HRT F111, Barcelona, 2011

HRT to display Japanese flag on car in Melbourne

2011 F1 season

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HRT F111, Barcelona, 2011
HRT F111, Barcelona, 2011

HRT will display a Japanese flag on their car during the Australian Grand Prix weekend.

Team principal Colin Kolles said: “What has happened in Japan is terrible. I would like to express that I was very shocked with what occurred.

“Japan is one of my favourite countries and I have a huge amount of respect for Japanese people and their culture. I am sure they will overcome this terrible situation.”

Narain Karthikeyan, who raced in the Japanese Formula Nippon series in 2002, said: “I have been very upset and disturbed by the news reports coming out of Japan over the past week.

“I raced in Formula Nippon in Japan in 2002 and made many friends there. I have spoken to some of them, and fortunately they are OK. My heartfelt sympathies go out to all the families affected by this tragedy. They are all in our hearts and minds.”

Team mate Vitantonio Liuzzi added: “This is a terrible thing for the Japanese population.

“I am shocked. I cannot watch TV anymore. I feel so sorry for all my friends there, but I am sure that they will come out of this situation stronger than ever. Hopefully they will be able to recover and limit the damage.

“They are a strong population and I am sure they will react soon because they have incomparable dignity and hopefully all the other nations will help in every way possible because this kind of event should make the world unite.”

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24 comments on “HRT to display Japanese flag on car in Melbourne”

  1. Well they have the colour scheme. It’s good that teams will be showing their support.

  2. marc connell
    18th March 2011, 19:36

    Well at least it will be seen all the time! “Time to look at last place, and off course its HRT oh look there showing there support for the japanese! how noble! “

  3. How major must a change be before the team has to officially ask permission to change their livery? Is it a judgement call, or is there a rule about it?

    1. It’s a judgement call, but even if Hispania completely re-did the car I think they’d get permission. One-off liveries have received permission in the past for considerably less cause.

      1. I would even go further and say, that many a team principal and Bernie for sure would rather see JAPAN all over the car than having it run with “cool spot”, “this could be You”, etc.

        So will it be Japan in a cool spot and the Japanese Red dot on the side pod?

        Good idea from HRT certainly.

  4. Well its a no brainer for HRT.

    Its not as if they have a shortage of space on their car.
    Im sure it would be very embaressing for them to race a car with ‘Have your logo here’ at each GP.

    So makes sense for them to do that and astonishingly its probably the 1st best descisions theyve ever made since coming into the sport.

    It will be interesting to see what they do for the rest of the races.

  5. Better than “this could be you” I suppose

  6. Why can’t they do what Brawn did in 2009? The clean crisp livery with almost no sponsor logos was in my opinion the best one of the grid that year.

    1. Agreed. I actually really liked the way last year’s HRT looked in testing last month in dark metallic grey with all the orange gone. They could’ve also done just a bare carbon look, which would’ve been a really beautiful, unique, and inexpensive way to go, but I guess no team wants to give up how their carbon is laid up on the car…

      Glad they’re showing support for Japan. I hope more/all teams do.

  7. Good on you HRT.

  8. Further nice things from the F1 paddock :)

  9. Is the whole livery going to be a Japanese flag or will it just be a small sticker of the like?

    1. or, not of.

  10. A nice touch, and it will probably get all of us (and of course prospective sponsors) looking at their car a bit more.

    The Brawn livery was terrible, it looked like a scousers tracksuit with all that luminous green on it :P

  11. I would hope all the teams do the same thing!

  12. I just hope that it doesn’t break down or burst into flames, which it’s liable to do. What kind of message would that send?

  13. im surprised hrt can afford it

    1. Whoa! You obviously have no idea then, do you? :P They have more than enough money for a sticker and they’ll be on the podium in Melbourne. (Now imagine if they turned around and did so!)

      1. well that sounds about as realistic as a normal Kolles promise!

      2. That would make you one of the people actually being there on the day HRT rewrote the F1 history books!

        The season would be an immediate classic.

  14. I think all teams should have a spot on their cars to display a message for Japan.

    1. A cool spot.

    2. same

  15. Well, they have plenty of space on the car anyways…

    Does this mean that Sakon Yamamoto is coming back? :)

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