Race start, Silverstone, 2023

Rate the race: 2023 British Grand Prix

2023 British Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the British Grand Prix.

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41 comments on “Rate the race: 2023 British Grand Prix”

  1. A decent race overall, even if SC period was unnecesarily long.

    1. Yeah, again putting the VSC on for several laps before finally calling the full SC really didn’t do anything to get that car of Magnussen from the track

  2. Miltiadis (@miltosgreekfan)
    9th July 2023, 16:34

    Quite disappointing for Silverstone standards imo.There were few,but clean, wheel to wheel moments which was nice to see, but generally the race didn’t deliver to it’s expectations strategy wise and racing wise. 4/10 for me

    1. Races like that show that DRS are still necessary.

      1. Miltiadis (@miltosgreekfan)
        9th July 2023, 19:22

        With cars having a weight of around 800 kilos, DRS is definitely a positive aid in assisting overaking. Something that is weird is that,in some events DRS is too powerful and in others,like today, its not that effective. I guess track characteristics play a role in this

        1. Whst does weight have to do with overtaking?

          1. Miltiadis (@miltosgreekfan)
            9th July 2023, 21:20

            Usually when a car is lighter, it’s more easy/agile to change direction in close wheel to wheel situations and the turbulence from “dirty” air doesn’t have the same effect(obviously the aero regulations contribute in this aspect as well).

            In my eyes, since we got to the new cars in 2022,with the extra 50 kilos added,the cars are really clumsy in the first part of the race, when they are really heavy with fuel.Its shame to see this happen,as the ground effect has helped a lot in following, plus the tyres don’t overheat dramatically if you are following closely your opponent

          2. RandomMallard
            10th July 2023, 0:24


            I agree about the cars looking very clumsy at the start. I remember watching the first couple of races of 2022 and thinking that on lap one they looked like they were all driving without a front wing with how heavy and slow the cars looked. They’re very big and clumsy now, a far cry from the small agile ones we used to have (not that I was a fan at that time, I have to say).

  3. Didn’t like it. really needed tyres that can last 300 laps. Didn’t we?
    In any case, these regulations have flopped big time. Overtaking was almost impossible today.

  4. 5
    It was alright. Could’ve done with some rain, though.

  5. Not even the rain wanted anything to do with this race

  6. Rather processional although it picked up a bit after the safety car.

    We were spoiled by the action in the F1 quali and the F2 & F3 races.

  7. Was pretty much a snooze fest for the opening half. Nice to see a McLaren take the lead for a few laps, but was obviously not going to make any difference once DRS was available. The safety car shuffled the order a bit with those who hadn’t pitted benefitting, but it only created tension for a couple of laps with Lando and Lewis, and some decent racing for the bottom end of the points positions. Gave it a 5 overall.

    1. I agree with this summing up. The battle between Alonso, Albon and Leclerc near the end was quite fun.

      Although there were some moments of tension they didn’t last very long. It was obvious Max was going to win and Hamilton got lucky with the safety car.

      Cars often couldn’t seem to pass even with DRS so it wasn’t a good case for the new regulations. I gave it a 7/10 though.

  8. Race Director’s stupid late call for an obvious SC killed what was a dull race already.

  9. Mostly boring. The rain was missed. -3 points for an undeserved podium due to VSC/SC timing. 3

  10. The first few laps were exciting. But Lando did a good job given that he had to defend on hard tyres in the last stint. Bad luck for Oscar, who was impressive in keeping pace with Lando in the first stint but was caught out by the safety car. And mega drive from Albon as well, very impressive. There were two top teams who were overall poor performers in the race – Ferrari and Aston Martin. I think the constructors battle behind Red Bull is far from settled.
    7/10 from me. Solid race overall.

    1. Lewis pandering the the stands … like a third-rate rock band: “Hello Detroit!” When they are in Buffalo.

      1. Spinal Tap moment

  11. I hate F1 so much right now. Not even during Schumacher/Vettel/Hamilton dominance was it so predictable.

    1. Max is one of the greatest drivers in F1 history. We should be appreciating what we are seeing.

      1. Yellow Baron
        9th July 2023, 17:20

        It hard to appreciate when there is no challenge. Even the sun needs clouds to cover it and rain to fall for it to be appreciated.

    2. During ham was worst…

      1. Yellow Baron
        9th July 2023, 17:24

        5 out of 8 seasons with title fights. 3 of those 5 going to the last race. Multiple other race winners. Team maates that were a challenge most of the time. Same with Vettel, 3 out of 5 and multiple others challenging and winning including his mark earlier on. This current dominance is the worst. And most certainly the the worst start to a season

        1. So you cant say that really because its only the second year. Schumacher Hamilton Vettel also had at least two boring years in their dominance.

    3. It is a bit contrasting at the moment. At the front there is just no contest at all. If Max doesn’t suffer a mechanical mishap or hit something, he is going to win. So this is very dull, especially if you are not a Max or Red Bull fan.

      However, behind the Red Bulls there is quite a battle going on between Aston Martin, Ferrari, Mercedes and now McLaren. All of the teams/cars now seem to have strong and weak circuits. So this is adding some interest at least.

    4. Guess you have a short memory – do you realize that Mercedes have scored more point after 10 races in 2019 than Red Bull has in 2023?

      Mercedes was more dominant with more pace advantage in 2014-2016 and 2019-2020 than Red Bull is this season. Also the Mclaren from 1988 or the Williams in 1992 as well as Ferrari in 2002 and 2004 were more pace dominant.

      It is the ruthless consistency of sublieme and near faultless performances from Max that make the Red Bull more dominant in results than that their pace really is.

  12. Average race. RBR dominating by more than 1 sec per lap, Ferrari messing up strategy, Merc maximizing the capabilities of their poor car performance, usual midfield battles. Only surprise: The McLaren and Williams performance was outstanding…

    1. You are so funny with your “RBR dominating by more than 1 second per lap” it is not Mercedes in 2014-2016 :-)
      This whole season the RBR advantage has not been more than 0.5 second a lap and often less.

      Max is dominating F1 more than Lewis was and doing it in a car that is less dominant – but please keep living in your own alternate reality avoiding to have to accept that fact.

  13. Yellow Baron
    9th July 2023, 17:22

    5 out of 8 seasons with title fights. 3 of those 5 going to the last race. Multiple other race winners. Team maates that were a challenge most of the time. Same with Vettel. This current dominance is the worst. And most certainly the the worst start to a season

  14. Lots of exciting DRS overtakes (not). I remember when Silverstone used to be an interesting race. 4

  15. Looked rather dull on the highlights.

    Russell’s move on Leclerc was a brief highlight, if also poorly defended. DRS and massive tyre deltas sorted out the rest.

    The 2022 aero regulations are incredibly poor. Silverstone used to be such a fun track.

    Let’s hope the people involved in drafting these are not invited back.

    1. Drafting is the key word …

  16. Yellow Baron
    9th July 2023, 17:25

    F1 sold it’s soul in 2021 unfortunately

  17. Bobby Taylor
    9th July 2023, 17:27

    3 at best. DRS has to go. I’m so tired of seeing drivers simply concede position to Perez because they know with DRS advantage defending doesn’t really matter. Part of the reason Qualifying was so good is we saw a Red Bull without its DRS. Would have been nice to see Max and Lando battle on track. Instead we had the inevitability of DRS and no wheel to wheel action. With the exception of two laps of Lewis and Lando and the opening lap it was an awful race IMO.

  18. John (@johnnyslimane)
    9th July 2023, 18:26

    It’s a 3 for me. One of the most boring races of the season so far.

  19. Today was one the worst races in terms of close fighting since the new aero regulations.
    It’s sad that it only took a bit more than a season to be near 2021 levels of dirty air.
    Without DRS there is essentially no racing in F1, at most tracks at least.

  20. Gave it a 5 as we knew the result at the end, don’t we? How it wasn’t a safety car initially is beyond me. The track crew in the UK is almost as bad as the crew in Italy. Takes at least 10 laps to move a car off the track regardless of where it was. Race control only had to look at how long it took to remove the car during qualifying. Mercedes pit crew went backwards. Put up a 3.9 stop when the other teams were doing 2.4s. That is a 1.5 second difference which is what the gap was between LEC and RUS when RUS came onto the track. Just poor.

  21. Didn’t follow it as closely as usual but looked boring to me, 6 I’d say, some wheel to wheel action I see majority went for 7.

  22. Without red bull, how fun this year’s races could have been…

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