Norris apologises following Stroll and Hamilton comments

2020 Portuguese Grand Prix

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Lando Norris has apologised for comments made in recent interviews, following his widely publicised remarks about rival drivers including Lewis Hamilton and Lance Stroll.

Although Norris did not specify which comments he was referring to, several of his remarks to media following the Portuguese Grand Prix received widespread attention.

“I owe an apology,” said Norris today on social media. “I’ve been stupid and careless with some things I’ve said lately in media and interviews, and haven’t shown the respect I should have to certain people.

“I’m not that kind of person, so know I should apologise to them but also everyone reading [or] listening. Sorry.”

Norris criticised Stroll over the collision between the pair during Sunday’s race, which the stewards held the Racing Point driver responsible for. Having previously apologised for his furious, expletive-stream reaction to the crash on the radio, Norris said Stroll hadn’t learn from his collision with Max Verstappen in practice two days earlier and “doesn’t seem to learn with anything he does.”

The McLaren driver also appeared dismissive of Hamilton’s record-breaking 92nd grand prix win last weekend, saying it “doesn’t mean anything to me” as the Mercedes driver has “a car which should win every race”.

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184 comments on “Norris apologises following Stroll and Hamilton comments”

  1. He’s right about Stroll though, don’t see the need for any apology.

    1. He has decency to apologize for the language used which shows he has good character unlike Max Verstappen who not only used derogatory/borderline racist(english) language but didnt have decency to apologize and had his team principal come to defence who himself is of questionable character.

    2. Thomas Bennett (@felipemassadobrasil)
      27th October 2020, 11:12

      Is he? Stroll has had a lot of bad luck recently, the only real screw-up I remember was his move on Ricciardo in Styria. He is definitely getting better, and ergo is learning from his mistakes.

      1. man, you must be out of your mind if you don’t think what stroll did this last race was a screw up. What, the car did that by itself?

        1. You mean in Sochi where Leclerc hit Stroll from behind and got away with penalty for causing a collision.

        2. Thomas Bennett (@felipemassadobrasil)
          27th October 2020, 13:05

          Yeah, that’s two mistakes in a season. Hardly awful.

          1. Or do you mean that time that he gave away victory in Monza?

    3. “Me say alone ramp Stroll, me say alone ramp!”

    4. He is right about Hamilton either. If it was Norris in Mercedes in past 6 years, he would be a champion, while Hamilton wouldn’t in McLaren.

      1. Adrian Vakilly
        28th October 2020, 9:49

        Norris can’t even beat Sainz, let alone Lewis. sit down please.

        1. Yes, from what I see, norris would get serious competition from bottas in the same car, so wouldn’t win many titles.

  2. He doesn’t need to apologise, the statements regarding Stroll and Hamilton were both correct.

    Some sensitive soul has obviously been whinging.

    1. Well said

    2. Look at Sky: it is now the Official Hamilton Fan Club.
      At least on this site that kind of view is voiced only by a deranged few. Good for them, they can be devotees of Lewis all they wish. But the rest off us can disagree.
      On Sky if you disagree they take your name and address and pay you a visit later that night….

      1. Sky has people like Chandhok and diresta who always play down everything lewis does.
        Now they are all in one corner where they have no choice but to suck their thumbs and say the inevitable.
        Lewis is the GOAT!!!

        1. No, the LOAT. Luckiest of all time (Mercedes dominance). And one of the very very best. That too.

          1. How is he lucky when his team mate is always given equal opportunity even when Bottas fell asleep during the Vettel challenge and nico ran after his lucky championship.

            The GOAT is here and be prepared to feel more bitter. Lol.

          2. You are forgetting Lewis’s McLaren years when he still won regularly Every Year when the car was not the best. Only person every to win races and poles every year he’s taken part in F1. Beating a double world champion when he was a rookie, Max never did that. Max will not even be the youngest F1 WDC of all time, both Vettel and Lewis have that too!

        2. Blackscorpion
          27th October 2020, 12:06

          rot troll

          1. Lol. That’s weak. Just like norris. Wow it’s amazing to see how the hatred react when they are out of substance.


    3. They were as lazy as your post agreeing with the

      In 2017 to 2019, Hamilton simply did not have the best car – certainly not for most of the season

      In 2009-12 he was winning races in a McLaren that frankly was either not up to the job or unreliable

      All of these count towards the 91, it’s not just about 2014-2016

      1. Mercedes has been the best car since 2014 -2020. Only Hamilton fans like yourself are shy to admit it. What I don’t get is those titles are already won. Why are you fighting for titles that have already been won? in 2017 and 2018 Ferrari was closer but Mercedes was still the best and faster car. 2019 was utter domination by Mercedes even without Hamilton Bottas would have won it very comfortably. Ferrari and RBR won 6 races between them won by the skin of their teeth and Mercedes the rest of them. at time a minute ahead of Ferrari.

        Come on now. There no shame in having the fastest car.

        1. Only Hamilton fans like yourself are shy to admit it

          Chandhok, AMuS, Mark Hughes, Ross Brawn and a myriad of experts agreed Ferrari had the best car in 2018.

      2. petebaldwin (@)
        27th October 2020, 11:45

        They count towards the 92 but at the end of 2013, he was not on course to set any records which is what Lando was talking about.

        He had 22 wins after 7 seasons

        From 2014, he’s had 70 wins in 7 seasons….

        The comments have been taken as an attack on Lewis but they really aren’t. He’s one of the greatest drivers to have taken part in F1 but the record in itself is largely meaningless because the number of wins is inflated by being in a dominant car against a midfield driver.

        In sports where all competitors have an equal chance to win, stats like this are relevant but in a sport like F1, it doesn’t tell the full story.

        1. Well said Petebaldwin, Those saying he didnt have the best car between 17 and 19 must have their heads in the sand. They have had the best car/package since 2014. Lewis is absolutely one of the greats, no doubt, he proved that in his McLaren days IMO, and now he has taken over the mantle of most successful driver in the sports history. But Lando was absolutely right in what he said, its just that the sycophant fanboys don’t want to see it that way. Once a few decades have passed Lewis’s success will be viewed in the same way Michael’s is now. Yes they were fantastic drivers, up there with the best, but there were ‘other’ factors that made them reach the figures they did.

        2. +1 IMO after a couple of decades Lewis’s success will be viewed in the same way Michael’s is now. Yes they are up there with the best, both fantastic drivers, but there are other factors (than just talent) that have lead to the figures they are both on.

        3. Yes. I kind of agree with you. Lewis has had a big advantage with his car. He has made the best of this though and except for one year, always beaten his team mate.

          1. two years, he was also beaten in 2011 by JB.

        4. petebaldwin….I would imagine that your reasoning should apply to the meaningless, also of Schumacher’s record championship wins, while being consistent on your part. Especially when you consider the caliber of his teammates, on the other side of the garage.

          1. Hiland (@flyingferrarim)
            27th October 2020, 19:09

            That is the product of F1 (being great drivers dominating in great cars). I don’t think anyone is saying Lewis is not one of the greats. I think all (minus the haters) must recognize how good he is and belongs with the likes of Senna, etc. Lewis can do things the average driver can’t (just like Schumacher was able)! I think many are getting caught up as to whom is the best (aka GOAT). I think that is impossible to order some of the greats that have come along over the years. It’s very subjective. I don’t think Lando meant any dig at Lewis, just stating the fact that Lewis had many years in good equipment that allowed him to break these records. He’s not wrong that any driver could have found similar success as Lewis in those cars.

      3. Norris talked about this year.. all the other interpretations are just fanbased rubbish.
        And alas.. the reason he was asked to offer his excuses.. ridiculous!

        1. erikje Thank god Merc are not out the sport as some people would like eh? Max Vestappen would have won every single race nearly and had every single pole. People forget that. Lewis records will go tumbling very quickly if they get a dominant car and Albon is his teammate that is for sure. 5 years of dominant cars for Max with his teammate so far would be netting about 15 wins a season.

      4. “ In 2009-12 he was winning races in a McLaren that frankly was either not up to the job or unreliable”

        That is just not true. In the second half of 2009, McLaren had the best car of the field. In 2010, Hamilton should had won the championship, but messed it up all by himself from Monza forward. It wasn’t the cars’ fault. 2011 the RBR was dominant. But McLaren was 2nd best. And 2012 he had a fast car, able of winning races, just not reliable enough. You make it out to be as if he won races driving a Minardi. I am amazed by how people change history just to fit their narrative.

        2007 was due to the poor car too, right?

        1. @spafrancorchamps 2007 Lewis should of not been in contention for a any title. He should of never been able to contend like he did. On the race track in 07 towards the end people will remember Lewis in China, what i remember is Lewis absoloute dominating Alonso and Ferrari in Fuji and China on the race track in wet condistions. That should show anyone how special of a talent he is. Yes he made a mistake but Mclaren should also played it safe and he woulda been WC.

          2008 i feel he was a touch lucky to win the title, but then again he won like 2 wet races that year i think out of 5 or so wins. So that just shows Ferrari were clearly quicker in 08, unless you believe Felipe Massa is much better than Lewis. 08 is quite an underrated title. Not many can claim to win the title 2 seasons in slower car like Hamilton did, 08/18. Or i suppose in 17 it was Vet talent shining through when he was leading the title for half a season. 2014/2015/2016 and 2020 have been dominant but other years were not all that crazy.

      1. Always feel the best way to end this debate is to have races where all drivers are driving the same car
        the car can be supplied by any generic manufacturer as long as built to F1 standards.

        perhaps the races can even be held on Saturdays as a short 1 hr race with no tyre changes/refuelling required.
        Points awarded as usual for top 10 finishers.

    4. @chrisr1718 How boorish. It’s how he said it.

      He devalued his competitors’ achievements based on the failings of the latter’s rivals, which includes the team Norris himself drives for.

      Having standards requires no sensitivity.

    5. Instead of apologising, wish Norris said “Not my problem.”

  3. Why is he apologizing … he’s 100% correct.
    If people can’t deal with that, then they need to find a way to work through those issues with a suitable professional.
    Abusing Lando is pathetic.

    1. The thought police got him. Poor Lando didn’t realise you must obey what the thought police tell you.

      They gave him the third degree, the irons, the fists matured like hams, the electric shocks.
      “You must obey!”
      “You must praise Hamilton!”
      “You cannot contradict!”
      What was he supposed to do? Of course he apologised ……

      1. @rodber If it is so easy he should beat Sainz more often and do what Lewis does to Bottas if it is that easy. People will be in for a good laugh next year when Sainz is getting beaten big time. Sainz got beaten by Hulkenberg so do not act like Sainz is some god. Lando should worry about doing that, also if any brit has to leave the grid it should not be Russel it should be Lando. George russel destroyed him in F2. If i had a backbone like Bottas the comment would annoy me, Bottas destroys Lando.

    2. He is 100% wrong. Immature kid at best making the ugliest sick noises on the radio. Mclaren is at a new low.

      1. petebaldwin (@)
        27th October 2020, 11:46

        100% wrong? So Hamilton would have won 92 races in a Williams or a Toro Rosso?

        1. How would you win in a willams? But he had to beat the 19 others and that’s what he has done in the last 92 races he won.

      2. Blackscorpion
        27th October 2020, 11:51

        rot troll

        1. it’s becoming annoying isn’t it?

      3. He is wrong because in life what goes around comes around if Norris should achieve such fit in f1 in the future be sure someone also will downplay Norris it’s a karma it may catch up with him.nature teach us not to down play another person’s positive efforts because indirectly you may be insulting God the giver of talent and abilities

        1. God and Karma are two different belief systems which actually contradict each other

      4. The only immature thing here is you. Get a life.

    3. These days there is always someone offended. He should ignore that and stick to his beliefs. He is entitled to them

      1. Norris’s is entitled to his beliefs no matter how twisted they are. Anybody think Mercedes will ever hire Lando for his driving skills?

  4. Must suck to be so high profile. I couldn’t imagine how many thousands of angry messages (and therefore team/sponsor pressure) must pour through just for an unpopular opinion / speaking his truth in the moment.

    Fair play to him, he’s doing the job he has to do.

    1. Why on earth should the team or its sponsors be mad about him not praising Hamilton or Stroll, though?

      1. Anything that annoys fans, annoys sponsors. It happens all the time in e-sports where there’s more transparancy between the relationships and sponsors are literally the only way the teams make money.

        1. Before people jump on me, I’m not saying that’s the *only* reason he’s apologising. I’m sure introspection also played its part.

          1. Introspection caused by a beating up….

      2. It’s simply bad manners and shows a lack of class

        The normally polite Norris doesn’t need anyone pointing it out

        And it’s also simply wrong!! Only in seasons 2014-16 and this season, can it be lazily argued that Hamilton drove a car that ‘anyone else’ could have won in (and did in Rosberg’s case)

      3. Maybe because they’ll have Mercedes engines next season?

    2. @skipgamer It’s his choice to use social media, isn’t it? I would cut it out and have a much more peaceful life.

      1. Not really, it’s about a statement he made in the media. He’s comments will end up all over social media whether he uses it or not.

    3. Thomas Bennett (@felipemassadobrasil)
      27th October 2020, 11:10

      Same goes for Stroll, the Norris comments just added the fuel to the fire for him.

    4. Nandos peri peri boy’s first job is to beat his team mate(Who is a reject from Renault 😃), and he is not very good at that Simple job.

      Fans like you are pathetic. Next season your peri peri boy is going to get properly spanked by the honey badger.

      1. Blackscorpion
        27th October 2020, 11:52

        rot troll

  5. He’s not wrong about Hamilton, too, he just has to do the job (the thing is he still has to do it: there’s a driver on the other side of the garage -and not a bad one- with the same car and he hasn’t been able do it so it must not be that easy).

    1. ‘he just has to do the job’ Yeah, a job he should be doing himself but is not.

      It’s disrespectful not least because he can’t beat his own teammate. Hes making out like all Hamilton has to do is turn up an collect his poles/wins/titles. If Norris and Sainz where in that Merc, Norris would have no titles. Thats the point.

      Also, when you have a car thats capable of winning, all anyone has to do, regardless of how tight it actually is between teams, multiple teams, is ‘do your job’ and maximize the car, so wether thats beating your teammate to pole by less than 1 tenth as Hamilton has had to this year, or beat or beating a rival car by the same amount, is the same thing.

        1. Disagree. Lando is in his 2nd year and for the most part has held up against Sainz. I would even go as far to say that he has more pure speed but has yet to really master race craft. Similar to Verstapen in his early years blinding fast but poor race execution. I don’t think he should apologize for comments that are spot on. Hamilton does have to beat his teammate which can be difficult with the right guy behind the wheel so…..

      1. Well said. I mean, Verstappen also only has to do his job and get that third podium slot in most races, right? Well, sort of, as his job is being superfast and not make mistakes, but take opportunities when they present themselves. Same for Leclerc (and their teammates? well uh). As Verstappen said – not just about pace, but also about being consistently there to fight for wins and thus WDC that has gotten Hamilton (and M. Schumacher) to that point (‘makes it so I have to stay in F1 until I am fourty to be able to match’)

      2. Agreed on disrespectful part moreover Lewis is his country man very unpatriotic comment

  6. Well Lando, thanks anyway for those comments and another article under which numerous fans and followers of the sport could dig up their favourite statistics to support their specific case in yet another round of facts vs. facts vs. trolls vs. opinions. And since it didn’t lead to a general consensus (again – what a surprise) we’ll patiently look forward to the next round.

    At least it gave RaceFans some extra well deserved page views :)

  7. He is not wrong on both statements. Though whether they are the best things to say is another matter.

    Re: the Hamilton’s comment, he is right that Hamilton has to just beat a couple of drivers. But if he were to ask himself, has he beaten Sainz all the time as a teammate? Its a straight no. So such statement is only going to invite such response and fall into the arrogant tone. Justifiably so.

    But if he wants to be honest and arrogant, hey more power to him, if he doesnt care what people think of him.

    1. Hamilton beats 19 others and that’s a fact.
      It’s not his fault they bring rusty tin cans to a torpedo fight.

      1. Blackscorpion
        27th October 2020, 11:53

        rot troll

      2. I would go even further and say its on his merit that he is in the best car, thus creating the opportunity to many wins. That does however not make him the GOAT. It makes him one of the best, who ends up in the best car because of it.. and then has a dose of luck which is never seen before.. leading to records

      3. You make me laugh rusty tin can

    2. The season isn’t over yet and Lando is still in the lead against Sainz despite having 3 disastrous pointless races in row. So how about we hold the assumption that he can’t beat his teammate in his second season until it is said and done.

  8. If they indoctrinate the new drivers with this PC culture, we will have a completely neutered grid in a few years. This is a sad sight to see.

  9. I prefer when drivers are honest, regardless if they are right or wrong

    with that said, Norris has to start talking less and drive more

    1. + 1. He does not want to end up being the ‘Eddie Irvine’ of the current field. Do you remember him. Always shooting his mouth off and upsetting someone.

      1. I used to be a massive Irvine fan…in fact I’d argue that he was the first driver I started to support..haha

  10. He didn’t need to apologize for anything. People have the right to say what they want.

    1. Maybe he should now apologise that he apologised ;)

      1. Exactly, because now some people felt offended by the apology

        1. True. Apologies only drag the issue longer.

    2. Being able to say what you want doesn’t mean you get to escape consequences.

      I don’t think Lando was intending to dismiss Lewis, though. He was clearly still seething from the Stroll incident, and all his comments in that interview were tinged.

      Calling Lando out isn’t something I’d do, but I’m ok with those who did. We make mistakes, fix them, and hopefully everyone move on.

      1. Yep, that’s my feeling too @binny

        I don’t really think he needed to apologise publicly but I do think that having the maturity to look back and say he might have been overreacting in his speech, well, that’s not bad either to me.

    3. You make me laugh rusty tin cans

    4. Even the one that will take bullet into there head

  11. His comments about Stroll were off the mark because Verstappen was 100% at fault for the practice shunt.

    His comments about Lewis were off the mark because he would be the Bottas in a comparable situation.

    He should stick to making baby noises while playing video games and fighting wasps like the child he is.

    1. Very mature reaction….

      1. petebaldwin (@)
        27th October 2020, 11:49

        Did you expect one?

        1. F1oSaurus (@)
          27th October 2020, 13:05

          @petebaldwin From Verstappen? No.

  12. The mistake Lando made was not looking at how the statement placed him in his own situation.
    He was insinuating he could have won all those championships if he was in the same car.
    The reality is he is even being out performed by his team mate as such, it isn’t just the car, but the capability of the driver.
    His Stroll comments were somewhat disrespectful and is a result of the general perception that Stroll is completely useless. Granted I have also being a critic of Stroll but I do not believe he is a driver without some serious capability.
    He still needs work in consistency, but he is also very young and came into F1 too early perhaps, but some of his performances have been outstanding.

  13. Yes all you have to do is win series after series from the age of 11, barely put a foot wrong or you’re out, outperform your team mate, get a drive in f1, outperform your team mate and win races then a WDC. Then make the right decision about what team to join next, then out perform your team mate, win races, a WDC, then maintain that level for 7 years winning most if not all of the WDC’s.

    That’s all he’s done. Any f1 driver could do that, I’m just staggered no one thought to do it before Lewis

    1. Great post Tony. People seem to forget that Mercedes were a 5th place constructor when Lewis joined.

      Lando should focus on beating his teammate which is something he’s failed to do.

    2. Great summary

      I actually think that it’s those lean 2009 to 2012 years, that showed that he could be an all time great and they get conveniently forgotten in his dominating last few years

      Also amuses me how lots of people seem to have forgotten about the fight he had against Vettel, who arguable had a better machine, in 2017/18 (and 19, until their, er, engine difficulties!!)

      1. You are too nice. That Ferrari engine was a illegal unit.

        Leclerc’s spa and Monza wins are rightfully Lewis’.

        1. Bottas finished 2nd at Monza though…

          1. F1oSaurus (@)
            27th October 2020, 13:06

            @wsrgo Yeah, but not if Leclerc had played fair. Or wasn’t even ahead to begin with.

      2. @banbrorace Lewis’s 2011 was an annuus horribilis.

        As for 2017-19, Ferrari had the better car only in 2018 arguably. The 2017 Merc was the better overall machine, the Ferraris were better only in the slow speed circuits, they were down on power and reliability. And 2019 the only races Ferrari were equal or better were the power tracks.

        1. That’sa splitting hairs. It’s a fact that overall they were even or Merc were better in 2017 and Ferrari in 2019 or vice-versa. Point is – it wasn’t a slam dunk for Hamilton

          The constant implication that he’s breezed through his Mercedes clear to my mind is lazy thinking as not only does it seem to forget his terrific early career – but the fact that it should have been far closer for those last 3 seasons. It was Hamilton that made it ‘easy’ in the end

          Norris sounded like one of those F1 haters, who state it’s 100% about the car and then say what Lando stated!! You expect better from an F1 driver

          1. @banbrorace +1 Exactly. Also not a politically astute comment from Lando given that McLaren are back to Mercedes engines next year and he’ll be benefitting. I’m sure he was reminded of that fact.

          2. @banbrorace Not disagreeing with your take at all. Just saying that there might have been some exaggeration as to the odds against Lewis in the years you mentioned. Having said that, he has done a terrific job, his consistent level of performing well at the sharp-end and the hunger for maximising each and every race result is a treat to watch. To be honest I’m glad that I’ve gotten to see him perform, even if I would have ideally preferred more competition. But that’s not a mark against him.

      3. I wish i had written this but i didn’t, i read somewhere someone saying ‘it still amazes me that after 14 seasons in f1 and 90 race wins and 6 WDC that people doubt his ability’. Kind of neatly sums up the weird world of the judgement on Lewis’ . Maybe he needs to die or retire.

        But these are also people who are fans and fanatics and who guzzle up anything F1, not some blow hard on the street with zero knowledge or interest in the sport. Weird parallel universe, but then Max gets a shovel load as well and he is killing it in that car. Its not just a race thing or why would Max get it, though with some that will be a reason. Its something else that i don’t get and probably isn’t too pretty either.

  14. urgh why is he apologising at all? Can’t he stick up for his statements?

    1. Unless some of his conclusions were not his deductions but what he overhead or read on the Internet.

  15. Excellent point there @ tony Mansell. I dont know why i didnt even think of that as well!? Let alone all the drivers over the very many many years and all the teams etc. I mean its soo simple now. Lando needs to pull himself towards himself. He accomplished zero thus far. Which is far less than what lewis did in his 1st year or 2 at mclaren

  16. Max makes a racial slur and (pretty much) gets away with it.

    Lando calls someone a “C” word and has to publicly apologise (after already apologising on team radio).

    Not sure I understand that.

    1. “gets away with it”, not really the thought police and cancel culture hype was all over the place. Multiple articles long..

      1. Well, column inches and tweets don’t equal an official sanction. So yes, he has gotten away with it.

        Let’s be clear here, I swear. A lot in fact. And I use the “C” word, also a lot. I don’t mind that either Max or Lando swore, but what I can’t condone is the use of racist slurs and language which is offensive to people with disabilities. That is not “cancel culture hype” on my part, that’s me calling out offensive language were I see it as I have all my life and will continue to do so for the remainder of it.

    2. Not. certain he had to apologise any more than Max did

      And Max was actually told his language was unacceptable – no such call from McLaren

    3. Why assume Lando has to apologies rather than wanting to apologies as on reflection he believes the comments he made were stupid, disrespectful and don’t reflect on who he is?
      Although given the way some have latched onto his original comments I can understand why they want to cling to the belief he was made to issue an apology.

  17. “ I’m not that kind of person, so know I should apologise to them but also everyone reading [or] listening. ”

    Typical party line of that kind of person.
    Think mclaren is going to fire him, Ron Dennis would have.
    Pathetic kid with zero credibility to comment about the greatest driver in the history of F1.


    1. He said nothing of Senna. Your wrong as always.

      1. Who is talking about Senna? Guess you are completely out of your mind. 😃😃😃

    2. Speaking as a Hamilton fan, you’re also part of the problem here. He’s not a pathetic kid at all, he just said a couple of things that he regrets and has the decency to apologise.

      It’s people like you that let down genuine fans of Hamilton that do not wish to be decisive.

      1. Can’t agree more, mate..

        To be honest, I respecting Lewis for his talent & struggling to achieve his success, and despised his toxic fans..

      2. Good to see there is at least one sensible Hamilton fan. Most Hamilton fans on forums seem very childish (majority probably quite young I guess) and very defensive of their idol. I reckon many have no real idea about F1 history and motorsport in general.

        1. have no real idea about F1 history and motorsport in general.

          Stop talking about yourself

    3. Blackscorpion
      27th October 2020, 11:56

      rot troll

      1. Hey parrot. Lol.

        1. Man I don’t know why you’re being a troll right now, but guess what? I’m looking for this, dude.
          “McLaren Racing
          [Decision] Terminated
          We regret to inform you that the team has decided to remove you from your position as 2nd driver of McLaren. Even if you apologised afterwards, the word you used was completely unacceptable. Fans of all drivers consider it as very offensive, including your own fans. Due to the usage of this offensive word, your respect for all other drivers has been affected as a result.
          We wish you good luck for the future of your career. You will be our welcome guest at any time.
          Yours sincerely, McLaren Racing”

          Did you wrote this down?

      2. This guy’s all over the article. Absolutely seething

        1. John Wick should deal with Rott.

    4. And there we have the extreme Verstappen-hating troll…

  18. Factually he was correct that a Mercedes should be winning every race this season. Not true about previous seasons as there were always some venues where the Mercedes was on a par with other cars or slower (Mexico comes to mind) and certainly for various seasons Ferrari often had the better car at some tracks (2017-19) and Lewis still won a bunch of races. But let’s accept it was generally true. Still the comment was misguided since it was dismissive of Hamilton beating his team mates (most seasons) and his achievement (and Bottas’s) in gaining that drive and help develop the car, both technically and by winning races and creating a feedback loop of success. He knows that and he knows that because that’s the parameter that will be set for himself if he wants to achieve more in Formula 1. He needs to beat his team mate comprehensively, something he hasn’t done yet, if he’s ever to win one championship, yet alone 7. And next year he faces Ricciardo. Hence maybe, on reflection, the backtrack. As for Stroll, he’s on a bad roll, it happens. Forget Hamilton: those saying Norris was ‘right’ are doing him a disfavour.

  19. Didn’t see anything wrong with what he said about Hamilton. He could have worded it a little more eloquently as the situation has nuance, but in general he was telling the truth.

    I respect him if he feels the need to apologise as a lot of people don’t, especially when they should. But in this instance I think he didn’t need to.

    1. Agreed, it was probably the wording @rocketpanda and especially because he said it on the day Hamilton took the record. He’s right of course, but at the same time Hamilton is part of the reason Mercedes have kept a culture of winning these last 6 years. Of course Hamilton doesn’t engineer the car! But I guess he would motivate some of the engineers at Mercedes (speaking as someone who knows someone who works there).

      I think he was probably right to apologise, but at the same token if he hadn’t that would been fine to be honest.

      1. @john-h ‘Right’ is too kind. Until mid-season last year, Ferrari were regularly the faster car for 3 seasons and still Hamilton was often winning. So that’s at least three other drivers he had to beat. Overlooking the battle with Ferrari/Vettel is seriously ungenerous and reflects badly on him. I think an apology is due for that alone.

        1. Ferrari weren’t regularly the faster car for 3 seasons? Like sure for a few races last year when they were playing dirty with the engine they were, but at no point in the last three years were Ferrari outright faster than Mercedes. That’s an absolutely bizarre claim. The stats alone prove that? Like the mental gymnastics needed to create a competition when there was none there is genuinely impressive.

          1. @rocketpanda Ferrari were faster (as per RaceFans analysis and others) at around half the races in 2017 and 2018. The same at a number of races last year until their engine power was curbed around Austin. So yes Ferrari were ‘regularly’ faster – as in ‘frequently.’ It’s standard English usage. Try reading in good faith rather than assuming or projecting the worst. As for the fact they’re engine was bypassing regulatory controls (probably) that’s hardly relevant to who’s left racing them, is it?!

          2. Dude you say they were fastest until mid last year, when really it was mid last year their engine advantage became mysteriously strong – so 19 is a difficult year to gauge on Ferrari’s pace given they weren’t playing fair.

            In 17/18 Mercedes took over double the pole positions that Ferrari accomplished, and obviously won less races – firstly because Ferrari like shooting themselves in the foot and secondly because the car was simply not as fast. On a good day, it could beat a Merc but overall the Mercedes was an overall better package. Like things had to go wrong for Mercedes to lose while everything had to go right for Ferrari to win. A closer challenge sure, but outright faster? Absolutely not.

            I get the idea of wanting to create some form of challenge for Hamilton & Mercedes to overcome but in general they haven’t had much in the way of direct competition, and much of the competition they’ve had has arisen due to outside factors like the weather, Mercedes making mistakes or Ferrari doing a dirty. Implying otherwise does Mercedes a disservice, tbh.

          3. @rocketpanda Adam, you’re basically now agreeing with me, though still insisting on the point that Ferrari were sometimes faster but unfairly so – it doesn’t matter, obviously, in terms of having to beat them on track which is the point we’re discussing! I haven’t said Ferrari were vastly faster. It was Mercedes and Ferrari fairly even, one team better at some tracks, the other at others (and Red Bull at one or two). Come on. You know Ferrari were ahead at some points in those seasons. True, in 2019 Mercedes started stronger, but Ferrari had a long patch of faster cars and wins until they were cut back. I think my point is made however you want to assess it: Hamilton often had to face and try to beat 3 drivers those years, not just his team mate. So Norris’s statement was wildly inaccurate, as though the Ferrari challenge hadn’t existed. And actually, at the same time, I think Lando exaggerated in saying he has to beat 2 drivers this year, it is really just one, Bottas. Verstappen has no real chance unfortunately. But it’s disrespectful of Bottas too to imply that’s a rollover, which he effectively did. That begs the question would Norris do any better?

          4. @roketpanda Well we actually see a good benchmark in Ferrari now with Leclerc, just like 2019 with all the illegal engine it was not Seb getting all the poles it was Leclerc. So the fact Ferrari were winning races and being judged at as being better should tell you alot eh? Because Seb aint on Lewis’s level not close to his level.

        2. As far as I can tell @david-br, Lando is talking about this season.
          I agree, 2017/18 the Ferrari was on par.bim sure Hamilton instead of Vettel in one of those Ferraris would have won the title.

          1. @john-h Maybe he was after all. The question was Hamilton getting to 92 wins, which clearly weren’t all this year, but perhaps he was tired, irritated and not concentrating very well.

          2. @rocketpanda Well we actually see a good benchmark in Ferrari now with Leclerc, just like 2019 with all the illegal engine it was not Seb getting all the poles it was Leclerc. So the fact Ferrari were winning races and being judged at as being better should tell you alot eh? Because Seb aint on Lewis’s level not close to his level.

  20. Lando = LyndonFPS, Tense1983 or xQc in terms of swearing bullcrap

    1. I really don’t think so.

      1. I was just saying nonsensical things.

        1. I do that too

          1. Lando “Angry Team Radio” Norris seriously is.

  21. People defending Lando’s comments should ask themselves why smarter, more successful, and undeniably better drivers – Max, Seb, Charles, etc. – would never say they same about Hamilton.

    1. I recall Lando making similar comments about Lewis while he was in F2, just before his maclaren deal. He obviously has an issue with Lewis’ achievements which is fine, but Man up and own your run away mouth. Lando is the only British (Half Belgian) driver I have not been able to get behind. Not sure exactly what it is about him? His entitled, rich kid attitude? His personality and behaviour being akin to a 6 year old child? His second rate driving ability?
      Who knows? Of the very little I know about Lando, I just can’t warm to at all.

  22. I seem to be in a minority here, but I think it is simple good manners of him to apologize for how he expressed himself if he felt he was rough or inconsiderate.

    To me, this also holds true even if some consider his statements to be correct (I have no informed opinion on that)

    I mean, if my wife called me fat, lazy and (at best) a mediocre lover, she may be correct, but I still think an apology would be nice.

    1. Best comment here, made me laugh – which is no mean feat given the high emotion in the rest of the comments.

    2. Well said sir!

  23. This is baffling. His criticism of Stroll was fair, and he had already apologized for the colourful words in his radio chat. After the race he gave a very reasonable argument against Stroll driving.

    And his views on Lewis’ were fair too. So what if that doesn’t mean much to him? he congratulated him, that’s the least he had to do and he did it.

    1. Lando “what the angry team radio angry team radio angry team radio is this angry team radio guy doing” Norris

  24. No doubt the Hamilton hooligans have attacked him on social media for daring to say anything other than glorious about the blessed one. Sad to see he’s being forced by the mob to give up on the truth.

  25. Wouldn’t be surprised if Liberty Media got involved, because we can’t have F1 exposed for what it is, a one man show. Everything is set up to have maximum Hamilton success, and there is no desire to change things as Hamilton appeals to the casual clueless “fan” and the American Market.

    We say we want personalities in F1 but when someone offers a controversial discussion point they are chastised. Instead we are left with copy/paste PR comments every weekend.

  26. No, Lando wasn’t ‘right.’ He’s free to say whatever he likes, obviously. But disrespecting achievement that merits respect has a habit of coming back to bite you, often heavily. Self-belief is great but if you don’t measure it with the real world, you stop improving, always convinced some extraneous factor is holding you back, not that you need to change and develop. Look behind some of the public outbursts and you can see that drivers like Hamilton and Verstappen do learn from their own errors, and other people’s successes, and improve considerably as a result. That’s what this is about.

  27. Lando, no need to apologize to Hamilton for a accurate observation. Nothing you said was derogatory or demeaning of his (Hamilton) skill or character.

    1. absolutely agree

  28. Whether you agree with the comments or not, the issue here is that ineterviewers seem to be asking loaded questions with the intention of finding a ‘story’. This holds for the Lewis story about Petrov’s comments.

    This is not an F1 specific issue but journalism/society in general. If people didn’t read stories of this kind then they wouldn’t get written.

    OK that doesn’t properly represent the Stroll situation but given that the stewards effectively ruled in his favour I can understand his outburst.

    1. Good point to be made again. It goes with the development of the instant-reaction system of social media and the related development of this vitriolic, narcissistic culture where people are valued based on the responses of anonymous 15 year-old “followers” and have to battle “haters” online for their reputations. You can set off a maelstrom with one of these questions. In Schumacher’s day, no one would have asked him about homophobic remarks of a nominated steward, or taken a one-line response about Senna or Prost and turned it into the brouhahas we see now. And if they did you would have to wait a week at least to read about it in Autoweek.

  29. He was only expressing the truth.

    Mercedes have had 80 front row lockouts in the hybrid era for crying out loud.

    Ferrari had 15 front row lockouts 2000-04.

    1. Why are Hamilton fans so sensitive about the fact that he is in the most dominant car? Their insecurity shows they also know it to be fact. Such aggression is shown when some one merely mention the Mercedes is the fastest car on the grid. What are they so sensitive about? That the car is so fast or that it’s pointed out that it is the best car by far?

      1. Because a lot of them are not F1 fans, but hero-worshipping fanatics. It’s like a religion to them. Anything other than o glory to the blessed one is blasphemy and must be punished. Literally. That’s the problem. Thankfully they have toned down the endless bashing lately so one could ignore it, but they also generate a lot of clicks so the site keeps running these type of articles.

        1. The irony beggars belief. The three of you could as well be the high priests of the anti-Hamilton cult and you have the temerity to say the other side is the religion? Please.

          1. Indeed. You couldn’t make it up if you tried. The High Priests of fanaticism accusing other of fanaticism. This surely must be the dunning-kruger of hypocrisy.

          2. Lol.. I rest my case.

  30. I’m a bit torn on this one.

    Half of me thinks he’s just a really genuinely good guy.

    The other half of me thinks this really encapsulates the young generation of over sensitivity and cancel culture. I’d imagine many of his young fans voiced a ton of displeasure towards his comments, which, in my ‘older’ eyes (33 FYI), were completely non-offensive and just being a human.

    1. So you don’t accept his reasoning for the apology? You think he’s folded to outside pressures?
      Doesn’t say a lot about him if that’s the case.

    2. Doesn’t sound like you heard all that Norris said – radio chat was quite spicy.
      I think he’s gone over what he uttered and deemed that he was too harsh in the heat of the moment and the embers of the debrief. Just an apology – hardly worth a reactionary buzzword.

      1. And this isn’t an isolated incident for Lando. He is a bit of a gob s h i t e and mostly gets away with it. When people talk about “entitled” attitudes, Lando Norris is the epitome of entitled and he is very immature with it. Some see it as boyish charm but personally I see it differently.
        Hopefully age and experience will eliminate this side of his personality. Time will tell.

  31. If he didn’t feel he was in the wrong he would not apologize.

  32. Tell the truth, then apologize.

  33. can’t risk getting canceled

  34. Lando has the right to comment/opine, and similarly, the right to retract those comments. Its his call.

    I just hope he wasn’t pressure into apologizing by third parties (yes a wide ranging word). However, this would not surprise me if it proves to be the case, because, well, thats the world we live it today. As an public figure, you’re always going to be a target, hence the corporate entities that back said public figure will be desperate to ward off anything perceived to be negative.

    Just wait till the social credit system becomes de rigueur.
    Coming to a cinema near you:

  35. Of Mercedes engines and Aston Martin, Lando Norris. Not many have the balls these days to speak their mind. Bad for business.

  36. Every multiple champion has won due to their car, it is very rare anyone wins with an inferior car, that’s F1.

    The best drivers get to drive the best cars.

    Norris just looks a bit sour, is he maximising his potential in the McLaren? Not on Sunday he wasn’t.

    1. Gotta appease the woke folk.

  37. Why am I not surprised about how many on here are desperate for it to be true that Lando was made to apologies.

  38. Stroll was An Impostor.

  39. Utter nonsense. Lando didn’t need to provide any apologies. Funny how the days have turned out to be, a man is not allowed to express his views.
    And if he does, he will be mocked by some whining morons. If he said that Lewis’s wins doesn’t matter to him and he’s in a car which is supposed to win, what did he say say wrong? What’s all the fuss about? And as a matter of fact, he said that he is happy for him. What else he is supposed to do? Blow him off for fans?
    Whatever Lando said won’t change the fact that Lewis has created a new record. He is one of the greatest this sport has ever seen. Incredible driver. GOAT for many. But why in the world is Lando is being dragged into this toxic Hamilton fans vs. haters cesspool? I urge these people to wrap their undies on their head and crawl back to the caves they belong to.

  40. Norris was right and should not have apologised.

    Without Mercedes Hamilton is a 1 X WDC. This is an undisputed fact.

    He’s won over 76% of his races while his rivals have not had a car to challenge him.

    His ONLY rivals in 7 years has been Bottas and Rosberg. And Rosberg, who ABSOLUTELY NO ONE ever considered a top their driver before 2014, took the fight to Hamilton every single year and even beat him one year. When ROSBERG can challenge and even beat you, your claim to being the GOAT is laughable.

    The simple fact is, for a full HALF DECADE before 2014 Hamilton finished no higher than 4th in the WDC. Even though his team mate driving the same car managed to finish runner up in the WDC one year.

    To believe that he can go a half a decade of finishing no higher than 4th to all of a sudden overnight go to 1st, 1st, 2nd, 1st, 1sr, 1st, 1st because he’s just the greatest is the peak of stupidity and fanboyism.

    Mercedes has won 7 Championships. Whatever decent driver Merc has had in the car has done the same, whoever that would or could have been.

    1. Ifs, buts and maybes. Time to put your big boy pants on son. Just suck it up and admit Hamilton is a class act and fines at the table of the greatest F1 drivers.
      Comparing drivers in different eras is pointless. What we do know is that Lewis is the greatest of this generation and his records will ensure he is always mentioned when the discussion of GOAT comes up. The records books are being rewritten. These will last decades…millennia. Your opinions? Not so much.

  41. Gotta appease the woke folk.

    1. McLaren 1-1 Racing Point: Norris insults Stroll, resulting in a big fist fight. Both get sent off. Ends in a draw.
      Racing Point 2-1 McLaren: Perez scores the winning goal in the 90th minute and then celebrates in front of Norris as an act of revenge.

      Gotta love that Racing Point’s home match resulted in an act of revenge.

  42. McLaren-Racing Point: Norris insults Stroll, resulting in a big fist fight. Both get sent off. Ends in a draw.
    Racing Point-McLaren: Perez scores the winning goal in the 90th minute and then celebrates in front of Norris as an act of revenge.
    So Lando, no red cards ever received in your entire “football career”, huh?!

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