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Rate the race: 2021 Mexico City Grand Prix

2021 Mexico City Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Mexico City Grand Prix.

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51 comments on “Rate the race: 2021 Mexico City Grand Prix”

  1. From a championship perspective, quite exciting.

    As a spectacle, pretty boring.


    1. Nothing really exciting in the whole top6, except PER closing in on HAM, but no real chance even to make a lunge (I couldn’t count the last lap speculative late braking, which seemed more a crowd pleasing effort than a serious attempt).
      The most exciting battle was RIC and BOT, which was essentially over 12th.
      Clearly little to gain in strategy either.
      Anyway, not every race can be exciting…

  2. Honestly, take away the graphics and you wouldn’t notice the difference between that and a practice session. We’re so lucky to be having such a great Championship battle.

    1. Sorry, I’m not seeing it. Just another race where RB/Ver walked away with an easy win. Not much of a “battle”.

      1. Completely agree Jim I was being sarcastic, but I don’t think sarcasm always comes across on the internet! I’m fed up of reading about what a great battle it’s been when in reality RedBull have dominated. Max would be further clear had he not been unlucky in Baku or taken out in Silverstone. Actually, without that 25 point swing it would have seemed as one sided as the last few years to be honest. I’m not sure what everyone else is watching.

        1. Well, if we balance the luck out, verstappen should be around 65 points ahead, but it’d still be a battle between the constructors with red bull not very far ahead of merc, as for the driver’s title it would in that scenario be probably mathematically done by brazil, as long as verstappen would come 2nd.

          1. Ah, no, not even that, verstappen would have to win both sprint and race and even that wouldn’t mathematically be enough.

  3. Nothing really happened

    1. I agree. The most exciting part was Kygo doing the afterparty.

  4. A rather straightforward race for this season’s standards.

  5. Quite boring, nothing of note happened after lap 1. The whole ‘Perez chasing down Hamilton’ thing was a bit anticlimatic (I didn’t think it would happen since genuine overtaking is pretty rare on this track).

    1. nothing of note happened after lap 1

      there is more going on than just the (non) fight for the win.

  6. 5. After the chaotic start there was some battle and Aston and Alfa got some point. Anyway, nothing special. Probably the worst Mexican GP since 2015. I’m glad for Perez’s podium

    1. In 2018 the gaps were really wide too, I think this is typical of mexico.

  7. The ‘fantastic’ Mexican fans, booing Hamilton.

    Maybe Jackie Stewart’s been having a chat with them…

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      7th November 2021, 21:03

      To be fair, they booed when he said “it just shows how fast their car is that Sergio was able to be close to me.” I don’t think he meant it how it sounded but that’s when they started booing….

      1. Yeah, that did come out a bit like “yeah, the car is fast otherwise Perez wouldn’t even have been close”

        1. Well we all know that the car about 90% of the performance (5% the race strategy and 5% the driver). That’s reality. I truly hope that next year the balance will more space for the drivers abilities.

        2. But let’s be honest, no matter how he meant it, he’s right, the fact verstappen pulled away a 20 sec gap at some point (like in 2018) and perez was fighting hamilton, like in baku, shows red bull had an edge.

      2. I didn’t notice this but there was no reason for Lewis to take the cheap shot on Perez during the interview. He drove well to keep 2nd and he seemed dejected in the post-race interviews. He’s been hard on himself although he should be ecstatic that he finished 2nd.

        Btw: Honda won their 5th race in Mexico – i think 65, 87-89 and 2021! too bad they’re leaving or they’d have a good chance at more.

  8. It’s just not a good track for racing. Fact it’s high downforce means the cars can’t follow. Take the start finish straight to turn 1 out of the equation and there’s not really anywhere to pass unless the car in front makes a huge mistake. The fact there are 3 DRS zones and it still doesn’t get passes done tells you how useless it is with these cars.

    Field ended up just getting spread and anyone with pace just got stuck sat in dirty air.

  9. Boring Race and Championship is over since the last race. A mere formality now. This is what i feared at the beginning of the season that Redbull will take a big step and will become unbeatable in the last quarter of the championship.

    1. I’ve said it to other Hamilton fans and I’ll say it again. Try not to get so upset just because Lewis isn’t winning and just enjoy this close championship. There’s no way this is over yet, I mean if Max has a dnf then Lewis is back leading the championship.

    2. Ever heard about favourable tracks? Mexico, brazil, austria, baku for red bull? Monza, spain, portugal for mercedes? That’s what happened, not development.

  10. For the first time in years, I turned it off in boredom half way through to watch something else.

    1. Me too same. What a borefest and boring track.

    2. Ditto, all the first three got a good start and Max made great use of the slip stream after he took the lead the race mirrored Friday’s practice sessions in terms of car pace, shame Bottas got clattered into. After the safety car it was the dullest race for many a year, switched to a movie on Lap 22 and just kept an eye on the timing app.

    3. Would you 2 have turned off if hamilton and verstappen’s position had been swapped? Doubt.

  11. 6/10, nothing spectacular overall

  12. petebaldwin (@)
    7th November 2021, 21:01

    5/10 – Amazing start from Max and from there, he did what Lewis has done for half a decade. Turned everything down and cruised to an easy win. Not much else happened….

  13. Pretty average but ok to watch. 6 for me. The awesome mexicans and the buildup of Perez chasing Hamilton made it pretty cool. TV Direction was better too but cutting to the crowd mid battle annoyed me at one point

  14. 7/10

    Generally another similar race that the hybrid era has created. The last 10 or so laps made the finish quite exciting.

  15. The fantastic start of Max from P3 to P1 rond the outside of turn 1 made it a 10 for me. Only the very great can do this. Good case from Checo, too. Keeping the pressure on Hamilton, who now knows how difficult it is fighting alone at the front.

    1. I realise you’re likely new, but HAM is not new to F1. He’s had plenty of time fighting for position.

      1. He’s talking about the merc dominance in the last few years, I’m sure he’s not new to f1.

    2. Just wait till you see Alonso around the outside of Schumacher through 130R!

  16. The little scrap between Valtteri and Max over one point should at least be worth one extra point in the evaluation.

    1. True, that was interesting, as well as the ricciardo sabotage on bottas: first taking him out, then keepind him behind all race!

  17. 3/10. Maybe it was a 4/10, but I’ve dropped it an extra point because I was expecting it to be dull, and being right about something like that makes it even worse. Tried to get excited about Perez catching Hamilton but it was pretty obvious that the Mercedes had so much more straight-line speed, he’d have needed to come off the last corner less than 0.5s behind to have any chance at all. Didn’t think that would happen, so it didn’t really matter whether he was within DRS range or not…

    Think it said it all when (I think) Ted Kravitz told the Sky commentators he was excited about a ‘battle’ in which the four cars involved were a total of 19 seconds apart.

    1. Ahah, yes, about the 19 sec apart, this is a feature of mexico, cars are often far away, not only this year.

  18. Well, I probably wouldn’t recommend it to inspire someone to follow F1 but it wasn’t terrible. F1 cars are always amazing and entertaining in my book. Gave it a 5 which is probably the lowest I’ve ranked a race this year. I think we’ve been spoiled with some really cracking races this year. A shame the Mercedes just wasn’t quick enough to challenge.

  19. A typical race at this track, by far not the worst that said. 6/10.

  20. Maybe we should ask the Mexicans

  21. 3/10 worth by VER and GAS’ races.
    For an abysmal track, this is generous enough.

  22. Terrible track, ruined with the revamp (especially removing the last corner with the pathetic stadium section) with no where to punish mistakes and make excitement of the racing is dull. 3/10 which was expected.

  23. 4/10 for me. How so people gave this 7 or more goodness only knows. Avid Max fans I guess.

    Nothing happened after the first lap. Too easy for Max so there was no battle at the front. Then it always seemed a little unlikely that Sergio would be able to catch and pass Lewis.

    Overtaking is very difficult on this circuit and it’s not particularly interesting in any aspect. If Liberty are ever looking for a race to drop this should be on the list.

    1. Don’t you think the avid verstappen fans are the 6% who gave it 10? Verstappen is my favourite current driver but I also like several others (leclerc to name one) and I recognized there were a bit too wide gaps to get many battles, which happened before in mexico and gave it 8, most people still gave this race 5, 6, 7, 8, whose average is 6,5 ofc, although we’d have to make a more precise average based on the amount that voted each, so your 4 is as much an outlier as 9 is!

    2. By 6% I meant who gave it 9 and 10.

  24. Quite possibly the most boring one of the season. Or of many seasons….
    I got up and left a few times and was constantly looking at the time, thinking that the 2 hours must be up by now, surely…

    Can’t even call it a race.

    1. You can’t hit 2 hours on a non safety car non wet race, and as turkey shows even that isn’t a given.

  25. 1 (4%)
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    4 (8%)
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    6 (27%)
    7 (18%)
    8 (14%)
    9 (1%)
    10 (5%)
    Total Voters: 184

    Good I voted 8, I liked the race result wise, but the gaps were most of the times a bit wide for fights to be present, especially in front, there was ofc perez chasing down hamilton, bottas trying to overtake ricciardo all race (ricciardo really put his mind on ruining his race, lol), but not as much as there could’ve been, I noticed this race usually produces wide gaps, even in 2018 it was like this.

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