Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, Shanghai, 2019

Vettel wants F1 to drop “super-boring” sponsor trophies

2019 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel wants Formula 1 races to have their own distinctive trophies instead of ones designed to look like sponsors’ logos.

The Ferrari driver said circuit’s trophies are part of the sport’s heritage. “When I started watching Formula 1 on TV some races had very iconic trophies in terms of design or material that they use.

“I’m not chasing glory as in people knowing my name or knowing my name – I think I picked the right sport anyway because I’m wearing a helmet most of the time – but these small things, they make a difference to me. I care, I think for me they are part of traditions and when I look back at old pictures I see the old guys lifting the trophies in the different countries.

“So I think there should be a certain stability there. Or at least then improve it.

“But the most boring thing is – if we have the title sponsor trophies on Sunday then that looks super-boring. I don’t get the point either because you have the billboards everywhere, why do you need the trophies saying the same thing again?”

Vettel criticised the trophy he was given after he won the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2015. “I remember I was happy that we won and then I was disappointed that it was, let’s say, a standard trophy,” he said.

Rolex is the title sponsor for this weekend’s race. It previously sponsored the rounds in Australia and Britain.

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Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, Shanghai International Circuit, 2019
Vettel with his Chinese Grand Prix trophy

41 comments on “Vettel wants F1 to drop “super-boring” sponsor trophies”

  1. Spot on. It’s called Grand Prix for a reason, right?

    1. It’s for the money they used to win for every race.
      I don’t think they win money prizes anymore.

      1. @nathanbuilder yes, but what symbolized that was the trophy. I’m also not sure if they still win money, but the trophy remains symbolizing the great prize.

  2. He is right. Apart from Silverstone and Melbourne everything else looks cheap, and stupid. The one from Germany they would be better of with a bratwurst.

    The French one is also horrible

    1. I like the Redbull Ring trophy.
      It’s made of wood and shaped like the profile of the circuit

      1. Yes, that’s not bad either. But something more traditional that represents the culture would be a better proposition I think.

        That one is nice, but looks like something I could buy at Ikea and have it in my office

    2. Well it dépends of the person you ask, for example some people don’t like the french trophy but Hamilton loves it and admits that it’s one of the few he has at home…

    3. monaco have the best one, its in shape of best f1 circuit :D

      1. they offer Spa’s layout at the Monaco GP?

        1. If you look at it from the bottom left and squeeze your eyes.
          From a plane it will look like this.
          If you see the big picture then you might even see @johnmilk ;)

          1. what a trip that was

      2. It is terrible. Almost as terrible as the circuit.

    4. kimi likes the gorilla

  3. Nothing beats the idiocy of the sonic the hedgehog trophy from 93(94? 92?) Donnington.

    1. But that wasn’t the main trophy. Senna got that and another one. And the other was pretty standard, even for the time.

  4. There are official sporting regulations which apply to trophies. A lot of the trophies do not comply with the regulations! (5 second penalty to the drivers who receive the non-compliant trophies?!).

    FIA sporting regulations found here. Relevant section is Appendix 3, section 4.

    Only 4 trophies will be presented during the podium ceremony :
    a) Winning driver.
    b) A representative of the winning constructor.
    c) Second driver.
    d) Third driver.
    The trophies, which must be in the form of traditional cups, will be provided by the ASN and must show:
    a) The FIA Formula 1 World Championship official logo.
    b) The official name of the event.
    c) The driver’s position.
    The height of the trophies shall be :
    a) Winner’s and constructor’s trophies ‐ no less than 50cm and no more than 65cm high.
    b) Second and third drivers’ trophies ‐ no less than 35cm and no more than 45cm high.
    The maximum weight per trophy must not exceed 5kg. Trophies must be of a design that is capable of being handled and transported without damage.

    1. Jonathan Parkin
      2nd August 2019, 13:06

      Damon Hill’s last winning trophy (made of glass!) says hi

  5. It used to be worse. Does anyone remember those poo shaped trophies with the Santander logo we used to see in the late 2000s?

    To be honest, they could also drop the pole award, driver of the day award, and all that meaningless nonsense. Racing already gives its prizes, for instance the prize for scoring pole is starting first the day after. No need for a miniature Pirelli tyre to lift your mood… It’s already sky high.

    1. Plus if a Pirrelli tyre just lasts 10 laps, I bet Hamilton can’t even give the tiny ones to Rocco without them falling apart. And we all know rubber is bad ford dogs

      1. who is rocco?

        1. @alfa145 I was referring to his dog, apparently is Roscoe and Coco, I mixed the two together I guess

    2. Indeed @fer-no65. And the worst part was that there were maybe 6-7 races with those same winning turds too!
      The Heineken trophies are a step up from that, since they actually look like trophies and you see the sponsor logo star only from top view. But it’s no good if thropies all look the same.

      I agree with Vettel that we should get back to every track having a nice and distinctive trophy that has something to do with it’s history, or is historical (like the Silverstone trophy) or is related to the country or something to make it more special.

  6. Neil (@neilosjames)
    2nd August 2019, 0:39

    Hungary usually has beautiful (well, I think so…) trophies, nice chunky ones with a lid. Hope that style is back for this weekend.

  7. So Vettel wants the classic racevenues even if they dont pay for it and he want iconic trophys not presented by the sponsors… Next time hes gonna reveal who will be paying for it so stay tuned!

    1. Seb asked for the traditional type of trophies to be resumed.

      Pls read the posting by Neil (@neilosjames) regarding what trophies are supposed to be like.

      1. ^^^ the posting by Georve O’Donnell, not Neil
        [Keith as others have previously mentioned, an Edit function would help for correcting typos.]

        1. [and registering] ;)

  8. I think there should be a rule that; you should be able to drink champagne from the winners trophy.

    1. So you want the trophy to be in the shape of a drivers shoe…

  9. It’s nice to see that Vettel has solved all of his, Ferrari’s, and F1’s other problems, so now he has nothing better to do than complain about the trophies.

  10. First you have to win them, Seb…

    1. He’s won a couple… 52 race wins and 116 podiums lest you forget.

  11. Yeah I agree with Vettel, but the sponsor gets what the sponsor wants, Australia is bad for it. I think every curve every corner, strait and chicane is sponsored. By the time the commentator finishes saying which corner the action is at the car is at the other side of the track.

    1. Gotta pay F1 hosting fees somehow.

  12. It’s a small point, but it is well made. After winning a race the drivers should get a great trophy.

    Off the top of my head, Australia, Britain (the gold winner’s trophy), China (well, they used to), Monaco, Hungary (again, they used to get that cool white porcelain trophy), even Bahrain and Austria all have great trophies. The rest tend to just be “meh” nods to the relevant corporate sponsors.

    They may be ridiculous, but at lease the French and German GP trophies are memorable….which is more than can be said for those Santander and Heineken identikit trophies.

  13. I think Seb should focus more on actually winning them rather than what they look like right now.

  14. (@flatdarkmars)

    so now he has nothing better to do than complain about the trophies.

    Yes, It is so hard to take some of the drivers comments too seriously, when most of these guys make more in a month than most people will make in their life-time. I guess if you get asked enough silly questions, (no offence to any of the authors) you tend to come out with the odd silly answer. btw, I’ve always thought the Monaco one looks best…however a Shoey one for Australia next year would be great ;-) Hopefully it would give Seb a bit of much needed encouragement.

  15. Someone must like them, were his trophies not stolen from the red bull HQ?

  16. Which GP do you guys think has the most beautiful trophy in recent years? I’m curious on your opinions?

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