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Rate the race: 2023 Brazilian Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Brazilian Grand Prix.

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What were the best and worst moments of the race? What was the main thing you’ll remember about it? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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15 comments on “Rate the race: 2023 Brazilian Grand Prix”

  1. Untypically straightforward Interlagos race with some good battles in the mix, although mostly due to tyre delta from differing strategies.

    1. Half the cars were gone.

      I noticed Ricciardo best Piastri. What a shame. He would have been much further into the points than Tsunoda who is fast but sloppy everywhere.

  2. 8.75/10 just because of the Alonso and Perez battle. Ocon got instant karma for his reaction yesterday and then focusing on just blocking his teammate once again instead of going forward. Tsunoda coming in only 9th was actually a really weak drive. He was all over the place.

    Interlagos ALWAYS put on a show.

  3. Fairly enjoyable race in the best tradition of Schumacher/Hamilton era – Max is already long past any threat of any mechanical or team failure, Norris had a fantastic race and more than 5s that he cut from the gap at the end was impressive. Alonso was phenomenal. Kudos to Stroll as well.

  4. BLS (@brightlampshade)
    5th November 2023, 19:18

    The race from 3rd down was enjoyable, but it’s always gutting when there’s no battle for P1.

    Fernando was a beast today (other than start number 1!), well deserved podium after fighting off the mouse in the bull.

  5. Samantha Coupe
    5th November 2023, 19:19

    Without the battle for third, I struggle to see how this race was more entertaining than Spa 2021
    (Yes, I am a butthurt Mercedes fan. I’m also a butthurt Liverpool fan so today was terrible for me in sports.)

  6. Gave it a 7 and all that 7 is for Fernando

  7. A 9 from me just because of Fernando defending the rear off his car. Simply outstanding. Kudos to Checo too for keeping it clean.

  8. Mainly a dull tyre saving race, with some firstlap incidents and a baatle or two to make it just good enough amd save itnfrom being a boring one

  9. Alonso made the race…and got a bigger cheer on the podium than the other 2 combined…I know its the rules but surely a complete restart woukd have been sensible….

    1. It was obvious it was going to be a red flag as soon as the crash in turn 1 happened. But someone wanted to help Norris and Hamilton. Stroll and Alonso should have been 2nd and 3rd on the restart. The sense of collusion and fake entertainment left a bad taste. Otherwise decent race and good battle between Alonso and Perez gets 7/10 from me and Alonso for DOTW.

      1. Why should Stroll go on the front row? It was good to see two great starts rewarded, not treated as if they’d never happened. I guess they’d raced far enough to cross one of the mysterious safety car lines. What did seem unfair was all the Australians losing a lap for being clobbered by someone else’s accident.

    2. This is interesting, in his times as Felipe’s teammate and the infamous “faster than you” TO, Fred got consistently booed at Interlagos and called unPC (and obviously false btw) things about his sexual orientation.

  10. why – because of rules. when a race is red flagged, then the order is defined when it last can be detected. for sure Stroll and Alonso have been overtaken by then. RF was thrown after some time behind SC.

  11. 2 – Commentators begging for a safety car tells you everything you need to know about the race. ALO-PER last lap was great but 20 cars and 71 laps should have a lot more action.

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