Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Sochi Autodrom, 2018

2018 Russian Grand Prix championship points

2018 Russian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton leads Sebastian Vettel by 50 points after his Russian Grand Prix win.

2018 Russian Grand Prix

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12 comments on “2018 Russian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. four 3rd places combined with a single 2nd-place finish would be enough for Hamilton to win the WDC irrespective of Vettel’s finishing positions in the remaining five races.

  2. Toto Wolff overreacted. Lewis looked fast enough to make the pass without team orders and Seb was not much of threat tbh.

    1. No he had blisters!

  3. People forget Hamilton had to pass Vettel to make it work. Vet has been poor letting Lewis past,. What a embarassing drive.

  4. How many points does RP Force India have? It doesn’t look like the points from the old Force India were dropped.

    1. 35. So, just ahead of STR and coming for McLaren.

  5. Request : Is it possible to keep BOTH Force India (by using brackets or whatnot) and RP Force India in the Constructor Championship table?

  6. Tough times ahead for relation between golden boy and ferrari.

  7. Seb will have to up his game once that young Charles joins the team. I am sure he will keep Seb on his toes.

  8. The solution is to have Force India and Racing Point Force India, listed as separate teams, with drivers Perez 1 and Perez 2.likewise for Confirmation. That way when you add up their points to get the team points, you get the right value.

  9. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    1st October 2018, 13:40

    Formula A might be over but the 5 way battle for Formula B is going down to the wire. Plenty of interest yet

  10. Ocon to be 7th , Perez 8th by the end of season. Kimi needs to beat Bottas, and ,well… Seb needs to beat Hamilton if he has to really be at home with that Ferrari. He was baby-schumi but the real Baby-schumi is just one year away from F1 now and Vettel is nearing his peak at the Scuderia. Hope he does win this year.

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