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Official: AlphaTauri becomes Visa Cash App RB Formula One Team for 2024

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Red Bull has confirmed its second Formula 1 team has changed names for the second time in four years.

Visa Cash App RB Formula One Team has been announced as the new identity of Scuderia AlphaTauri for the 2024 F1 season. The new identity merges two title sponsors: Visa, the digital and mobile payment network, and Cash App, a platform for exchanging money including cryptocurrency.

Red Bull call the deal “Visa’s first new major global sports sponsorship in more than 15 years.” It involves both Formula 1 teams plus their two F1 Academy representatives. Cash App has been a Red Bull sponsor since 2021 and Visa’s logos will also appear on the RB20 this year.

The livery for the new Visa Cash App RB team will be presented at a special event in Las Vegas on February 8th.

“It’s fantastic to reveal the new identity and to welcome new partners as we embark on the next phase of the team’s Formula 1 story,” said Visa Cash App RB CEO Peter Bayer.

Red Bull previously operated its second F1 team chiefly as the final preparation stage for junior drivers earmarked for promotion to the top team. Its most successful drivers, including Max Verstappen, Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo, all passed through its doors.

However Bayer indicated the team’s priorities have changed in line with its rebranding and the arrival of new senior staff including himself and former Ferrari sporting director Laurent Mekies. “Faenza is entering a new era of racing, staying true to our roots as a hothouse for talent but now with an even greater focus on competing for the biggest prizes in F1,” said Bayer.

“We have a bold vision for the team lead by myself and team principal Laurent Mekies and having future-focused partners such as Visa and Cash App alongside us on that journey is hugely exciting.”

The team was founded in 1985 as Minardi and purchased by Red Bull 20 years later. It was originally rebranded as Toro Rosso – Italian for ‘Red Bull’ – until it was renamed to promote their AlphaTauri fashion brand in 2020.

It finished last year eighth in the constructors’ championship. Ricciardo and Tsunoda, who ended the season as its two drivers, have remained with them for the new season.

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97 comments on “Official: AlphaTauri becomes Visa Cash App RB Formula One Team for 2024”

  1. I can struggle to comprehend who thought this would be a good idea? The name has no ring to it (at least Alpha Tauri/Toro Rosso sounded alright), it’s hard to understand what you can shorten it to (I expect it will just be “Racing Bulls”, although I would also like to propose “Minardi”), and I don’t know the full details, but to me it feels like Visa and Cash App should be natural competitors no? I can’t see who thought this was a sound move…

    1. Right that’s it. We need a new campaign to ensure all mentions of Visa Cash App RB on the web are auto-replaced with Minardi.

    2. Absolutely +1 for Minardi.
      Brilliant suggestion!
      Let’s bring the Minardi team back!

      Call this team “Minardi” every time you mention it on the web, in tweets, in discussions etc.
      Think about it… a successful “Minardi campaign” could go viral – and it could all start right here.

      1. AllTheCoolNamesWereTaken
        24th January 2024, 16:23

        I hereby suggest that we refer to them as “The Team Formerly Known As Minardi.”

        I concede that it doesn’t roll off the tongue, but it still has way more cachet than “Visa Cash Cow ArrrrrBeeee Yadda Yadda Team,” or whatever their new name is.

        1. Maybe the Team Erstwhile Known as Minardi, or TEKAM
          or preferably TEKA Minardi.

          1. AllTheCoolNamesWereTaken
            24th January 2024, 20:01

            TEKA Minardi

            I actually genuinely like that.

          2. Very good.

          3. That is a good suggestion there.

    3. It doesn’t need to be a good name or an inspiring name, it needs to bring money to Red Bull and sure it will.

    4. Michael Campbell
      24th January 2024, 18:13

      > I can struggle to comprehend who thought this would be a good idea?

      The Visa marketing department, which is full of barely graduated college kids with Communications degrees.


    5. Visa Cash Cow would’ve been more honest. And hey, there’s a cow on the side of their car, so that’s what I’ll be calling them.

      1. Visa Cash grab is how I read it the first time. But Visa Cash Cow feels fitting as well, thanks for the suggestion @us_peter!

  2. That merch is just gonna fly off of them shelves, isn’t it?

  3. “Visa Cash App RB Formula One Team” Just rolls off the tongue that one!

    So what will it actually be called? By commentators/fans/etc. Nobody ever uses the *full* name (And Lewis flies down the straight in his Vodafone McLaren Mercedes! Whizzing past Massa in the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro), but there’s usually the obvious ‘friendly’ name to identify the team.

    Are they simply going to be called “RB”?

    1. “Those guys just in front of Haas” seems the most practical.

      1. Made me laugh :-)

      1. A meme well and truly in the making.

      2. Would be funny if the app actually started crashing! I kinda hope the drivers avoid crashes

    2. Surely we will come to call them RB. However, it hardly sounds like a name that has a long future under it’s current ownership…

      Likewise, the constructor name for the Swiss based team is Kick Sauber, which is presumably what will be displayed on the TV graphics and timing screen. Therefore I suspect we will end up calling them Sauber, as it should be.

    3. VCAP team….

      1. I heard Haas is changing their name to Kentucky Fried Chicken Taco Bell Walmart Racing Team.

  4. What a weird name.
    I’m looking forward to Yuki & Daniel saying, ‘I’m driving for Visa Cash App RB Formula 1 Team.”

  5. Visa RB – okay – but the Cash App addition.. Selling out or cashing in?!

    1. Purchase my NFT to find out.

    2. Consider it a nice prompt to (repeatedly) bring up the fact that VISA considers an Annual Percentage Rate of up to 29% – yes, 29% – to be among their ‘Low APR offers’.

      Remember, just because they put ‘Freedom Unlimited’ in the name of said offer, doesn’t mean you won’t get sucked into a debt spiral.

      1. The flip (up)side of that coin is that others (like me) can use their Visa/Master/Amex card to get 1-2 months payment terms, free insurance, cashback, concierge services, convenience, etc without having to pay anything (or a limited fee).

        1. Using said extras that companies like Visa use to ‘entice’ people and then comfortably paying the monthly bill in full is indeed the best way to play. They hate customers like that.

  6. All right. Now I really felt like throwing up. Is this some kind of a joke? What the hell is going on with this “sport”? They completely forgot the importance of style, even dignity…

    1. Is it really any different to Sauber selling out to Alfa Romeo sponsorship, or Genii Capital selling out to Lotus Cars (despite them not actually paying) when they were the majority owners of the Renault F1 team.

      Or Aston having both Cognizant and Aramco as sponsors.

      The team will just be Racing Bulls to me, as the company name on the website states it is. “Racing Bulls SpA”

      1. If it was Visa Cash App Alfa Romeo Formula One Team it would be the same.

      2. It’s not different at all (in essence), but now we’re having a trend. I could live with disrespecting a team or two, but if I end up disliking them all… What is left? That’s how I feel about this. I dislike many tracks already, many countries we visit, now some teams and their identities too… It’s just too much negativity, and this is only the beginning of an ugly transformation. F1 will be as exciting as YouTube ads. Will I have to adblock it too? I hope not lol.

      3. The team will just be Racing Bulls to me, as the company name on the website states it is

        Be honest, you think, like we do, that the name is three letters longer and the last three are hidden behind the bull graphic

  7. F1 has truly jumped the Megalodon!

  8. Easily the worst name a team has had in F1. Just an assortment of brands and a hijacked identity from its parent – literally just brand, money & Red Bull’s spare parts. Surprisingly bad given Red Bull are usually pretty decent with marketing.

    1. I was thinking the same Red Bull as a company are normally brilliant at marketing. Dietrich Mateschitz is spinning in his grave

    2. Is it really that much worse than:
      Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team, or
      Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team (and that is after dropping the ‘Cognizant’ bit)?

      Mostly the teams are referred to as the name of the chassis (Mercedes, Ferrari, Williams). And for those with a third party sponsor reference in the chassis name it is mostly omitted (simply Aston Martin or Sauber).

      The question remains if this team/chassis should be called ‘RB’ as per the official chassis entry, or Racing Bulls (as per the company name)

      1. Spot on with that assessment

  9. Visa CashApp is battling Stake

  10. I just can’t wait for a team to get sponsored by a sex toy company or a porn site.

    Just think of the things they could insist on in terms of names, and even the shape of the car.

    Takes me back to when a knocking shop sponsored a race car here in Australia

  11. I’ll probably just refer to them as RB. Hopefully the commentators can do the same, but probably not?

    1. Just call them Racing Bulls, as that is after all what the company is called. Racing Bulls SpA

      1. Lets go with the Cash Appers.

        1. What might work, yeah

    2. I dread to think what James Allen would have called it. The way he kept saying “BMW Williams” made me want to throw things at the telly.

    3. Can just call them toro rosso, it’s their original identity since they came into the sport, and makes sense with the stronger version being called red bull and the weaker version being the same in italian.

    4. I never liked the alpha tauri name anyway and this even less.

  12. at least Beta Tauri would have sounded better!

  13. Let’s hope they don’t win at Imola, or the headline writers will run out of space.

  14. A friend sent me this news on Discord. I was a former F1 fanatic (pun intended) since 2011 and used to watch the races religiously. As an Australian, this was no easy feat.

    Formula 1 has changed terribly since ‘Drive to Survive’. The soul of F1 has been shredded to pieces and those pieces sold off to the highest bidder. I don’t understand how anyone can stomach this product masquerading as a sport if they witnessed any pre-2018 era of F1.

    This is yet another example of how this product that you enjoy is corrupted. Yes, naming rights sponsorships are nothing new to F1 and this naming decision won’t affect any on-track action but this is another example on a long, long list of silly decisions that F1 stakeholders have made that is informed by the bottom-line and neither common sense nor sporting integrity ever prevails in modern Formula 1.

    1. @crunch Well said. I’ve watched religiously since 1999, and each year that passed by since the DTS/Liberty invasion has been harder and harder to stomach. I’m sure this kind of thing is easier to swallow if you’ve only been watching for a few years, but I don’t know a single longstanding fan who feels as though the sport has gone in the right direction. The naming of ‘Visa CashApp RB’ could not be a better portrayal of where the sport is right now.

      1. You took the words right outta my mouth, 40 years following F1 but since it jumped the shark I dont really follow it with the same zest, more looking forward to IMSA,BTCC,WEC etc.
        Dont even know the date of the first race when before I would be counting down the days. It was fun while it lasted but all things change and feel glad I saw first hand some classic F1.

    2. As if Visa Cash App RB is any worse than Mastercard Lola. F1 hasn’t changed, it’s still the same thing.

      1. VISA RB would be equal, but Cash App is simply a disgrace. Whats next? ‘Save Money. Live Better. Walmart Haas”?

    3. Formula 1 has changed terribly since ‘Drive to Survive’.

      How so? Most of the things in F1 haven’t changed much in 10, 20 even 30 years.

      Since the mid 2000s they’ve had to work with decreasing viewership (claimed to be increasing again, but with different metrics so it’s hard to compare), decreasing manufacturer interest, and the same problem facing all of motorsport: automotive technology has sort of hit its ceiling, and is, performance-wise, now ridiculously and prohibitively expensive to maximize within very strict regulations. And to safeguard the sporting aspect of it all, and not make the drivers irrelevant, pretty much none of the technology introduced after 1990 has found its way into F1 (or at least not for long). Whether that’s automatic transmissions, traction control, launch control, active suspensions, movable aerodynamics, anti-lock brake systems, etc.; none of it is allowed in F1.

  15. Why not call it Visa RB Formula One Team? They could put the “Cash App” logo in the livery anyway.

  16. All I see is V-Carb.

    1. V Carb has a motorsport ring to it. V engine with carburettors.

  17. Simply awful name

  18. and I thought the BTCC team names were bad. I checked the calendar to see if it was 1st April.

  19. Oh God…No

  20. The worst name in F1 history

  21. Will they be more successful than the 1997 Mastercard Lola?

    1. Depends on how much “inspiration” the Red Bull employees making Red Bull’ cars #3 and #4 take from their Red Bull colleagues who make Red Bull’s cars #1 and #2.

  22. So that’s one denial we all knew was coming. Yawn… I guess this is where Visa’s twitter ad spend has ended up. Smart really, Visa Cash Up will still end up plastered all over it (and every other social media for that matter.) Not to mention the broadcasts, news…

    I can’t fault this one as much as what the Stake Kick money is supporting. It is what it is…

  23. It’s quite remarkable that a team name manages to be over-corporate, confusing, and boring all at the same time.

  24. I’ll click just on this single article, because that’s what these cynical marketers want – they come up with still stranger and unimaginably absurd products just to provoke reactions and interactions. Nothing more to that.

  25. No way that Dietrich Mateschitz would have ever approved of this name. He’s turning donuts in his grave now.

    1. Yes, it is somewhat baffling a company that has PR and marketing so much engrained into it as Red Bull did not manage to get a better name in there.

  26. The marketing guys need taking out back and shooting.

  27. Problem is the name of some of these companies – who apparently don’t mind being general and literal – just naming yourself Cash App, Stake or Kick instead of using a family name or taking inspiration from something you want your brand to be associated with. It has created this silly and stupid situation, but we can’t really blame the teams – they just want.. cash. Looking forward to the future… how about the Brown Sauce Bulls?

  28. Just when I thought it can’t get any worse with “Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber” ( what a mouthful), this team gets us another corporate awful name!! Who the hell comes up with these names? Marketing, PR, or the boardromm guys?!

    1. Stake F1 should be arrested for assault if they kick sauber.

  29. Just needs a bit of abbreviation and it works:

    V-CARB F1

    There you go, fixed it!

    (However, in the real world, what a perfect example of capitalism and corporate sponsorship creating something so utterly ridiculous that I had to check that it wasn’t 1st April)

    1. Hm, dang, that actually sounds good.

  30. What the hell.

    I saw this rumoured weeks ago and dismissed it as a silly rumour. Wow. What an embarrassment.

  31. We are living in the era of marketing geniuses – not.

    1. We are living in the era of marketing geniuses

      I suspect “marketing genius” is one of the published lists of oxymorons

  32. Wow Alphatauri now sounds great :S

  33. The only thing missing now is a Tag Heuer Redbull Power Train badge at the back.

  34. David Beverley
    24th January 2024, 18:43

    Marketing & branding in F1 goes waaay back. But every year it seems to become less subtle & with less care for the sport. More American.

  35. is this a joke?

  36. The log looks like a click bait loan shark.

  37. Awful name and while the Visa Cash app part is terrible the RB I think it’s the worst part, “Here comes Tsunoda on the RB” he changed teams or what? sounds awful it’s just too close to Red Bull, F1 should ban names being too similar to each other at least Toro Rosso/Alpha Tauri were different enough, should have just called the team Tori da corsa or something like that.

    I expect Hass to be Racing Ferraris or FR any day now.

  38. I initially hated the idea of them being called Racing Bulls. All of a sudden that sounds like a great name…

  39. This sounds too funny. I hope they don’t change their minds.

  40. So Toro Rosso it is then!

  41. Randy Vanderpool
    24th January 2024, 22:51

    Go to their website at the very bottom, you will see RACING BULLS in small print.

  42. Correction: The CEO Peter Bayer is the CEO of company “Racing Bulls S.p.A.” incorporated in Italy. He is employed by that company. That is the corporate identity. The FIA 2024 Formula 1 Championship entry identifies that COMPANY NAME, whilst the FIA identifies the TEAM NAME as “Visa Cash APP RB Formula One Team”.

    The TEAM NAME is only a FIA Sporting name, and has nothing to do with the Company registration.

    These FIA Sporting TEAM NAMES are the team sponsorship “dresses” they put on, whilst the Company identity is still underneath the ridiculous petticoat names presented in the Formula 1 competition, to appease their ‘money for billboard clients’.

  43. Can we get tobacco back please?

  44. Team Isa Cashgrab

  45. I think it is strange to market Cash App to a worldwide audience using F1, when the app is only available in the US. Or are they going to launch it in the EU or UK too?

    And the name…who cares if the B team has poor marketing name. In cycling this happens to even the top tier teams, so be glad that Ferrari, Mercedes and RB are not doing it.

  46. Just waiting for the “Wells Fargo Pony Express Cheap Loans Motorracing Team” to enter F1

  47. That doesn’t sound like two sponsors to me. It sounds like Visa have launched a new product called “Cash App”.

    Who at Visa signed off on lending their brand equity to a crypto wallet from a separate company?

  48. I´ll call it Minardi.

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