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2018 Monaco Grand Prix championship points

2018 Monaco Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton maintains his lead in the drivers’ championship over Sebastian Vettel as Daniel Ricciardo moves to third.

Drivers’ championship

Position Driver Points
1 Lewis Hamilton 110
2 Sebastian Vettel 96
3 Daniel Ricciardo 72
4 Valtteri Bottas 68
5 Kimi Raikkonen 60
6 Max Verstappen 35
7 Fernando Alonso 32
8 Nico Hulkenberg 26
9 Carlos Sainz 20
10 Kevin Magnussen 19
11 Pierre Gasly 18
12 Sergio Perez 17
13 Esteban Ocon 9
14 Charles Leclerc 9
15 Stoffel Vandoorne 8
16 Lance Stroll 4
17 Marcus Ericsson 2
18 Brendon Hartley 1
19 Romain Grosjean 0
20 Sergey Sirotkin 0

Constructors’ championship

Position Driver Points
1 Mercedes 178
2 Ferrari 156
3 Red Bull-TAG Heuer 107
4 Renault 46
5 McLaren-Renault 40
6 Force India-Mercedes 26
7 Toro Rosso-Honda 19
8 Haas-Ferrari 19
9 Sauber-Ferrari 11
10 Williams-Mercedes 4

2018 Monaco Grand Prix

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18 comments on “2018 Monaco Grand Prix championship points”

  1. That difference in points to Ric should be a good indication to the team about how bad Verstappen is and need to think about his future with the team. Today even bad reliability Ric managed to clinch maximum points .

  2. Grosjean and Sirotkin still the only drivers without a single point this season.

    1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      28th May 2018, 14:52

      @jerejj it’s scary that Stroll has scored points – I know it’s impossible but he deserves negative points.

  3. Top 3 drivers have each win 2 races apiece, and are from 3 different teams.
    Interestingly, the next 3 drivers are in the same team order as the top 3.
    There’s a gulf beginning to open up between 5 & 6 (RAI and VER).
    Gasly and Leclerc’s performance must really be hurting their teammates.
    And Vandoorne needs to put in a good result, or people are going to stop cutting slack for him soon.
    Williams, the driver positions doesn’t really reflect fan’s opinion of the drivers.

    1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
      27th May 2018, 18:06

      As fed up as some may be, with me saying things about Ericsson I’d say there has only been one race day where Leclerc has actually been far better than Ericsson which is what the majority expected instantly. Ericsson was well off in Baku, and although he didn’t crash out, it has to be said it was a very poor race. But Spain, I think that out of the teams that still had both drivers, Admittedly only 4, The smallest gap between team mates was with Ericsson and Leclerc. I think it was around 15 seconds so still fairly big. Leclerc was certainly better, but it wasn’t significantly better to make Ericsson worry too much I’d say. Ericsson did some good defending and managed to keep a much faster car with brand new tyres behind for 9 laps while he was on the tyres he started on. That said, Leclerc had excellent tyre management and did the 2nd longest 2nd stint after Bottas if I am correct so I should certainly give him credit for that.

      Then in Monaco, Ericsson was 1 place behind, between DRS range and 2 seconds off Leclerc for the majority of the race. Race pace wise, I can’t say there was much difference here. Leclerc pitted on lap 15 and Ericsson on 18. Just before Leclerc pitted, Ericsson was about 2 seconds behind place behind him But Ericsson certainly seems to have started getting beaten heavily in qualifying. For some reason, when Ericsson pitted, he came out 9 seconds behind Leclerc. Not sure why. Either a mistake in the pits, or by Ericsson. But anyway, he closed up to Leclerc and got to a second behind him in under 10 laps and stayed within 2.5 seconds for the rest of the race until Leclerc’s issue. 2.5 was at his worst. Most of it was between 0.5 and 1.5. I think one likely reason will have been because Hartly was holding Leclerc up a bit. I will again say Leclerc was better, as he could keep closer to Hartly than Ericsson could to him most of the time. But I don’t think Leclercs performance here would be hurting Ericsson.

      Ericsson just needs to up his game in qualifying as he said and get up to speed a bit. From what he showed in Spain, his defending is actually pretty good.

      1. Considering he has 4 full seasons under his belt and he is already trailing a guy with 6 races of experience, that’s bad enough.

        This guy is helpless.

        1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
          27th May 2018, 20:05

          Considering the time, yes, he should be better. But he still isn’t as bad as people think and helpless is not reasonable at all. He has got some of the points this year in what clearly isn’t a great car. I didn’t think Leclerc was outstanding at first, but now, I am seeing why people give him so much credit. But given how much reputation he has, I expected him to beat Ericsson by a bigger margin than he is. This doesn’t mean I think Leclerc is bad in any way. He is one of the best that has come into the sport in terms of developing quickly, but if you just watch the last race and ignore qualifying, Ericsson wasn’t far off Leclerc so calling him helpless is not particularly nice.

          I used to think Ericsson was the worst on the grid. But I think that although it took him ages, he has got just about good enough to deserve to stay in the sport. Just. He sometimes does have reasonable performances but usually they are just outside the points. Given the credit his team manager gave him earlier this season, I think he’s doing alight so far overall, just not as good as Leclerc. But wasn’t it expected by most that Leclerc would dominate every race and qualifying to start with. Well that wasn’t the case and he still isn’t looking far better every single race.

          I do think that he is already better and likely will keep improving throughout the season. And given his experience, yes that is impressive.

          1. i don’t think he would be flattered and proud to be “losing by not that big of a margin”.
            People said the same about Nasr and Wherlein before too.
            He is always losing by smaller margins than expected, but still losing.

            All three of them, less experienced than him.

            The guy is ok. At best. I think he would embarrass Stroll if they were on the same team.

          2. I expect the gap to get wider as the season progresses too.
            I believe Leclerc will score some more points on that car. Ericsson may as well, but its much less likely.

          3. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
            27th May 2018, 22:17

            Agree with that ed. I do think Ericsson is ok. I wouldn’t rate him higher then 15th on the grid. Most are certainly better. But it is those who say Ericsson is terrible that I think are unreasonable. If it wasn’t for his money, i think he should have got kicked out well before now. But int he past 2 years, I think he has grown to be just about good enough to deserve a seat.

        2. @Ed
          Point taken, but put him Romain’s car and Haas would perhaps be up in the sixth place or something along with Force India.
          Is Marcus underrated–no. He has had four races at the back of the grid. Not really a true yardstick to measure his performance.
          Remember, we are using the same words that we used to compare Sainz and Max when they were at STR, Esteban and Sergio at FI…I guess those comparisons have flattened out now.

  4. Renault doing the biz

    1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      28th May 2018, 14:56

      @tango, the combination of Hulk and Sainz is going to dominate Alonso and Vandoorne.

      Hulk and Sainz are both great at bringing points for the team but I suspect Alonso will fight hard to outscore each of them over the season. At the end Vandoorne’s point tally will probably decide if McLaren beats Renault.

      1. What’s sad is that mc laren might end up the slower renault engined team in the end @freelittlebirds

  5. Archit (@architjain07)
    27th May 2018, 17:58

    McLaren will be dropping down below FI IMO! They seem to have gotten around their problems and are developing much faster than McLaren even though their budget is probably half of Mclaren! I love Force India how they manage their options and get the biggest bang for their buck!

    1. To be fair, McLaren were really unlucky to not score any points here today. They should be leading Renault to be honest despite not having a car better than the Renault.
      But you’re right.. if they don’t start bringing high performance upgrades soon they could be losing out to Force India on a lot of occasions.

      1. *a brake failure

  6. A few more good races for Ricciardo (or bad ones for Hamilton and Vettel) and he might be a serious contender for the WDC.

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