Which F1 team has the best livery in 2024?

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Now that all ten teams on the F1 grid have unveiled their cars ahead of the start of the 2024 season, we now know how the grid will look this season.

Some fans have been disappointed to see that the trend of bare carbon introduced with the new technical regulations of 2022 seems to have grown even more prominent this season.

Many teams have kept their designs similar to what they ran last season. But there are a handful of teams who will be running in drastically different looks for this season. Most notably, RB – Red Bull’s second team – and Sauber will rock new colour schemes for the 2024 season.

But which team has the best design on the grid? Have your say in this week’s poll.

Red Bull

A typical look from the world champions who keep largely the same scheme as from years passed. But as the cliche goes, it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

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For so many seasons, Mercedes ran in their historic silver colours. But after switching to black in recent years, the team have combined the two with a predominately black look with a silver nose for the 2024 season.


Ferrari SF-24, 2024

Ferrari hardly stunned the motorsport world by revealing a scarlet red SF-24 to the world earlier this week. However, they have added the white and yellow stripes they introduced to their race suits last year to the car itself.


McLaren MCL38, 2024

Another team who have largely adapted their livery from 2023, McLaren run with their papaya orange but with even more bare carbon for 2024.

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Aston Martin

Aston Martin AMR24 Rendering, 2024

While some teams have dramatically changed their looks for the new season, Aston Martin is very much not one of them. They retain a fundamentally similar livery to the one they ran last year, but are no longer the only team in green…


Alpine A524, 2024

Alpine have become the most striking example of a team this season to cut back on the amount of paint they are running on their car for this year. Now their car is mostly carbon – even their special ‘pink’ variant.


Williams FW46, 2024

Williams have updated their blue colour to ‘new era’ blue, stating their intent with their first car produced under the leadership of team principal James Vowles.

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The first major livery transformation for 2024, the former AlphaTauri team have a new name as well as a new look for this season. RB’s first livery has hallmarks of some of the Toro Rosso designs of years passed.


Sauber livery for 2024 F1 season

No longer Alfa Romeo, Sauber are the second team to adopt an all new identity for 2024. Using the bright green of their new title sponsors, Sauber’s car is as striking as it has been in many years.


Haas VF-24 three-quarter rendering, 2024

The final team on the grid and the final team to keep a largely similar livery to last year. Once more, however, there is more black to be seen on Haas’s car for this season.

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You say

Which team has the best-looking livery for 2024? Cast your vote below and have your say in the comments.

Which F1 team has the best livery in 2024?

  • Haas (1%)
  • Sauber (14%)
  • RB (8%)
  • Williams (4%)
  • Alpine (2%)
  • Aston Martin (10%)
  • McLaren (6%)
  • Ferrari (39%)
  • Mercedes (16%)
  • Red Bull (1%)

Total Voters: 193

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37 comments on “Which F1 team has the best livery in 2024?”

  1. Tough to pick anything other than Ferrari…

    1. Yes, agreed.
      Aston is no 2 for me.

      The rest of them… no comment.

      1. +1 @murasamara300

        Don’t even like Ferrari but it’s a good ‘un.

      2. The Aston Martin one is an enigma, the green looks wonderful under studio lights (fwiw there’s maybe a bit too much black for my liking), but on track it seems very dull. It totally should work, just somehow loses the magic in natural light.

        1. Yes, mistook Alonso for a Mercedes several times last season. Hopefully the silver noses will help.

    2. As one of the teams who used actually paint on their cars only 3 teams possible:

      Ferrari, Red Bull and RB i like the Ferrari but i am not a red type guy, navy blauw … I went with RB !

  2. I don’t like RB livery very much, unlike other people, but at least I will distinguish it from the Haas cars. Last year they were way too similar.
    But the Ferrari remains the best looking car to me.

    1. That RB livery is a mess in my eyes.

  3. Since I resumed following F1 from the late 2000s, seems like Ferrari’s liveries been almost always the fan favourite.

    Red bull has been quite consistent with their theme over their years. The new liveries on the RB reminds me of the Scuderia Toro Rosso days, I miss the name “Toro Rosso”. That new name is an abomination.

  4. RB is the best livery in 2024.

  5. There’s a handful of really good liveries this year. Ferrari and Merc will both age wonderfully I think.

  6. As carbon-paint combos go, I quite like the McLaren. In recent years they stubbornly used that hideous light blue and made a complete mess. Im glad they went a simpler route now.

    1. Yes, but it is too fussy with lots of busy competing areas. Spoils the effect.

  7. Ferrari will always be the benchmark, and it’s perhaps not fair to let other teams compete against them here. I voted for Ferrari with no hesitation.

    However, if the question was phrased “biggest improvement in livery”, then we’re suddenly talking Mercedes vs Visa Cashapp Minardi Bull Toro Tauri because the silver-black combo looks great on the Mercedes and the AlphaTauri of 2023 was behind this years livery in my eyes.

  8. In my personal opinion, there’s a pretty clear order of all 10 in my eyes:
    1. Ferrari
    2. Mercedes
    3. Visa Cash App Racing Bulls RB Toro Rosso Minardi Formula One Team
    4. McLaren (I am a McLaren fan which may be why I may rate this higher than others)
    5. Williams
    6. Red Bull (I don’t mind the livery but it’s getting very stale now)
    7. Aston Martin (the carbon the on the top of the sidepods ruins it for me)
    8. Haas
    9. Alpine
    10. Sauber

    1. 3. Visa Cash App Racing Bulls RB Toro Rosso Minardi Formula One Team

      You forgot Alpha Tauri ;)

      1. hmm, got the quote and my text the wrong way round. Oh well.

  9. I think the Mercedes and Ferrari are the top two.

    Overall I’d say it’s a reasonable year for liveries, despite the spread of the invasive bare-carbon monster. The only one I dislike is the Alpine, the rest are all OK to good.

  10. I’ve voted for Mercedes – I think it looks very clean and like a West McLaren which makes me happy.

    RB is a nice return to the Toro Rosso colours. I’m not that impressed by Ferrari- a couple of ribbons, and a splash of yellow, is fairly boring.

    A lot of the other teams are very similar, Stake atrocity aside, which means identifying the 23 or 24 season in 10 years may be a challenge given the drivers are the same.

  11. Sauber for the bold color that goes well with those unpainted carbon parts.

    But those are studio pictures. Under the bright sun it may look like a computer generated model.

    But it’ll be very distinct at night races, along with Ferrari and Aston.

  12. The grid could do with a yellow, a white and a bright(er) blue car.

    That said, I’d group them like so:

    Perfectly fine: Red Bull 1 / Mercedes / Ferrari
    Could be better: McLaren / Aston Martin / Haas
    Acquired taste: Red Bull 2
    Come on guys: Alpine / Williams / Sauber

  13. Ferrari, no doubt.
    There is too much carbon fiber in most liveries. Fortunately Mercedes has recovered a bit of their iconic silver.

  14. Choosing between Stake-Sauber & Visa RB is difficult for me, but I think I’ll lean more towards the former.

  15. Go for the worst livery challenge: Alpine & Haas will argue the fight.

  16. Ferrari is the best by far. I just looked through images of their liveries over the years and I think this might be one of their best. 2023’s special Vegas one comes close.

    I started watching F1 in 1997, and had forgotten how strange the cars were – thinking about the very boxy back half of the 97 car here.

    Most of the other liveries this year are quite messy!

    Mercedes and Haas are better than last year, Aston Martin is decent.

    I don’t like the VCARB’s white parts so much, otherwise it is reminiscent of that Torro Rosso livery which everyone here liked the best that year. But that was definitely superior.

    Then come all the ugly carbon copies that we won’t be able to distinguish, and last, and at the same time least, for me, is the toxic green kick.

  17. It’s getting boring but Red Bull has the best livery since years. It’s disappointing none of the other teams (especially their RB sister team or Sauber) have raised their game. Ferrari and Merc are okay. The rest mediocre at best.

  18. I looked through the pic list a couple of times. On the first pass Sauber was up there (with Ferrari and Aston Martin).

    On the second pass, I was already over the Sauber. I feel it’s a bit like an overly sickly cocktail. When you first get it you think “this is great, I’m going to have a whole heap of these”, then you realize your going to struggle to finish the one.

  19. None of them – but half a point for Sauber for at least making their car visually stand out.

  20. Voted for Williams. I like the blue, it looks good. I like the RedBull for its consistency with previous years, not so much as nicest livery. Between McLaren and Sauber for most “easy” to identify at speed (I think) no confusion with other teams.

    1. That’s a great point about the Red Bull. It’s not my favourite by any means but I appreciate it’s been very consistent since the RB1, maybe even more so than Ferrari.

  21. Sauber. This shade of green has been long missing from F1 and forms a very dynamic pair with black.

  22. 1) Ferrari
    2) Mercedes
    3) RB

    The rest

  23. I just voted. A tricky choice but –

    1. Mercedes
    2. Ferrari
    3. Aston Martin
    4. RB VISA

    The rest I don’t care much for.

    1. I think my lease favs are Alpine, Williams and Sauber.

  24. Top 3 are light years ahead of the rest in my mind.

    1 Mercedes
    2 Ferrari
    3 McLaren
    4 Alpine
    5 Williams
    6 Aston Martin
    7 Haas
    8 Sauber
    9 Red Bull
    10 RB

  25. Well they do say there’s no accounting for taste! Some (to me at least) very surprising results from that poll. My favourite is a close call between Ferrari and Aston, but Aston just pips it for me as I’m not 100% sure about the new yellow/white stripes on the Ferrari. Clearly I am in the minority in liking the Aston. The Merc is third for me.

    My LEAST favourite is a close call between the Sauber, Alpine and the McLaren, which is frustrating as McLaren are my favourite team! The Red Bull livery is not horrible, but I really wish they would do something different from time to time. The only real change recently is the matt finish they adopted a few years ago.

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