is… I mean he just hit me completely.”
“Understood Kimi we’re checking suspension.”

To Hamilton: “Front temps are about to enter the window.”

Verstappen: “I think I have damage from debris.”
“We think maybe you have debris in your radiator.”

Ericsson: “I have no battery.”

To Verstappen: “Alright Max, you’re doing a good job.”

To Alonso: “Keep trying to cool the brakes in that sector.”

To Perez: “Raikkonen in P5 is two seconds behind Verstappen, lapping two-tenths slower than you.”

To Ricciardo: “We have a brake issue, box this lap. We need to cool the brakes. We are stopping for tyres. We want to check the brakes.”

Palmer: “Bit of smoke out of the back.”
“Scenario 12 and box. Coast into the pit entry. Careful, brake pedal might be long.”

Grosjean: “I ask you one thing, Gary. If the car becomes dangerous because of the braking, stop me. It’s going now.”
“Understood. Alright temps are getting hot so let’s try and lift and coast for a while.”

There was more frustration for Max Verstappen as his engine failed again.

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Verstappen: “Oh no, issue, issue with the engine. Yep, here we go again. [Censored by FOM] hell.”
“Fuel two position two, Max.”
Verstappen: “Nope, no.”
“Fail one fail please Max. You’ve got Stroll coming through.”
Verstappen: “No.”
“OK you’ve got Stroll behind you.”
Verstappen: “Yeah I don’t [censored by FOM] care, tell me what to do.”
“Fail one fail again please Max.”
Verstappen: “Agh, rear locking, everything.”
“…news, I will get it to you.”
Verstappen: “It’s something with ignition.”

To Ricciardo: “OK mate nice job. I can confirm you overtook Magnussen in a correct place. Well done.”

To Ocon: “Your tyre warm-up is really good relative to the others.”

The front-runners pointed fingers at each other after tangling during a Safety Car period.

Vettel: “He brake-tested me. What the hell is going on?”
“Understood. Focus on the restart.”
Vettel: “I have damage.”
“We will check.”

Hamilton: “Vettel literally just came alongside me and turned in and hit me.”
“Yep. Copy.”

Raikkonen was delayed by further accident damage but Ferrari were able to get him back on-track by repairing his car during a red flag period. But one crucial part of the car wasn’t quite ready in time.

Raikkonen: “Steering wheel! Someone tell him to give it to me! Come on! Move!”

Ricciardo moved up to third at the restart.

To Ricciardo: “Brilliant mate. Stay focused.”

Massa: “Very strange, very difficult to drive.”

Hulkenberg: “[Censored by FOM] I hit the wall.”
“What’s the damage Nico?”
“Front-right. [Censored by FOM].”

To Perez: “Sainz, Ocon and Bottas one lap ahead, all on same age tyre, super-soft.”

Hamilton was forced to pit when his headrest worked loose.

To Hamilton: “OK Lewis looks like your headrest is a bit loose at the back. See if you can pull it into position on the straight

To Ocon: “So you’re catching Alonso and Magnussen. You need to get Sainz before you catch Alonso.”

Hamilton: “If this things comes off, what’s happening?”
“OK Lewis box, box to change the headrest.”

Vettel appeared not to understand why he had been given his penalty.

“We have a ten-second stop and go penalty for dangerous driving.”
Vettel: “When did I do dangerous driving?”

Vettel: “Did you get an explanation when I did dangerous driving?”
“We speak later. Now keep your head down and mode box.”

To Perez: “Tight with Vettel, he’s serving a penalty.”

Hamilton: “A ten-second penalty is not enough for driving behaviour like that. You know that, Charlie.”

Despite his earlier delays, Ricciardo found himself on course to win.

To Ricciardo: “OK so race situation. You are leading, Stroll four seconds behind you. Then 13 seconds to Magnussen.”

“We want to swap back please. Vandoorne is coming on strong.”
Ericsson: “He cannot overtake.”
“We’ll swap back if he doesn’t pull away.”

Hamilton: “Guys if Valtteri can’t catch the man ahead, tell him to slow down a bit to cause a bad wake.”

The full race radio transcript will be published later this week.

2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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    15 comments on “2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix team radio highlights: Race”

    1. Lol hamilton, if you can’t overtake yourself just give up. But don’t ask your teammate to serve you. I can’t believe I root for this guy. I hope Max drives for Ferrari or mercedes so that I can root for him.

      1. Yep and then he goes out and tells us all that Vettel is clear no.1 driver
        I love Lewis, but what a joke he is sometimes lol

        1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
          26th June 2017, 9:31


          This is almost like Bottas saying something like this in China:

          Tell lewis to slow down so I can catch up with the others. After all, he’s in the lead so he won’t need to be catching up with anyone.

          Both of these would be stupid but I can’t believe Hamilton said what he did yesterday. It sounded so silly :D

      2. I mean it doesn’t even seem like he’s asking you know. It’s outright “tell him”. Does Hamilton have some special status as a driver over Bottas or is he just the boss of whole team lol?? It’s not even a question somehow…. smh

      3. It’s called team work… if Bottas had no chance to improve his position, he could well help Hamilton improve his.

        Turns out Bottas had a chance, so he didn’t do anything else but move forwards.


        1. No not entirely a non-story. It goes toward LH’s mentality. He would have VB get close enough in front of SV to put him in dirty air, which would also risk SV drs’ing VB. LH could only see as far as getting help to get within range of SV, so that he could then pass him, and then what…leave it at that?…happily sit the rest of the race behind VB?…SV now on his tail? Ya right. His next command would have been for VB to let him go but for VB to keep ahead of SV, for even more points spread between them. Problem was, SV was gaining on VB and LH was struggling to keep up with SV. LH’s plan would only potentially have seen SV reach the podium in second or third. But not in LH’s mind.

          1. His mentality of always thinking (y)
            Which ironically that same always quick thinking Lewis helped Bottas when he made sure Bottas would be able to catch the tail by slowing the field during SC!

    2. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
      26th June 2017, 9:26

      Why did Wehrlein not give the position back to Ericsson? He caused damage to Ericsson on an earlier attempted overtake and didn’t even pull away when Ericsson allowed him through when Ericsson was promised the position back if Wehrlein didn’t pull away. The gap he pulled away was much smaller than when Ericsson was ahead of him earlier. Wehrlein should have given than back in my view and allowed Ericsson that point.

      1. The problem was, that it was very close between Ericsson and Stoffel. Below half a second on the finish line. So Wehrlein could not give the position back.

        1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
          26th June 2017, 23:08


          I guess that is a reasonable point. But Vandoorne wasn’t “very” close earlier when Weherlien appeared not to be pulling away. I still think he should have allowed Ericsson back through. Although, then again, maybe they didn’t because Ericsson had damage. Even so, Ericsson deserved that point more.

    3. “We have a ten-second stop and go penalty for dangerous driving.”
      Vettel: “When did I do dangerous driving?”

      This guy is worst than Maldonado. At least Maldonado knows what he got punished for.

    4. LOL Hamilton. Bad beggar.

    5. Thicctoria's Rear End
      27th June 2017, 12:50

      Hamilton: “Guys if Valtteri can’t catch the man ahead, tell him to slow down a bit to cause a bad wake.”

      A transcript is not paraphrased, Kieth.

    6. i before e except after k

    7. hamilton, what a hypocrite beggar

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