Lewis Hamilton and Esteban Ocon inspect a remote control car

Caption Competition 223: Tech talk with Hamilton and Ocon

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Lewis Hamilton and Esteban Ocon may race for rival teams but ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix last week the former Mercedes colleagues got together to race radio-controlled cars.

For Hamilton it was a chance to get reacquainted with the kind of cars he drove has a child, while Ocon has kept his hobby up since graduating to F1.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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44 comments on “Caption Competition 223: Tech talk with Hamilton and Ocon”

  1. “There’s no way these tyres are going to go the distance man”

    1. Sorry – I know – clichéd and obvious ;)

      1. Hey, I thought it was amusing.

    2. Perfect.

  2. “Darn, they kept the zero sidepod design.”

  3. This is the same transmitter we used on Valtteri’s car. On George’s we’re having some issues…

    1. Love it, very funny.

  4. Hamiton “do you think we could fit a gopro here, drive this under the Red Bull and have a look at their floor”

  5. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    30th September 2023, 10:02

    Sorry Yuki! Didn’t realise you were still in the car.

  6. “I raced a car on like this on Blue Peter…”, Ocon:”Don’t talk to me about Blue Peter, I’ve had problems with him all season”.

  7. Show me on the RC where Perez touched you

    1. Oh yes – I like this one a lot :)

    2. Excellent :)

    3. This one makes my entering more pointless than usual. Exceptionally good!!!

  8. Oh man.. There’s definitely too much flexing on this bodywork

  9. LH: “We’re trying “inverted psychology” to cause confusion for the other teams.”

    EO: “Inverted psychology? What on earth is that?”

    LH: “See this RC car? You’d think the wing is at the rear, right? Not so. The wing is at the front!”

    EO: “Seems a bit strange to put a huge wing at the front…”

    LH: “When the other teams see this back-to-front car design on the grid, we think some will get confused and they will mess up their starts. Me & George will be super prepared and we will then get ahead into Turn 1.”

    EO: “Ahaaa! That makes sense. I use the same principle with my baseball cap. I wear it back-to-front like this just to annoy Pierre!”

    LH: “You get the point.”

  10. “Extreme E is not full size?”
    “Nah, just scale models on a film set, mate. Nobody’s watching it, not even me.”

  11. And this is how we almost solved the porpoising issues.

  12. Toto says it’s this or the Clio Cup.

  13. I really don’t understand your French joke “pouet, pouet, camion !”

  14. Hamilton: These springs are what’s causing all the bouncing.

  15. LH: Where is my front wing mate! Did you divebomb into another RC car while racing? I’m never going to loan you my stuff ever again.

  16. Hey, the DAS was banned a couple of seasons ago!

  17. Lewis: So this is the biggest scale-model you guys can afford to run in your windtunnel at Alpine?

  18. Hamilton: I’m not saying Yuki is small, but this is the prototype of his 2024 car.

  19. Ocon: “Lewis, I know this is difficult, but tell me where the other car touched you.”

  20. The FIA is taking ages to grant me an exemption for this nose stud, man.

  21. Lewis: “Man, this is the last time I use super-glue…”

  22. Newey is designing me a flexi front wing

  23. The F1 teams’ investgation to verify the potential new F1 entries gets underway.

  24. “Can you get this fixed for me? Toto says we can’t under the budget cap.”

  25. “When I saw the car, I thought “fuck, that looks fast”.

  26. Well Lewis, you did say you wanted smaller cars in 2026.

    1. Ahah, one of my favourites!

  27. ……. and this spot at the front I am selling to Hilfiger for $5,000,000.00.

  28. and this is carbotanium ferrodinum logarathmic rate neurolinked anti-deflectional damper set. Or so James tells me.

  29. Lewis car collection new addition with the only Roborace functional unit.

  30. If we cut here, you can stick your feet out.

    1. Very topical and brilliant – well said Sir.

  31. And this is where we got our brake magic design from.

  32. We only aim for small development steps.

  33. I had a great line for you, Esteban, but it was just too obvious!

  34. “We’re giving it away with every one of my Tommy Hilfiger summer blazers.”

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