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Vote for your 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend

2023 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Which Formula 1 driver made the most of the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend?

It’s time to give your verdict on which driver did the best with the equipment at their disposal over the last three days.

Review how each driver got on below and vote for who impressed you the most at Hungaroring.

Driver performance summary

Driver Q stage Q position Q gap to team mate GP grid position GP result
Max Verstappen Q3 2 -0.433s 2 1
Sergio Perez Q3 9 +0.433s 9 3
Charles Leclerc Q3 6 -0.123s 6 7
Carlos Sainz Jnr Q2 11 +0.123s 11 8
Lewis Hamilton Q3 1 -0.450s 1 4
George Russell Q1 18 +0.450s 18 6
Esteban Ocon Q2 12 -0.376s 12 Not classified
Pierre Gasly Q2 15 +0.376s 15 Not classified
Lando Norris Q3 3 -0.211s 3 2
Oscar Piastri Q3 4 +0.211s 4 5
Valtteri Bottas Q3 7 +0.063s 7 12
Zhou Guanyu Q3 5 -0.063s 5 16
Lance Stroll Q2 14 +0.443s 14 10
Fernando Alonso Q3 8 -0.443s 8 9
Kevin Magnussen Q1 19 +0.511s 19 17
Nico Hulkenberg Q3 10 -0.511s 10 14
Daniel Ricciardo Q2 13 -0.013s 13 13
Yuki Tsunoda Q1 17 +0.013s 17 15
Alexander Albon Q1 16 -0.331s 16 11
Logan Sargeant Q1 20 +0.331s 20 18

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Vote for your driver of the weekend

Which driver do you think did the best job throughout the race weekend?

Who got the most out of their car in qualifying and the race? Who put their team mate in the shade?

Cast your vote below and explain why you chose the driver you picked in the comments.

Who was the best driver of the 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix weekend?

  • No opinion (1%)
  • Logan Sargeant (0%)
  • Alexander Albon (0%)
  • Yuki Tsunoda (0%)
  • Daniel Ricciardo (6%)
  • Kevin Magnussen (0%)
  • Nico Hulkenberg (0%)
  • Fernando Alonso (1%)
  • Lance Stroll (0%)
  • Guanyu Zhou (0%)
  • Valtteri Bottas (1%)
  • Oscar Piastri (6%)
  • Lando Norris (56%)
  • Pierre Gasly (0%)
  • Esteban Ocon (0%)
  • George Russell (3%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (2%)
  • Carlos Sainz Jnr (0%)
  • Charles Leclerc (0%)
  • Sergio Perez (6%)
  • Max Verstappen (19%)

Total Voters: 126

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31 comments on “Vote for your 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend”


  2. Checo had a fun drive from 9th to 3rd, but Verstappen qualified better AND raced faster, so I don’t see how I can put Checo above him.

    Russell went from 18th to 6th and could be a candidate for driver of the day, but – even though his qualifying exit was mostly down to traffic – I can’t give the award for the weekend to someone who went out in Q1

    Hamilton was driver of Saturday, but went backwards at the start and stayed there. He’ll wish so hard he could have those first few corners again.

    I think for me it’s either Norris (who didn’t really put a foot wrong) or Verstappen (who didn’t either). Ultimately, Norris shook off Piastri in equal machinery; Hamilton who probably had a faster car; and Perez who definitely had a faster car. So I’m giving my vote to Norris.

    1. Verstappen did not improve in his 2nd Q3 lap. That is a foot put wrong.

      1. LW … “0” out of 21!

        1. Who is LW ? (or was it a typo for LS ?)

    2. Hamilton had no chance of beating Verstappen or a Mclaren no matter where he was on lap 2. He lost 8 seconds on HIS undercut in the first stint.

      1. Hamilton was clearly capable of beating a McLaren. I say this because he finished 4th, and Piastri finished 5th.

        He was also only 6 seconds behind Norris, and clearly faster towards the end. If he’d stayed in the top 2 at the start and been +2 ahead of Norris after a few laps instead of -4 behind, that could well have made up the difference.

        1. Piastri had damage, Mercedes had third or fourth fastest racepace. He overachieved putting the Merc on frontrow end of story.

          Same crap as usual, any other driver otherthan Verstappen and everybody goes rightfully wow! If its Hamilton then he must have crazy good car. Even though the facts point support the story. It’s very important for you Alex that Hamilton is the not the creator of his achievements.

          1. what a crazy reply.
            Because others have another (biased) opinion… you end 1 argument with ‘end of story’, as if your opinion is a fact… guess what: it is not
            Calling the other opinion ‘crap’, is just a way of making your point more valid…

            in my opinion, and that can be different from yours… I think Mercedes certainly was not the fourth quickest car, maybe not even 3rd. It may have been 2nd, I think overall about equal to McLaren.
            In the beginning of the stints, the McLarens were faster, and later in the stint, the Mercedes was faster.
            I think it would have made a difference if Hamilton coud’ve kept the McLarens behind for a few more laps, that would have paid off later in the race, and may have resulted in a p3

          2. ooh, I see I am not the only one thinking this:

            However Wolff believes only the Red Bull was decisively quicker than the Mercedes around the Hungaroring. “I think we had the second quickest car today but the result doesn’t show it,” he said. “You can say in theory we had the second-quickest car, we didn’t monetise on it today.”

  3. I know everyone is on this bandwagon. Bu RIC jumped into the arguably worst car on the grid, made q2, ahead of his teammate, got rammed off the track in T1 and finished 13th, a head of TSU. Round of applause.

    1. It was good to see! I wish the cameras had spent more time on him. Hopefully even more to come

    2. Ric running plum last after 1st lap, while Yuki was 11th and finishing 2 places ahead is awesome. Also, overcoming a strange pit strategy should make him an underdog candidate for DOTW.

      Ended up voting for Lando, who in the race clearly showed that he’s no.1 at McLaren and with a quick but measured drive you can beat Lewis and Checo, which Piastri couldn’t achieve even though he had the better start.

  4. Voted for Norris. Max was imperious on Sunday and Lewis was on pace on Saturday. But Norris had consistent pace throughout the weekend in practice, qualifying and race. Other than being boxed at turn 1 resulting in losing the place to Piastri at the start, it was a comprehensive result for the Mclaren driver this weekend.

  5. Max makes it look so easy that people really think its easy. Max DOTW for me.

  6. Hard to overlook Verstappen here. Has the best car obviously, but he obliterated the field today.
    Bonuspoint for letting us believe there would be an actual race on Saturday. 😉

    1. @mosquito Well put! Yes, I too voted for Max. Again, a masterclass display of driving. Walked away taking the maximum points (excuse the pun) available.

      1. It’s also very easy to be voted a “Driving Genius” when you have a massive advantage car wise – just as Lewis did in previous years.
        Which is why people like Senna didn’t win championships in his first ever seat, his best cars gave him a massive advantage in later years – and it will always be that way unless F1 becomes a “Handicap Formula” the way Saloon Cars used to be, adding lead weights to the previous races’ winner – etc. etc.

  7. No one really deserved it so gave it to BOT because he kept his car on screen during the race by constantly being at pit exit when someone fast was coming out. That’s some skilled racing to do that.

  8. Only 2 drivers performed abnormal. Perez should have qualified 1-2 and finished finished second. Piastri had damage on his car and lost position. Whos fault was the damage?

    Verstappen, Norris finished where their machinery ranked. Hamilton overachieved massively, lost out bigtiime in the start, but never had the car to stay fourth. Maybe third since Perez had abused his tires, but it was a hard ask to catch the most dominant Formula 1 car ever made.

    1. the most dominant Formula 1 car ever made.

      What, I saw no Fezza 156 Sharknose in the field today, not even a Merc W05 which came pretty close

      1. We saw the RBR rocketship, which totally qualifies for the statemenr

        1. Just reading the word “rocketship” in a post tells me all I need to know about it – brigade stuff yet again

          1. It was Verstappen on radio using the term after the finish line. Anti Ham brigade doesnt like facts, we all know…

  9. Best: Lando, what could have he done better?
    2nd Max: 0.009 from a Grand Chelem… but should have qualified a little better to be DOTW
    3rd Dan: Not bat for his first weekend, specially after being hit at T1
    4th Oscar: Should have had a podium, but apparently lost it because of floor damage. I must confess I ignore how he got it and if it was his fault, but here I am on a limb assuming it was not.
    5th Fred: Solid performance with a car that used to be the class of the non-RB field and is fifth now.
    6th: Pretty good today but loses points due to a disappointing Saturday (what I disliked most is the way he blamed the team)
    Very little to choose from the rest. Checo was not terribly bad today but should have done a better job yesterday. Zhou had the Saturday of his life but totally ruined of today. And the polesitter reminded us today why Nico won in 2016.

  10. 6th was George, did not say who

  11. Norris followed by Ricciardo. Piastri was doing well all weekend but faded during the race.

  12. First time in a while I have been able to not vote for MV, thank goodness. Yes, he had a good race, but – in my opinion – the car was much faster than any other on the day and it was his to throw away. At least Sergio had to put in some overtakes to get where he did, so of the two I’d have voted for him (though given it’s a driver of the ‘weekend’ vote, his qualifying does rather take him out of contention).

    DR seemed to put in a pleasingly solid performance, though on reflection, due to incidents, strategies etc. it was really hard to get a much more of a definitive read than ‘he didn’t do really badly’.

    In the end I could have gone one of a few ways, but I felt GR’s race after a qualifying result that was not as much his own fault was quite deserving, but I can see why this wouldn’t be the popular vote.

  13. Only 3 drivers in it. Max, Lando, Sergio, but a little less for Sergio due to his crash in Practice and poor Quali. But not much to separate them.

  14. I have an opinion
    24th July 2023, 9:58

    While Norris drove very well, I disqualified him from my DOTW for breaking Max’s trophy.

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