Who’s choosing what? – driver numbers 2014

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    Force Maikel

    In case some of you were still not 100% sure Chilton will get #4, the FIA have added that number to his name on the entry list. That’s the best source you can possibly have.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Now that the grid is complete, we just need to wait on Ericsson and Kobayashi to pick their numbers.

    I have no idea what either driver may choose, but I have heard #9 suggested for Kobayashi.


    I hope Kobayashi chooses 71, the number with which he did Le Mans last year :)


    Apparently he’s gone for 10 and Ericsson’s gone for 9.


    Ah never mind:

    Lots from Caterham in Notebook tonight, 8pm, #skyf1. Kobayashi will be car number 10 (his number in debut with Toyota) and Ericsson 9.

    R.J. O’Connell

    I can pat myself on the back for like a couple seconds, having predicted Kobayashi would use #10. Fun stat: The other two Japanese drivers with podium finishes, Aguri Suzuki (’92-’93) and Takuma Sato (’02, ’04) used #10 at some point in their careers.

    Iestyn Davies

    #9 Ericsson and #10 Kobayashi (already said to be a preferred number of his), is the second line up on the grid to be ‘old style’!

    Ironically, the old Arrows numbers were 9 and 10, from the same factory in Leafield.. Kobayashi probably wants to repeat what Suzuki did and get a podium and use his preferred number.


    Maybe someone found a drawer full of old 9s and 10s, and had a great money-saving idea…

    Max Jacobson

    It’s rather annoying how very few drivers have picked high numbers. I personally would have picked 88 (Senna’s first title year) but if I recall correctly nobody has picked a number in the 30’s, 50’s, 60’s, or 80’s


    @vettel1 Fully agree.

    Bradley Downton

    @bullfrog – 9’s & 10’s at Caterham? You’ve got to be joking, it’s more likely to be 20’s and 21’s – that’s what they’re used to…

    Prisoner Monkeys

    @vettel1 – Annoying, maybe, but most of them are picking numbers of personal importance (though I am yet to find out why Ericsson chose #9). Is it really anyone’s fault if those numbers are all on the low side?


    It’s rather annoying how very few drivers have picked high numbers. I personally would have picked 88 (Senna’s first title year) but if I recall correctly nobody has picked a number in the 30′s, 50′s, 60′s, or 80′s

    This goes back to what I was saying when they first announced this new rule. I don’t think most F1 drivers really care that much about what number they have on their car, which might be why you have so many guys choosing numbers between 1-24.

    “I have to choose a number? Errrr… OK, let’s go with 18. I would’ve had that one this year anyway…”


    But guys, we must not forget the significance of drivers running the same numbers for the rest of their time in F1. Of course there is no romance to (most of) them now; it is the first year they’re using them! Once one or more of the drivers go on to win races and championships, we’ll be talking about the legendary “6” or “17” or whatever. It doesn’t matter if the numbers are high or low, they’ll have to be given their weight by unfolding history. “5” and “27” are completely arbitrary numbers, but they mean something to F1 fans. One day we will be old and grey and be saying: “It’s just not like in my time anymore! Remember the good old “44”? That was a number! The kids nowadays just don’t have the same sense of meaning – they just pick whatever!”


    What was the point of doing all this – if you still can’t see the numbers on the cars?
    At least you can see from the front on the Ferrari and Merc (the way they’ve done the 44 it looks even more like a McLaren!) and Williams have shown for many years that they get it.
    But try finding the number on a Force India, Lotus or Toro Rosso.

    And they’ve missed a trick by not having numbers in different colours like the bikes or US series.

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