Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Miami International Autodrome, 2023

Crowd’s boos “absolutely fine as long I stand on the top” – Verstappen

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In the round-up: Max Verstappen shrugged off the booing which greeted him during the Miami Grand Prix weekend.

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Verstappen unbothered by boos

Verstappen was booed by some in the crowd before the start of the Miami Grand Prix and during the podium ceremony following his victory. The Red Bull driver was unbothered by the reaction.

“I think if I would be driving in the back, nobody would be even doing anything in terms of reaction, right?” he said. “I think it’s normal when you are winning and they don’t like who is winning.

“So this is something for me which is absolutely fine as long I stand on the top that’s for me, the most important. I take the trophy home and they go back to their houses and they can have a nice evening.”

Perez reprimanded for lateness

Sergio Perez was given a formal, non-driving reprimand for failing to show up in time for the pre-race drivers parade.

The stewards noted “the reason for the lateness was the team’s media and other commercial commitments that the driver had to satisfy before turning up for the parade. We considered that this was not a valid reason for the lateness. A driver turning up late for such events can have undesirable resultant consequences for the event and should be avoided at all times.”

Any driver who collects five reprimands during the course of a season receives an automatic 10-place grid penalty.

Rossi criticises early Alpine performances

Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi criticised his team’s performance after a troubled start to the season in Bahrain and another poor showing in Baku.

A series of operational errors in Bahrain led to Esteban Ocon receiving a trio of penalties. “I didn’t like the first grand prix because there were a lot of – I’m sorry to say – amateurism which led to a result which was not right,” he told Canal Plus ahead of qualifying for last weekend’s race. “It was mediocre, bad.”

The race in Baku was similarly unimpressive and “unacceptable”, said Rossi. “It is acceptable to make mistakes, it is a basic principle, it is in mistakes that we learn,” he said. “On the other hand, we [should] learn, and when we make the same mistakes twice it is that one did not learn and that one does not take responsibilities. And that is not acceptable.”

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Comment of the day

Is it possible for F1 to get the balance right with DRS?

Back in 2011 when they were selling DRS to a sceptic audience, there was a lot of talk about the evolution DRS would go through to dial it in just right.

In reality, it’s been way overpowered from day one. Now that the FIA is at long last making tiny adjustments the drivers of all people (!) are complaining. At least 18 people on the grid aren’t going to be world champion anyway, probably 19. So… race! Make it exciting for yourself and the fans. Don’t ask for more DRS.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Miguel, Tororosso, Paul Stilwell and Lowell Reed !

On this day in motorsport

  • 30 years ago today Alain Prost took pole position for the Spanish Grand Prix in his Williams-Renault FW15C

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29 comments on “Crowd’s boos “absolutely fine as long I stand on the top” – Verstappen”

  1. Any driver who collects five reprimands during the course of a season receives an automatic 10-place grid penalty.”

    Is it just me, or is that a bit of a nonsense penalty:-
    – You would have to try pretty hard to be penalised in the first place.
    – You get four free passes.
    – It’s a non-driving issue, but has driving consequences.

    1. Apologies. Obviously only the first line was meant to be

      a quote

      1. The boos I imagine are primarily directed at the reasons and people causing Max to be there unchallenged. Including RedBull internal favouritism, farcical penalties for breaking sporting rules, and past rigging of races.

        1. Yeah, jist like the boos for Hamilton, Vettel, Schumacher were all completely justifiable.

  2. F1 fans continuing the long-standing tradition of passionately hating the guy that is currently dominating the sport, only to forget all about it once they no longer dominate.

    1. this,

      The vettel hate – love turnaround was a perfect example.

    2. The boos I imagine are primarily directed at the reasons and people causing Max to be there unchallenged. Including RedBull internal favouritism, farcical penalties for breaking sporting rules, and past rigging of races.

      1. … but OFC his comments could also be a bit more humble, rather than baiting and arrogantly/sarcastically telling fans to go home and have a nice evening. Vettel endeared himself after dominating as he matured and his comments/attitude changed quite a bit, rather than solely not being at the front anymore.

        1. What is he supposed to say then?

        2. I enjoyed his reaction. He is like a slightly more outspoken version on Kimi, who I was also a fan of.
          I’ll take straight talking over media savvy rubbish any day.

        3. Seb’s comments only changed when he stopped being in a winning car and saw the end of his career coming

        4. Vettel always mixed playful jokes with occasional (and regrettable) outbursts. He didn’t change as a person, even if he might have picked up a few new interests. The big difference was that he became a non-threat to The English Driver (whoever that may be at the time). The frustrated attempts to diminish his wins at Red Bull, and then the relentless criticism in his Ferrari years, when he was the only one posing some kind of challenge to Mercedes, was so blatant that it was all the more silly that those same outlets suddenly made a 180 turn and portrayed him to be this great guy that everyone loved.

          Also compare the portrayal of Verstappen in 2021 to 2022. Verstappen didn’t change either, he just got a different opponent.

      2. On the internal favouritism at Red Bull, I do agree that that has always been there to some extent, and though they have tended to say they don’t many comments and actions from the team and especially the higher ups have tended to reinforce and show that attitude.

        Nevertheless, I also enjoyed reading this twitter thread (a bit like the regular how it went articles here at Twitter thread covering Perez’ radio with his engineer to know what Verstappen was doing

        I see no clear evidence that so far this year Perez isn’t getting his chances, which is good to see with the team so clearly ahead of any other this year.

    3. The booers must *have their reasons*…

      For Seb, it was because of his villain act in the infamous multi-21 saga.
      For Max, it must have been Brasil 2022?

      To be clear, I do find booing very cringe. It does not belong in F1, and any other sport.

  3. Completely agree with CoTD. DRS seemed about right in Miami for the majority of the grid. Nobody will fight the RBs this season and they have the best DRS system, so they will always breeze past other cars easily in most situations.

  4. I didn’t hear any booing, so the overall background noise must’ve made that inaudible.

    I nominate the Grosjean-Magnussen image for the next Caption Competition post, although a few other images from last weekend would also fit for the purpose.

    5-sec is the standard penalty for pit lane speeding in the races, while financial sanctions to teams are the norm in non-competitive sessions.

    Regarding COTD: Difficult, partly because of slightly differing views, but when looking at the overall picture, DRS, in reality, has only been ‘way overpowered’ on a single track section since its debut season, which is fortunate, so general driver consensus is understandable.
    If it were/had been way overpowered since day one, even the least overtaking-friendly circuits would’ve featured near-guaranteed passing with DRS use, but they never have, nor have most tracks.

    1. I heard it just for a moment untill someone turned the microfoon down … But those actually there told me there were some boehoes but wasn’t much.

  5. So a 10 place grid penalty if you get 5 reprimands??…somehow I cannot see the drivers going for this one…so I bet it never gets enforced….The intro ceremony I thought was terrible…and a almost full orchestra on the grid miming….Why…
    Highlight pre race was Sir Jackie..

    1. @jop452 It used to be 3 reprimands to get a penalty but it looked like nobody wanted to enforce the penalty once it was realised the most likely main reason for it would be because of earrings or political protesting.

    2. I bet it never gets enforced

      It is, but the last time it happened Red Bull gave Tsunoda a new engine and everyone forgot he already had to start at the back because of his long list of reprimands. I suppose the teams have McLaren-Honda to thank for penalties no longer accumulating and carrying over into subsequent races.

  6. I really don’t like the booing, particularly after such an impressive drive but anytime really. It’s akward and childish and doesn’t feel right for F1 to me

    1. Right, it’s not like Red Bull told Pérez to hand the win to Verstappen. Verstappen was faster all weekend, messed up qualifying, did an excellent stint on the Hard tyres, and they had a clean battle and won. Seems totally fair. It’s not Red Bull’s fault that the other teams are so slow that it was inevitable he’d be in P2 before too long.

      There are races that definitely deserved some booing, but they’re very rare and this wasn’t one of them.

  7. I do like the Lombardi-style of that trophy, but if it hadn’t been handed out right underneath Hard Rock Stadium for visual reference, I would’ve guessed that the four bits on the top were supposed to hold a sculpture that apparently fell off.

  8. If you allow cheering and applauding, it makes sense to also allow booing, otherwise it is censorship. In Max case it doesn’t matter since his drive is to drive (only).

  9. If your allowed to cheer for the drivers then your allowed to boo. Noticed yesterday that when Max opened the DRS….the car seemed to squat down…with sparks visible…am not a expert, but thought that would not happen??

    1. It’s called ground effect: The faster you go, the more downforce the car generates. and when you go offline, where the bumps are more pronounced, one can bottom out, if the ride height is low. Going too low with the setup has consequences: you suddenly lose downforce and become temporary a passenger / go wide, ask Max and Charles. Another feature on the Redbulls is the anti-dive geometry of the suspension, that prevents roll under braking. Seems legit.

  10. Re COTD I think it’s becoming quite clear to the FIA (at last) that DRS does seem to be a little too powerful now in some places so they are sensibly restricting it’s use to some degree. I suspect this is just the start and it will become more restricted where they think it sensible.

    I am not sure the drivers should be complaining about such small changes. It’s not the FIAs fault that Red Bull have done such a good job with their car. The other teams need to design more competitive cars basically.

  11. Where do I have to sign to get booed for winning plenty of F1 races and titles?

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