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Rate the race: 2022 Hungarian Grand Prix

2022 Hungarian Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Hungarian Grand Prix.

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54 comments on “Rate the race: 2022 Hungarian Grand Prix”

  1. 9/10. Epic, proper race.

    I mean, a LOT will be said about Ferrari’s strategy with Leclerc on softs, but what else was there? Red Bull undercut, so Sainz couldn’t respond. The hards were clearly terrible, but then again, the Ferrari was also pretty bad on the softs. Softs opening stint was the way to go. Or softs late at the end. Sainz couldn’t. Leclerc couldn’t. So, blame Ferrari, but not for strategy, for the car.

    1. Given how long the mediums could run, perhaps they’d have been better off running their own race rather than reacting to the soft-starters’ stops. Surely Leclerc could have gone med-med-soft. Hindsight though I suppose! I can’t help but feel that staying out on worn mediums still would have been better than stopping for hards.

      1. I agree, Ferrari were trying to out strategy too many cars. For example, Russel was on a strategy to beat Ferrari, and that worked, but it let Verstappen by.
        But this is good for fans, with six cars in the mix it will always be difficult to out-strategy four other cars (well, five for Ferrari because they bizarrely have to use strategy to get past their own cars).

    2. They knew they had to make two stops so either go soft in the first stint or go long on the middle like Hamilton and softs at the end. Mercedes did a better strategy in a slower car and beat both ferraris. Add to that the terrible pit stops. They have no excuses. Just poor.

      1. *go soft in the second stint.

      2. It was poor, but it was car limited, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as will be made out now. Leclerc keeps getting an easy ride because everyone just blames Ferrari.

    3. the car was ok. M-M-S was the correct strategy. but they follow RUS when they should’ve stay longer. sure, the would have lost the position but in the end, with their car advantage, they would’ve regained it anyway.

      1. Don’t think it was any car advantage this time around. Ferrari seems to have botched somehow the strategy for LEC (should have finished in front of PER), but the victory and maybe even 2nd were out of the question today. They didn’t show strong pace at all, no matter what tyre was used. On their last stint, on Softs, when the track was getting better and better, they were barely closing the gap to those in front and couldn’t get the FL either. Some obviously got it wrong way before this GP when they predicted Ferrari should have a walk in the park thanks to the “more downforce” concept… just like in Monaco. I reckon I got it wrong for Monaco too because I expected them to have a bigger gap compared to the rest, yet RBR with their “speedy concept” was right in their gearbox on 1 lap performance. Could be wrong, but I think it’s again colder temp and their tyres not really working. The sign appeared yesterday in the Quali, and since today the temps were reasonable again with chances of light rain, what should have been in Quali just resumed: VER and both Mercedes in front of them. Had it been very hot, very probably the final result would have been different.

        1. Leclerc had passed Russell and left him for dead in a couple laps. You really think that verstappen would have caught him on a Hamilton strategy? Even with the poor pace in the softs he was keeping the pace of the medium cars. He was not going to get caught.

    4. @hahostolze
      Were you watching another race or you work in Ferrari strategy department ?

      Leclerc did a 21 opening stint on the medium and then ~19 laps second stint on the medium. The hards were a no go even for the casual fan because both Alpine drivers were struggling for grip. Ferrari panicked and went to cover Verstappen who they were not racing in the first place. The only way to finish the race was to complete it at this point using the wrong tyre, the hards.

      This is unbelievable because they didn’t do this with Sainz who was a joke for the entire race only blocking Leclerc and didn’t make a single overtake. They did it with Leclerc who was leading by a comfortable margin and showed better race pace and tyre management than Sainz who was able to go long on the medium.

      1. This.
        Ferrari pitted way too early for their starting tyre choice, cornering themselves into a terrible strategy for no good reason.
        Haas and Alpine made it abundantly clear that hards were a terrible choice. Pretty much everyone who used them lost positions.

      2. The Ferrari’s should have stayed out on their first stint to at least lap 25.
        30 would have been better, followed by another 30 then a 10 lap sprint on the softs.
        Leclerc coming in on lap 21 was the mistake that led to other poor choices.

        1. @w-k
          It was still manageable and they could have recovered from that mistake as demonstrated by Hamilton who pitted in lap 24 if I’m not wrong.

        2. Yeah, this was their mistake, not a big one tho. Still, LEC wasn’t extending his gap anymore to closest followers already, while VER already started to reduce it.

      3. @Tifoso1989 I mean, this is silly.

        Even assuming that Sainz was dramatic (he wasn’t). Let’s say Leclerc was, over the entire race, 10 seconds faster. On the “ideal” Sainz strategy, that still leaves Leclerc second.

        This wasn’t about strategy calls made during the race. It was about the Ferrari not managing to eak out more tyre performance on the mediums. Simple.

    5. With Leclerc, they should have gone medium – soft – medium. By doing 2nx stint in softs, they would have put Leclerc on same strategy as others while banking the track position.

      Looking at Verstappen’s pace in the early stages, it was clear that undercut was always an option for them. And by leaving the soft stint last, Ferrari left themselves at Red Bull’s mercy.

      Hope they can hire a new strategy head during summer break

    6. Great race, ferrari gifted another one, saw Ham finishing in 2nd 60 laps too early, always frustrating seeing teams sabotage themselves but still great action.

  2. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    31st July 2022, 15:45

    Not a bad race close racing throughout.
    Pirouette and Ferrari clown show aside, that’s a great drive from Verstappen.

  3. Do you think Horner might send a lifetime supply of Red Bull to Binotto?

    1. Very likely!

  4. Hamilton clearly better than his teammate in the better performing car.

  5. petebaldwin (@)
    31st July 2022, 15:47

    Good race. 8/10. Would have been a 9 or a 10 if that 2nd DRS zone didn’t exist. We’d have had some great battles into turn 2….

  6. I really enjoyed that. A solid 8/10 from me.

  7. Fantastic that 3 quarters of the way through this race, any of the top 6 still had a chance of taking the win. I don’t even know what to say about Ferrari. I’d been clinging onto hope that they could turn this season around but that’s pretty well gone now. For a moment there I thought Lewis was on course for the win. A thoroughly enjoyable race. Gave it an 8.

  8. 4.
    Could have been better – but typical of Hungary.

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      31st July 2022, 15:50


      1. What?
        The main ‘thing’ about Hungary is strategy because there’s no real racing here.
        The strategy today was uninspired and unsurprising – so I rate it a 4.

        Perhaps you’ll just have to forgive me for not apply the “It’s F1 so, +5” baseline.

        1. Although it was mostly in the first and second corner I saw some great overtakes on track too, but maybe I saw a different race ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

          1. Maybe we just look for different things in it.

            How many of those overtakes involved DRS? All of them?

          2. Probably, though I don’t know if we wouldn’t have seen those overtakes without DRS anyway. Maybe a lap later.

            But then I have another question: you’re advocating sprint races and reversed grids because it’s more entertainment for a race weekend. I’m not necessarily a fan of DRS, but what’s the issue with DRS for you?

          3. It’s probably got something to do with how DRS makes being within 1 second of the car ahead almost inevitable for an easy, effortless and racecraft-free overtake.
            One of the many benefits of wet races is that there is no DRS.

            F1 will keep relying on DRS as long as it is in the regs. It’s the easier option than actually making them be proper racing cars.
            The only way they will decide they don’t need it anymore is by necessity when it’s no longer an option.
            But they have neither the courage nor the desire to take that step.

  9. Ah, Mercedes/RUS throwing away the win from the jaws of victory!

    1. Yawn…..

      1. MG1982 has major issues for sure.

        1. Time to bite the bullet!

    2. You mean Mercedes/HAM right? But for the drs thing yesterday Hamilton wins in a walk.

  10. A good 8/10. Would have rated it higher if DRS hadn’t been that powerful. It was a bit too much imo.

    1. DRS is almost always too powerful…

  11. Another decently good race for Hungaroring.

  12. 5, due to gross incompetence of Ferrari spoiling this race.

  13. A good solid race!
    Smooth driving by Hamilton today, real class!
    Also, take a bow to Ferrari. It takes something special to be the most successful and yet the most incompetent team in history. :0)

  14. If you take this exact race, and swap Verstappen and Leclerc, this would have been the feel good race of the season going into the break.

    As it was, however, it was just a perfect example of all the other races: Ferrari can’t do strategy, Ferrari can’t figure out how to handle two drivers in the same race, Mercedes is just super solid, Verstappen has the Champion’s Luck and even his mistakes don’t cost him any real time, and Pérez is not really doing anything special.

    Most passes are still DRS flybys, so… a 6/10 or so would be a good rating.

  15. It’s very similar to 2020 race. Slippery racing with strategy chaos but pure racing but it was in the top 6 not in the midfield so it was better. I prefer races like this than “oh no he pushed me off” “oh no he went from the track”. 8 because it would be better with a good Ferrari strategy. Poor Lecclerc and Sainz they don’t deserve this.

  16. 9 Wow what a race, unpredictable. Never would I have imagined that top 3. Max and Lewis showed their class once again but boy Ferrari, it was once again a disaster in strategy. They will loose 2nd to Mercedes.

  17. I enjoyed it. Lots of different strategies, threat of rain, three teams in the mix for the podium positions and hard to know who was going to finish where until the end.
    Great drives from Max and Lewis, who showed their class after starting out of position.
    Loved the Daniel Ricciardo double overtake on his old team (although that was the only good moment of his weekend)

  18. BLS (@brightlampshade)
    31st July 2022, 16:41

    Was great to see a race with three teams in with a shout. Until Ferrari decided to do a Ferrari.

  19. 8/10. Red Bull played Ferrari on strategy and won.

    By going medium/medium on their first two sets of tyres Ferrari left themselves open to having their strategy dictated to them and that’s what Red Bull did. By reacting to Verstappen’s second stop Ferrari knew it was too early to put Leclerc on softs so had no choice but to go for hards even as they saw other teams struggling on them.

  20. 8/10. One of the best Hungarian GPs in a good few years.

    I could see Max getting the podium from Lap 20 and when he stopped the 2nd time, it was clear he was on for the win. Ferrari, really dropped the strategy ball again.

    All in all a very clean race and and a decent amount of racing action, mostly due to Max and Lewis starting out of position.

  21. Close to perfect race for me. Different strategies, lot’s of fighting and some nice defense. Had to watch the race after the event, but did not feel like fast forwarding at any moment.

  22. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
    31st July 2022, 21:41

    8. Good race. Shame Ferrari removed themselves from competiton

    the 3rd rather exciting Hungarian GP in 4 years.

  23. 7/10

    It was encouraging to see F1 cars able to closely follow and take different lines in the corners. It was also entertaining to see how much Ferrari is losing every race in the essential bits such as strategy and pit stops, despite having a competitive car. This is bringing Mercedes closer in a 3 way battle in the championship. There was some close racing in the race. But RBR and Hamilton’s final stint were on a different class.

  24. I gave it 9, really interesting battles, especially between leclerc and russell, an example of quality over quantity, tracks like this give some possibilities to defend and we also saw some good moves into the turns after the main straight, I would’ve expected a much more boring race from hungary, and last year’s was good too, but this one didn’t even require carnage on lap 1.

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