Romain Grosjean's Haas nose after hitting a marmot, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2018

Grosjean to use Haas’s last new front wing after hitting marmot

2018 Canadian Grand Prix

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Romain Grosjean expects to use the last remaining example of Haas’s new front wing design after breaking one when he hit a marmot during practice today.

Grosjean said the team has “one spare one” left for him to use tomorrow. Team principal Guenther Steiner said before the weekend began the team was low on spare parts for the new aerodynamic upgrade it has introduced in Canada.

The impact caused significant damage to the front of the car, Grosjean said. “The nose was quite open and I believe the animal was in there.”

“It was a big impact. It was quite a big animal,” he added.

Grosjean suggested the marmot should have been removed from the edge of the track after it had been spotted on camera early in the session.

“It’s a bit disappointing because they showed it on TV before the beginning of the session before turn 13, and [that’s exactly] where I hit it. So I’m surprised they didn’t remove it.

“Of course it’s a shame for the animal, and it’s a shame for our front wing as well. We are quite limited on spare parts and losing a front wing like this is a bit disappointing.”

Despite the setback Grosjean ended practice with the fastest time of the midfield drivers, 1.4 seconds off Max Verstappen’s pace.

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Marmot, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 201
Marmots are often spotted at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

22 comments on “Grosjean to use Haas’s last new front wing after hitting marmot”

  1. Marmots, you either love them or hate them but they do not spread well…..

    ….at least….I think it is Marmots……

    1. In Australia they’re called Vegemots (by New Zealanders).

      1. Isn’t there an Australian song about a man with a Vegemot sandwich?

        1. He’s in Brussels

          1. well done fellas.

  2. Grosjean said the team has “one spare one” left for him to use tomorrow.

    Those monsters at Haas bring spare marmots to races just so Grosjean can practice hitting stuff?

    1. [chuckling]

    2. Sush meerkat
      9th June 2018, 6:48


    3. Hahaha!! Nice!

    4. XDD
      COTD! ;)

  3. That’s very unfortunate, apparently Steiner had specifically said to both drivers not to damage the new aero package as they have hardly any spares

  4. If someone hits one of these at speed, it could tear a wheel off.
    Just ask Anthony Davidson, he winged the little furry critter.

  5. Murderer! I’m sure he’ll feature this in an upcoming culinary book.

    1. This aint murder its marmotslaughter.

    2. @peartree “The Roadkill Kitchen” by R. Grosjean.

      1. @ju88sy “a taste of north american cuisine” (not featuring Anthony Bourdain).

  6. This particular incident wasn’t shown on the world feed for some reason even though the marmot on the side of the track at the end of the longest straight was two or three times.

    1. Not for the faint hearted..

  7. Oh dear ! I hope this is not the beginning of “groundhog day” for Grosjean.

  8. Gro will soon become a dead marmot himself in the Haas team – if he continues to crash those cars and keeps his score a null

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