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Updated F1 championship points after Force India’s exclusion

2018 Belgian Grand Prix

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Force India’s exclusion from the championship means changes to the Formula 1 points ahead of this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix.

The team has been excluded due to its change of name from Force India to Racing Point Force India. This became necessary when the team was rescued from administration by a consortium led by Lawrence Stroll.

The team has therefore forfeited all of its championship points. Force India no longer appears in the constructors’ championship standings, which means McLaren, Toro Rosso, Sauber and Williams are promoted.

However the team’s drivers Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon keep their points in the drivers’ championship. Here are the revised standings:

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27 comments on “Updated F1 championship points after Force India’s exclusion”

  1. The fact every team behind Haas has now jumped one position in the Constructors Championship standings thanks to all of Force India’s points achieved so far having been excluded entirely due to the change of entry for this race, subsequently also means one less team to overhaul for Mclaren in the standings.

  2. lol Williams will soon be surpassed again by POINT….i forgot it already.

    1. It’s Racing Pointless right now. To be confirmed as the name once Lance joins.

  3. Sooo… grosse pointe blank?

    1. Great film!

  4. How has this been handled before when Super Aguri, Arrows or others folded during the season?
    Did they also just disappear from the standings?!

    1. @jon-thereyougo No, they didn’t disappear. They weren’t replaced, therefore they were able to keep their part-seasons. Force India has been replaced, and it has clearly been decided that keeping both versions of the team in the table would be contractually ridiculous.

      1. If you consider FI and RPFI two separate entities, I think they both should be in the constructors table.

  5. @keithcollantine … Worth noting, in the event of mid-season driver changes…
    Can you confirm?
    Driver’s points remain with the driver not towards “Constructors”.
    Car parts used remain with the teams’ number 1 or 2 cars.

    1. @paulheppler Points earned by a team stay in the event of a driver change. Meaning if Stroll goes to Racing Point Force India, Williams will keep its points tally and be ahead.
      Until the pink panthers score again of course! :)

  6. They ought to have called the team ‘Racing Pointless’

  7. So because force india is now gone and this new team has appeared does it mean ocon’s and perez’s engine part limits are now reset to full? So they have full season’s amount of engine components left for the remaining season?

    1. Andrew in Atlanta
      23rd August 2018, 20:48

      No, the engine use is tied to the driver (or driver’s position with the team as a replacement driver maintains the usage of the previous driver) not the team.

      1. Surely that isn’t the case if a driver changes teams :’)

    2. Considering they couldn’t pay for the parts they do have I don’t see them getting a whole seasons worth of parts all over again lol

    3. I also would like to know.

      My guess is… yes? But that won’t mean they will burn through 3 engines for 9 races, surely contractual limits are in place with Mercedes so that that must be a technical reason for them to use new components.

      Unless… Mercedes wants to use these new 6 allocations (PER+OCO) to introduce upgrades to the PU just in case the works team is in the situation to introduce a new engine (perhaps a Q1 exit/starting last).

      1. My guess will be that it will be reset but to a ratio of race remaining to total number of races and then rounded.

    4. Andrew in Atlanta
      24th August 2018, 0:24

      No, the drivers have started the season and the usage allotment is assigned to the driver. As they have not been excluded the usage would continue as it was prior. The team has nothing to do with the allotment or the B driver could be replaced half way and get a new supply or more options to test new parts.

      1. Isn’t it more correct to say it’s tied to the chassis (instead of the driver?)

  8. Why aren’t Perez’ and Ocon’s points removed? Shouldn’t they since they raced for FI?

    1. @panagiotism-paptheodorou Perez and Ocon’s points don’t count towards team payment monies, so rival teams don’t have problems if the drivers retain them. They do have problems if teams retain their constructor titles in such moves because it means that there is potential for fly-by-nights to steal points off the serious teams.

    2. No, drivers’ standings and constructors’ standings are totally separate. Just like the points Sainz scored with Toro Rosso and Renault last year both counted for his total points, the points Ocon and Perez scored for Force India and will score for Racing Point will both count for their totals.

  9. This is not F1, this is a joke.

  10. Meanwhile in NASCAR, Front Row Motorsports, acquired the assets of BK Racing just a couple of days ago. The only thing that changes is the owner of the 23 car which will continue to be run. The owner points for said car remains as is.

  11. RPFI = Rich Privateer Father’s Indulgence/Investment (take your pick).


  12. Was it only the name change that excluded their points from the championship? If that’s the case, I just don’t see what the logic behind the name change is. I’m just trying to figure out why a consortium of investors and Papa Stroll, would invest millions in to a debt filled venture, and then make sure that it doesn’t make any revenue that year. Why couldn’t they just wait 9 races before announcing the name change? Did they really accomplish anything by putting Racing Point in the name? Seems rather pointless to me.

    1. Technically, it’s not really a name change. The team we used to know as Force India has been excluded from the championship. Racing Point Force India is a brand new team that just happened to buy all of the assets owned by the old Force India and have been given a new entry. So it’s a new team joining the championship with 0 points after Force India dropped out.

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