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First pictures: Ferrari reveals “completely new” SF-24 F1 car for 2024

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Ferrari have revealed their SF24 at the team’s launch event, becoming the latest team to show off their new look for the 2024 season.

Unveiling the SF-24 for the first time, the new Ferrari features a striking addition of white and yellow to the car’s livery alongside its traditional scarlet colour.

The car is the first to be produced under the leadership of team principal Frederic Vasseur, who joined Ferrari at the beginning of the 2023 season. He said the team must aim to “start off where we left off at the end of last season, when we were consistent front runners, with a view to constantly improving in all areas.”

The team will retain their driver line-up of Charles Leclerc, who recently signed a contract extension with the team, and Carlos Sainz Jnr.

Leclerc said he expects the SF-24 will be “less sensitive and easier to drive” than its predecessor, which frustrated the Ferrari pair at times last year, especially in the first half of the season before improvements were made to its handling. “I expect the car to be a step forward in several areas and from the impression I formed in the simulator I think we’re where we want to be,” Leclerc added.

This will be Sainz’s final season at the team, following Ferrari’s announcement Lewis Hamilton will join them for 2025.

Ferrari fell from second in the constructors’ championship in 2022 to third behind Mercedes last season. However, the team were the only one of Red Bull’s rivals to beat the world champions to a grand prix victory when Sainz won the Singapore Grand Prix late in the year. The team also took seven pole positions over the course of the season and nine total podium finishes, matching the total of McLaren.

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In order to become more consistent challengers to last year’s dominant champions Red Bull, Ferrari chose to “create a completely new platform” with its 2024 car, chassis technical director Enrico Cardile explained.

“Every area of the car has been redesigned, even if our starting point was the development direction we adopted last year and which saw us take a leap forward in terms of competitiveness in the final part of the season.”

The team has not adopted one of the defining characteristics of Red Bull’s dominant RB19, its pull-rod front suspension, sticking instead with a push-rod design. However Cardile is confident the car has addressed the criticisms their drivers had of last year’s car.

“We have taken on board what the drivers told us and turned those ideas into engineering reality, with the aim of giving them a car that’s easier to drive and therefore easier to get the most out of and push it to its limits. We did not set ourselves any design constraints other than that of delivering a strong and honest racing car, which can reproduce on the race track what we have seen in the wind tunnel.”

Pictures: 2024 Ferrari SF-24

Video: 2024 Ferrari SF-24

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31 comments on “First pictures: Ferrari reveals “completely new” SF-24 F1 car for 2024”

  1. This is the first livery that I like so far. Good job on that.

    1. Eh Stake livery is so much better (no I’m not being ironic).

      1. @yaru
        The first livery that they like.
        You don’t need to agree, but your opinion also isn’t fact.

    2. Cheapened livery. If they follow this they will be soon loose identity.

  2. Yup, it’s a Ferrari. Love it though, why haven’t they done more with the yellow in the past? Makes for a perfect accent, love the stripes. Bellissimo.

  3. Love this, best livery by far so far.

  4. I like the large number of sponsor names and logos, and the fact that they are all white and not in a variety of colours.
    The thin red strip on the front wing is a very cool design idea.

  5. It’s clear that this car represents a significant departure from last year’s car. With the new chassis and entirely revamped rear end, the aerodynamic philosophy has changed.

    The front push-rod geometry has been altered, along with the mounting points of the wishbones. Additionally, the sidepods have undergone a complete redesign, and the crash structure has been repositioned to allow for increased airflow beneath the sidepods. The area behind the Halo also appears to be situated at a higher position.

    Great livery by the way, just hope it delivers on track. Let’s goooooooo !

    1. I’m really curious to see how this performs! It’ll be a big test for Vasseur as well. Hopefully it’s something they can work with from the get go, and not spend a few months getting a good feel for. The sensitivity and resulting unpredictability of the previous car(s) was a big problem.

      It’s also quite the fancy look. Nice!

  6. Oh that’s fabulous. I still think their 2022 car is the best looking of this new era, but this one is pretty close.

  7. Pretty much as I envisioned.

  8. Were those VGW Play decals on the car last year?*
    Never came across that one last year.

    It seems to be Virtual Gaming (based on big data revenue) more than gambling, but when checking further it also shows Casino games and Coins to purchase.

    * I’m checking many teams are now sponsored by gaming and/or crypto. Seems to be a trend.

    1. Don’t remember seeing them last year.

    2. I’m checking many teams are now sponsored by gaming and/or crypto. Seems to be a trend.

      Reality is clearly “so yesterday”

  9. For me, that’s the best Ferrari have looked for years. Love that.

  10. Shame they couldn’t make the old sidepods work, the car really stood our before. It still looks great and hopefully it will start being a match for the Red Bulls in more races now

  11. Multo bella! The go-faster stripes are great – tasteful refinement of the yellow from the sportscar and last year’s Monza special.

    I hope Cardile’s last paragraph comes true. While a strong 4th and honest 5th will never be good enough, it sounds like they know where they’re going and working together better than in recent years.

  12. On first sight it looks a lot like the RB19 with a (sooo nice) Ferrari livery. Sidepods are pretty much identical, apart from the air inlet above the cockpit there’s really a RB19 feel (for me at least).
    And I think it’s a good thing that one of the top teams conceded that Newey got it right and they should follow that design path. Makes it all the more interesting if Mercedes will do the same or that they will stick with their own design and try to get that to work for the third year in a row.

  13. I really liked the look of the bathtub side pods a couple years ago. Sad to see them go but they just didn’t work.

  14. I might be alone in this but I really don’t like those yellow stripes. Seem out of place, too much contrast.

    1. Agreed. It looks cheap.

    2. I am with you there @fer-no65 – the stripes make it look a little busy rather than a sleek racer.

  15. Just WOOOOW amazing looking car with amazing livery it is amazing all over but I hope it performs as amazing as its looks since at the end its the performance that matters.

  16. Looks good in my opinion, but like some others have said I actually preferred the bathtub sidepods from an aesthetic point of view, and the yellow stripe looks a little jarring on first viewing.

    For this season I was hoping that Ferrari could convert some of the very competitive one-lap pace they showed at the end of 2023 into decent race pace as well, and challenge the Red Bulls for the win, not just the pole. With a totally new platform they have however effectively killed that option, so lets hope they have got this one right first time.

  17. That’s a very pretty looking Ferrari. Personally I really love the inclusion of the yellow accents.

  18. The white and yellow stripes are for a hint of Vatican City I guess LOL

  19. looks like a winner to me. Nice work around the bottom side of the intakes. Very clean on the back, no weird Mercedes hump destroying the flow and messing up the downforce on the rear wing. Kudos.

  20. Wow! This is beautiful.
    Is that a vertical air inlet below the sidepod?

  21. has any one noticed that they manage to keep the s-duct maybe or it could be just a cooling inlet?

  22. Wouldn’t it be great if all teams just picked their single colour like ferrari does and paint their car all over the same (ok maybe with some minimal accents)? I know it’s personal taste but I just prefer the simple, recognisable nature of this one rather than some of the over-complicated others.

  23. Very pretty, might be my favorite F1 car in a while

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