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Goodwood Festival of Speed

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McLaren, Goodwood Festival of Speed, 2010

The 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed begins tomorrow with over 50 F1 cars set to appear.

Eight of the current F1 teams will be represented along with a wide selection of classic Formula 1 cars.

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button will drive the pioneering McLaren MP4/1 of 1981 – the first F1 car built with a carbon composite chassis.

The pair will also drive Hamilton’s 2008 championship-winning MP4/23.

Among the current F1 drivers who will join them is Mark Webber, who will drive the Red Bull show car. Last year’s championship-winning RB6 will also be on display.

Among the other current F1 drivers appearing are Nico Rosberg, Vitaly Petrov, and Virgin duo Timo Glock and Jerome D’Ambrosio.

Marc Gene will drive last year’s Ferrari F10 up the hill. Bruno Senna and Karun Chandhok will drive recent F1 machinery from Renault and Lotus respectively.

Completing the eight current F1 manufacturers present is Williams, whose 2010 FW32 will take to the hill.

Alain Prost, Williams, Kyalami, 1993

A diverse selection of past F1 cars will be demonstrated or on display during the Festival, including a large selection of Renault-powered cars from the nineties plus their championship-winning machines of 2005 and 2006.

Renault’s first F1 car – the turbocharged RS01 – will do a demonstration run on the hill, and Damon Hill will drive the car he won his first F1 race in, the 1993 FW15C.

Martin Donnelly will drive a Lotus 102 for the first time since the crash that ended his F1 career in 1990. Donnelly was hospitalised for weekend after the crash at the Jerez circuit during practice for the Spanish Grand Prix.

March 711

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner will get behind the wheel of a 1971 March 711.

Nigel Mansell, John Surtees, Emerson Fittipaldi, Martin Brundle, Jean Alesi and Thierry Boutsen are also expected to drive. The latter will be at the wheel of Toyota’s 1998 Le Mans 24 Hours challenger, the TS020 GT-One.

The Festival will also mark the centenary year of the Indianapolis 500 with a huge gathering of cars that contested the famous 500-mile race. Reigning IndyCar champion Dario Franchitti will drive the Lotus-Ford 38 which Jim Clark took to victory in 1965.

His Ganassi team mate Scott Dixon will pilot a 1958 Kurtis Kraft-Offenhauser “Schulz Fueling Equipment Special”, from the time when the Indy 500 was still part of the F1 calendar.

Red Bull designer Adrian Newey is set to make an appearance in the March-Cosworth 86C IndyCar he developed in 1986.

F1 Fanatic will be covering all three days of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, bringing pictures galleries of all the cars and stars, plus special features on some of the most interesting F1 cars at the Festival.

Are you going to the Goodwood Festival of Speed? Which of the cars are you most interested in? Leave a comment below.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

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39 comments on “50 F1 cars for Goodwood Festival of Speed”

  1. Does anyone know if there is live steaming on the internet of the Goodwood Festival.

    There was last year and it was great to watch.

    1. Wow, I’m definitely interested in this… I’ll report back if I find anything. :D

      1. David Hunter said there’s a program on sky sports and you can watch sky sports here if you don’t have the channel. All these channels are live tv so you have to watch at the same time it’s on tv.


        Best of all no viewer raitings from this website will go to rupert murdoch.

  2. Marc Gene will drive last year’s Ferrari F10 up the hill.

    This is what Marc’s job with Ferrari is now. Nothing apart from Goodwood.
    Fisichella’s is even worse: he tried the F10’s F-duct on a straight-line test, and we have no photos of it.

    1. On the F1 side anyway. I think Fisico’s otherwise occupied with AF Corse – Ferrari’s works-backed GT team in the ILMC.

    2. Except fisi also drives the ferrari gt car in lemans and is still the teams test driver, meaning he probably spends many hours on their simulator.

      I know how you feel, he should still be driving an f1 car but it’s not a bad gig for him.

    3. Actually, Fisichella races in the le mans Series for Ferrari

    4. And I think Fisi is responsible for the young drivers academy isn’t he? Anyway, maybe with hindsight he should have chosen to stay with FI.

      1. I doubt it. He was nearing the tail end of his F1 career and what better way to cap it off with a stint at Ferrari? Surely it must be a dream to do that for most Italian racing drivers?

        1. A dream that sunffs out their professional F1 racing careers…

      2. whats wrong with sports car racing, something that when interviewed as part of the le mans weekend on eurosport he was quite clearly loving.

        1. What would he say then, as a blind Ferrari fan? That he hates the way Ferrari is treating him? He had at least two more years of competitive Grand Prix racing left in him. He could have flattered Force India’s performance and helped enormously in the further development of the car had the Ferrari dream not blinded him.

    5. there is more to ferrari and far more to motorsport than just F1, you should think about looking it up some time.

  3. Would love to go to the Goodwood Festival of Speed one day! What a dream event for car lovers! How much does it cost to attend?

  4. £50 for a day pass… went last year, going again on sat.
    It is amazing.

  5. Younger Hamii
    30th June 2011, 11:42

    Looking Forward to it,Havent really watched much of Goodwood in recent Years but really determined to see the big names up there driving Historic Cars.

    Cant Wait!!!

  6. A relation of mine has got a Ferrari pass (given to him by his boss, I want to work for him!) for backstage stuff and gets to drive one as well, not sure which model though. Yes, I am green with envy!..

  7. I think ITV4 might have some coverage at some point – did last year anyway. Must go to this one day!

    1. David Hunter
      30th June 2011, 14:45

      I just did a search on my Sky box, there’s only a Goodwood programme on Sky Sports… which sadly I don’t get in my package :( There might be other shows that just don’t have Goodwood in the title so keep your eyes peeled!

      1. You can watch sky sports on the website


        they are live tv channels, not in any sort of alphabetical order so you will have to search but enjoy.

        1. JustAnF1Fanatic
          30th June 2011, 16:57

          or if you have a good browser go to the page press ctrl + F and search for it

  8. I’m going to the Festival Of Speed Saturday! I’ve been going to it since 2007 and it’s always been entertaining. Always a huge range of different cars and tons of stands. Anyone who hasn’t been to it before I urge you to go there at some point.

    As for the cars I’m looking forward to seeing it has to be the new supercars, current and old F1 cars and anything fast LOL.

  9. Got weekend tickets. Can’t wait!

  10. Hi everyone, not related to Goodwood in the slightest but have a look at this from Planet-F1.com


    Could it be true? Does anyone have any information on it?

    Seems strange to get rid of him prior to the Indian GP…

    1. Planetf1 is like The Sun of F1 websites

      1. I REALLY doubt it i mean redbull would not want their young protege running around in that bodge of a car. If it happens then that’s hilarious but like “our_nige” i’d be extremely skeptical of anything on planet f1 or here.


  11. Aren’t Mclaren tired of demoing that MP4-23 by now?

    1. I myself was wondering why the still push that 23 out. I’d rather see something a little older (13/14 maybe) or last years car.

      1. I guess they want to show it as its the most recent championship winning car they have (guess the 2009 car is not something to brag about for them :-D).

  12. I’d love to travel to the UK one day and go to Goodwood. It would be a dream come true if I could take my grandfather with me before he gets much older, too (he’s 80 this year).

    1. My grandfather is not much into motor sports, but that’s my dream trip too. Actually it would be the festival, then after I would tour the big car factories (Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, etc) and if I could somehow attend Spa GP (or Silverstone) it would be so cool!!

  13. Great news for Martin D. I’m sure that will

  14. be a very emotional day for him. Must make a mental note to attend next year.

  15. So who won the competition for the tickets on this site ?

  16. The Sri Lankan
    30th June 2011, 22:07

    One of these days i will make the trip there. that Toyota GT-One will be an amazing sight

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