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What was the best F1 racing game?

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    @Fer-no65 That Jackie Stewart video is terrific!


    f1 99. loved the challenges from start to finish. using the clutch at the start is a challenge as its eas to jump the start. but he bits i love is he original safety car, which typing our name as safe allows you to race as the safety car
    but by far the challenges when directly racing another car as they actually try to overtake you real exciting stuff.
    worth a buy


    Formula 1 ’97. For every reason @Ajokay said and so much more.

    I’d been in love with Formula 1 (the sport) before 1997, but I always look back to that season and that game as the point at which I know I would be ‘married’ to F1 for the rest of my life.


    Best for modern F1: Geoff Crammonds Grand Prix (Amiga). It had me hooked and even my non-F1 friends hooked. For the first time I could emulate Ayrton Senna in a McLaren.

    Best F1 game for sheer driving satisfaction: Papyrus Grand Prix Legends (PC). This game was hard. I’m not even sure why I bought it when I struggled with 1 lap around Watkins Glen in the demo. But, then I got 1 lap right and it was amazing.

    and just for completness, the worst game I owned and played because it was supposed to be the best at the time (That’s 1987 guys):
    Nigel Mansells Grand Prix on the Amiga.
    The only thing right was that it had a full season.
    Wrong things:
    All opponent cars were blue.
    All the bends were the same gradient.
    All the oponent cars could touch you and you would spin. So dont let one try and re-pass you.
    Half the screen was the dials, that were supposed to make it strategic.
    Screenshot Nigel Mansells Grand Prix

    Fer no.65

    @keithcollantine: it is, isn’t it? It’s great to see him commenting about the lap, the circuit, the bumps and everything… they really did a great job with the cars and tracks back then.

    To think they were showing videos about a simulator released in 1998 at the Williams garage 8 or 9 years later!


    I’m with @damonsmedley on this one. F1 World Grand Prix on the N64 gets my vote. I especially loved the challenges that placed you in various scenarios from that season. When I won with Damon Hill in the Arrows, it was my greatest achievement to date. I only got 98/100 marks though. I couldn’t get full marks on the Jerez challenge.

    Also, the Gold and Silver drives that you could unlock were brilliant. These cars are what the X2010 of today is modelled on. (This may be a fib). And the bonus track, which I called the Hawaiian Grand Prix was such a cool track, with a one minute -ish lap time, but it went through a volcano and over a suspension bridge. Oh, and the carreer mode was pretty good too. :P Graphics were obviously, nowhere near todays detail but it was an excellent game by all accounts.

    Unfortunately, my N64 is deceased and now rests somewhere at our local recycling plant, so all I have are the memories, but these memories are good ones. Codies have big boots to fill I reckon.


    similar article here- http://wtf1.co.uk/post/1069229427

    ( @keithcollantine is there any chance of putting the reply box on every page within a thread like this?)


    @Chalky – I know exactly what you mean with F1 GP for Amiga and emulating Senna in a McLaren. Monaco was my favourite track. I was at Uni when F1GP2 came out and they had a comp in the cafeteria to see who could get the fastest lap of Silverstone from 3 laps… which I’m proud to say that I took the trophy home out of 30+ entrances, and my fastest was just over 2 seconds to the 2nd placer. It was a bit embarrassing collecting the trophy up on stage in front of all the other students and having to make a speech.

    Speaking of nostalgia, I’m going to have to look for a Windows7 install DVD this weekend so I can Bootcamp my iMac so I can stick F1GP4 and Grandprix Legends on.

    Dan Thorn

    @ajokay said it all, and it’s F1 97. It was the first F1 game I had and if I didn’t own any of the others, I wouldn’t miss them. It is THE F1 game. I remember taking great pleasure in punting Michael Schumacher off and trying to get Panis and Nakano to fill the other two steps on the podium.

    I once did a full length race at Spa – I can’t have been any older than 10 – and took great joy in spending most of the race trying to catch Ukyo Katayama for 15th place. I did it, and felt like a king. Few games since have brought me such joy from such apparently little success.

    I’ve since bought and played the original Formula 1, based on the 95 season, and I have to say I prefer it. The cheat where Murray spews out random phrases is without doubt the best cheat on any game ever, and the fact that it has driver changes throughout the season and Simtek even disappear after the Monaco Grand Prix make it brilliant.

    However, I bought the game when I was 19, not 9, and F1 97 has all the nostalgia, and is why for me, it’s the best F1 game ever.

    Fer no.65

    @Spud: those challenges! that sort of thing should return!

    it was brilliant! you had to replicate what the real world drivers did or tried to do… I still remember spinning around Hockenheim, in the Jordan, with only 3 wheels trying to make it to the pits and try to beat Berger to the flag… it was impossible to do!


    F1 World Grand Prix on the N64 by a huge margin. For it’s time it was incredible. It was also my first computer game :D, I got it probably a year or two after I started watching F1.

    At the time I was a huge fan of Schumacher watching him fight off Hakkinen. Ever since then I can’t bring myself to play Schumacher in a racing game because I never felt I’d do him justice.

    I used to play Irvine a lot. That’s also when I became a fan of Minardi and Trulli.

    Other notables? I liked F1 Pole position 96, again on the N64, not so much because of the graphics, or physics, (both of which were… old). But it was fun and the key point, you could re arrange who the drivers drove for, and what engines the cars had.

    I always used to put hill in the Forti just so he didn’t win everything, and he’d still always get points.

    I’ll be honest, if they did something like that in a modern F1 game it would increase my play time 20 fold.

    Honestly speaking, F1 2011 is the best available today, but taking into account what they could do given more freedom? it’s a long way off. (Granted most of that blame rests with the rules the FIA/Bernie/person responsible sets them)

    …..nostalgia … :D

    I agree with Spud and Fer No.65, the challenges were great.


    @Dan Thorn

    I did it, and felt like a king. Few games since have brought me such joy from such apparently little success.

    This is what the greatest racing games can do.


    @fer-no65 I remember trying to get as far down the track as I could before the wheel flew off! It was a mental challenge! And you’re right, it was impossible but I bet you managed to do it anyway. I know I did. That was a life box ticked right there. The only thing that slightly irked me was the fact that they got the Hungaroring wrong. They had two extra turns, which you can see on a satellite image, immediately after turn 3. It might have been part of the track years ago but it was incorrect at the time the game was out. But I’m nitpicking. It was a great, great game. :D

    Fer no.65

    @Spud: you know, I managed to do it years after i first tried (using a PC emulator… and I JUST! made it!)

    YEAH! I noticed the same about Hungaroring! and it was a pain in the arse because with the car stuck in second, it was more track that you had to travel!!!!! so annoying!!!

    Those challenges were really great. I love that sort of thing, like the license tests in the Gran Turismo series… it was much more fun to get gold in all the tests than to actually race round the circuits!


    @fer-no65 I remember doing that particular one and the “Damon Hill in the Arrows” challenge. I couldn’t do them for aaaaaages, and left it alone for weeks. Then for some reason, I hopped back in from of the N64, and had a go. I managed it after three or four tries. The Hungaroring thing used to annoy me, not because of the 2nd gear thing, but because I’m so pedantic, and I knew that corner wasn’t really there. :P

    But yeah, I think those challenges were, by far, the best aspect of the game. Codies have done something vaguely similar with their “scenarios” but these are just glorified time trials really. I would love for them, or any other developer, to take up the running and put a proper “Challenge scenario” into a new game. Though I fear if that were to happen, I’d never leave my house. :P

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