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Hamilton passes Mansell and Clark as top Briton at home

2019 British Grand Prix stats and facts

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Lewis Hamilton’s sixth victory at Silverstone means he has now scored more wins at home than any other British driver.

He moved ahead of five-times British Grand Prix winner Jim Clark, who won three times at Silverstone plus once each at Aintree and Brands Hatch, and Nigel Mansell, who counted four British Grand Prix wins (three at Silverstone, one at Brands Hatch) and one European Grand Prix win at Brands Hatch,

Hamilton now has as many home wins as Alain Prost but one driver scored more wins in his own backyard. Michael Schumacher triumphed in front of his home crowd nine times, taking five wins at Nurburgring and four at the Hockenheimring. His cause was aided by the fact both circuits appeared on the calendar every year between 1995 and 2006, whereas Hamilton has only raced at home once per year.

Howevet it was a point-less race for the other home drivers. Lando Norris was 11th, Alexander Albon (who races under a Thai licence but was born in London) was 12th and George Russell was 14th; though for the latter this marked his best result of the season so far.

This was Hamilton’s 80th win of his career and seventh from the 10 races so far this year. With 11 races to go, he could still equal Schumacher’s record of 91 wins this year if he sweeps the remaining races. He could also break the record for most wins in a season, which is 13, set by Schumacher in 2004 (in an 18-race season) and matched by Sebastian Vettel in 2013 (when there were 19 rounds).

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Having taken pole position by the numerically satisfying gap of 0.044 seconds last year, Hamilton missed out on it by the tiny margin of 0.006s last weekend. This was the closest margin pole position has been taken by since Vettel pipped Fernando Alonso in Hockenheim by 0.002s in 2010.

Valtteri Bottas therefore claimed the 10th pole position of his career, becoming the 34th driver to reach double digits, and equalled 1970 world champion Jochen Rindt. He led the opening 16 laps before Hamilton took control.

Hamilton has now led more than half of the laps races this year – 310 out of 612. The next most frequent lap leader is Charles Leclerc, who’s led over a fifth of the season, but remains yet to win a race.

However Leclerc did score his fourth consecutive podium finish last weekend and out-qualified Vettel for the third race in a row. Ferrari’s new driver is showing clear progress.

Vettel’s collision with Verstappen meant he failed to score for the first time in almost 12 months. His last no-score came at Hockeneheim last year, the venue of the next race.

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15 comments on “Hamilton passes Mansell and Clark as top Briton at home”

  1. Jim Clark Legend, But it is next to impossible to compare drivers from one era to another, to much has changed.

  2. Previous time as race winner set fastest lap of the race on the final lap was Mark Webber in Brazil 2011. Incredibly it happened three times in four races late that year with Vettel doing it in Korea and India.

    1. F1oSaurus (@)
      15th July 2019, 20:28

      @bleu In the past there was no point in setting a fastest lap. Although indeed Vettel liked to collect them.

      Hamilton almost got the fastest lap on the last lap in France too. Vettel just beat him on his fresh set by 2 hundreths. In Silverstone Hamilton was a few hundreths faster.

    2. Kimi set the fastest lap of the 2013 Australian GP on the final lap

        1. Looked at two sources and both say lap 56/58.

          1. @bleu You are correct, I blindly trusted wikipedia. Apologies.

  3. . . . the Silver Arrows’ 64th front-row lockout, breaking their record for the most in F1 history . . .

    Wow, do you know what the other teams figures are – Ferrari, Williams, McLaren etc?

    1. At Monaco I saw the stat:

      McLaren, Williams, Ferrari and Mercedes have all locked out the front row 62 times.

      This site got different numbers, but I don’t know why.

  4. Numbers mean nothing!

    Louise would barely scrape into the list of top ten best British drivers in the same car.

    1. But let me guess, Jenson Button is in your top 5?

    2. Not sure I know of a Louise in F1. Dementia setting in Glamo?

    3. Louise? Is that your way of signalling to those of the same mindset you are a racist? I can’t keep up with all the ‘code words’ you guys use. Help me out here will you.

  5. Mercedes’ 108th pole as a constructor – moves them ahead of Lotus.

    3rd time Hamilton has won at Silverstone without starting on pole (after 2008 and 2014). All these came 1 year after he had started on pole but not won.

    Bottas has already managed more podiums in 2019 than in the whole of 2018.

    First time this year that Gasly has finished ahead of Verstappen – this means that every driver has finished ahead of their team-mate at least once in 2019.

    The 3 Mercedes-powered teams are the only teams not to have had a DNF so far in 2019.

    Thanks to statsf1.com for some of these.

  6. I saw this on Twitter by @J_Long86. Don’t know how factual it is, but strange indeed.

    Strange stat. Yesterday was the third time Hamilton won at Silverstone when on the same day, Federer lost a five-set thriller at Wimbledon (2008,2014,2019). Hamilton never started on pole in any of them either.

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