Will Hamilton ever leave McLaren?

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    Dan Thorn

    I hope he doesn’t stay with them and I don’t think he will.

    Even if he has masses of success with them I think he’ll naturally want to seek out a new challenge eventually – all the most successful drivers have done.


    Well the answer can’t be known, simply: events. We have no idea whats going to happen, a more interesting question is do you think he should leave? Dan Thorn gives a good answer but I actually hope the opposite. I’d like Hamilton to be the first true great to stick with one team, have all his highs and lows there, an then retire, at about the age of 38, with a load of titles, a giant of the sport, remembered as both a fantastic driver, but also joining names such as Prost, Fittipaldi, Lauda, Hakkinen and of course Senna as one of the all time greats to drive for McLaren.


    I think for now he’ll stay put.. Remember those pc when he’s always mumbling about ‘We overtook a Ferrari..”We finish in front of them’..

    He’s a McLaren Man, since he was a kid, and he had watch how McLaren and Ferrari war pans out.. I think we McLaren fan are safe :)


    The only reason I believe he would leave would be lack of performance, otherwise macca for life

    Stephen Jones

    unless they have a fallout (which isnt unlikely) i can’t see him leaving. Unless he gets bored, and wants to have a run at another team.. but that can only happen in 5 or so years..


    I could definitely see them having a fallout. Its ridiculous the number of times we have heard Hamilton complaining and disrespecting his team on the car to pit radio. In 2009, he was constantly complaining, and he was in 2010 as well. I think if Mclaren is uncompetitive for a couple of consecutive seasons, we will see Hamilton exploring better options. Hamilton wants to break records, he doesn’t really give a crap about Mclaren.


    A fallout likely? Definately.

    Both Mclaren and Hamilton are constantly testing each other.

    2007: The team pressured Hamilton unnecsesarily with the espionage thing. The team were telling him to give Fernando the advantage in Monaco and Hungary.

    2008: Nothing stands out in my memory but I imagine had the final pitstop cost him in Brazil there would have been a meltdown!

    2009: The team told him to lie, he agreed to lie, both parties were guilty here and they were visibly annoyed with each other. Constant digs at the car – ‘frickin boat’ was used in Turkey (?) – tension betwee the team perhaps?

    2010: Button beat Lewis in the beginning and there was visible pressure on Hamilton to respond. Lewis felt let down by the team for the pit call and was furious with woever called him in for an extra stop in Malaysia(?) or Australia(?). Canada he was raging when Button was allowed to catch up. Monza, the team were angry when Lewis chose to go down the non F duct route instead of following their advice. It is also at Monza that (alledgedly) a team member sent an offensive text message about Lewis which he was obviously not pleased with.

    However both parties always overcome their adversities and succeed. These confrontations are the result of two passionate parties with a determination to succeed clashing, both want to better themselves.

    There is no real need for Mclaren and Lewis to change the way they go about their business:

    1 Championship

    14 Wins

    Countless podiums

    I’m sure the partnership will continue for many years,


    I can see a fallout, because Ron Dennis is no longer there. I think we could see (or not, as it is) a behind-the-scenes series of grumbles and Dennis stepping in to keep Hamilton on side, but then another one sends him over the top and he leaves. It would fit Hamilton’s temperament.


    @realracer (Faraz) was wondering in a different thread whether this could be Hamilton’s last year in a McLaren.

    I don’t think it will be, because I don’t see where Hamilton could move to. Working down the hierarchy:

    Red Bull – perhaps a slim possibility, but they’d rather promote one of their young drivers and he’d rather not join the team where Vettel is king.
    McLaren – already there.
    Ferrari – the team tends to have clear number one and two drivers, and Hamilton won’t accept being a number two, and that’s to say nothing about the relationship between him and Alonso.
    Mercedes – unlikely to reach the front of the pack for a while, and if they do happen to produce a good car this year, Schumacher would probably stay on for next year so there wouldn’t be any room.

    And below that, he wouldn’t be interested. Let’s not forget that McLaren have won one out of every four races in their history, and that even in the years they don’t win a championship, they aren’t far behind. Add to that their equal treatment of both drivers, their seemingly unrivalled ability to develop a car once a season has started, and the long history they share with Hamilton, and I think it’s difficult to see him moving away at the end of this season. I wouldn’t write it off for the future though.


    Could be straight swap for Webber


    Di Resta goes McLaren as part of engine deal, Schumacher retires, Sutil takes his seat, Bianchi takes Di Restas seat, Bird gets Force India reserve role

    James Allen said after Merc GP were formed that their long term targets were Vettel and Hamilton


    I can’t see Hamilton completing his entire career with McLaren. If McLaren were to enter a lengthy transitional period like Williams, then Hamilton would be gone.

    Alonso seemed to have a never ending love relationship with Renault, but then all of a sudden he signs for McLaren, and that was during Renault’s championship years.


    @GeorgeDaviesF1 can’t exactly see what Sam Bird has done to get into F1, lets not jump the gun with Di Resta just yet, I know he is British but he’s still gotta beat Hulkenburg and other young drivers for a top seat.


    If Whitmarsh keeps favouring button (and you can’t tell me he doesn’t) every interview about lewis he talks about jenson, like he’s a god. Everything is jenson.. it somehow seems wheneva lewis is infront of button in a race, they try everything to get jenson ahead of lewis. Turkey 2010 sums it all up. Hamilton doesnt Trust Button & Whitmarsh. It’s Mclaren Vs Hamilton too me. Hamilton will not win another championship with Jenson & Whitmarsh at Mclaren, I Hope he does but i just can’t see it. Lewis is Mclaren’s Only Hope of Winning a chamionship again. Focusing on Button isnt going to get them anywhere. It’s Just what ive been seeing over the last 2 years, and my Opinion.


    James Allen said after Merc GP were formed that their long term targets were Vettel and Hamilton

    @GeorgeDaviesF1 But given their form (or lack thereof) since they were formed, it is not outlandish to think that they may have had to settle for slightly more realistic long term targets. I certainly can’t see either of those drivers going to Mercedes any time soon.


    @KateM If Vettel wins another championship this year with RBR I think he will be going to another team, that team can be easily Mercedes, Vettel has said a few times that he wants to race for the big names and in this moment only Ferrari and Mercedes fulfill that description IMO. All the past champions that have made a move like that were influenced a lot by money and I think Mercedes has the money and will give the big bucks to secure the young German’s services, and that also will be the only way for Schumi’s second run to get to an end. I don’t see MSC retiring for anyone else in the near future (in the interview he says that he is pretty confident to fight for another title this year or whenever, so I think he will stay in Mercedes as long as they want him). About Hamilton I don’t see him in a Ferrari or anywhere else, I think Mercedes wants German drivers, if he doesn’t win a second championship soon he will be going the Jacques Villeneuve route in the next 4 years at the most.

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