2012 Spanish Grand Prix championship points

2012 Spanish Grand Prix

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2012 Spanish Grand Prix

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53 comments on “2012 Spanish Grand Prix championship points”

  1. WOW. Some race, that. Maldonado – great drive. Alonso – great start, perhaps poor strategy.
    LEWIS HAMILTON: Driver of the day. From 24 to 8th. Astonishing performance. Showed what might have been had McLaren not messed up in qualifying.
    Great race…bring on Monaco!

  2. As a tifosi should I have hopes the WDC? I really don’t know , I’m so confused…

    1. you should as I do!

      1. When someone figures out a pecking order this season, give me a call? Right now, I’d put a tenner on Alonso or Raikkonen.

        1. It’s hard to leave Vettel and Hamilton out of it. Both of them could have taken a victory yesterday if it wasn’t for their penalties.

    2. It’s hard to give up on Alonso. I almost did after the Britsih Gp in 2010, and he came back to nearly win the championship.

      Unfortunately, we are not betting on Alonso here, but a lack lustre Ferrari team to get their act together.

  3. Nice Race for Williams,Great Job Pastor Maldonado

  4. great damage limitation lewis you would be leading if not for your team
    alonso brilliant top of standings in that junk lol
    seb great drive shoved the ”seb cant overtake crowd” they were wrong
    button say no more got beat by your teammate who started last and even at the last stint could’nt stay with lewis who did 2 stops 30 laps on a set of tyre’s

  5. Great to see Raikkonen to be in the hunt for WDC in his comeback season.

  6. Great. Now bring more updates, Ferrari!

  7. Alonso – 61, Massa – 2.

    I think Felipe should remember that voluntarily quitting is better than being fired.

    1. That sure puts it into perspective. Getting lapped near the end didn’t help either. My question is, is Massa that bad, or is Alonso that good? Maybe a bit of both, but I think Alosno is on a different planet compared to the rest of the grid.

      1. I think Alonso is equal best, but not another league. Massa’s flattering him a bit.

        1. @David-a Definitely. I don’t think be would hold such a huge gap at any other team.

          1. It makes you think as if Massa’s got a tottaly different car.

  8. Kimi’s starting to climb. Hamilton lost his chance to, but at least he’s looking good to continue his momentum.

    1. Hamilton did a superb job today. I would say driver of the weekend. Dominated qualifying, put to the back through no fault of his own, and then a stunning drive. Managed to make his tyres last 30 laps at the end! nobody thought that would be possible, but he did it with more life in them than others who did less. Also put in some stunning overtakes, like 2 Torro Rosso’s in 2 corners, just after he had told the team he was saving tyres.

      1. Hamilton is still in it even with his team trying everything in their power to make sure he doesnt have a chance. What a drive, looked after his tires for 30 laps very well and made some good moves. Just hoping that Monaco can be the first weekend where Mclaren do not mess up and he can have a fair shot.

        1. +1.
          That overtaking move on two cars in the same corner had me tearing my sofa apart. It’s a silly thing to say, but I want Lewis always starting a few positions behind. Seems to fire him up and excite the racing.
          And what have McLaren done to Jenson’s car? It was slipping and sliding all over the place…a good car and Jenson was in with a chance of winning this race. What a shame.

          1. plus another sec or two lost with a pit stop, same guy rear left side.
            are we ever going to see a race where he doesn’t get held up by his team?
            lets hope he wins the next race as that will make it 6 different drivers that have won.

  9. Why is Vettel ahead of Alonso in the championship standings? By my calculation, Alonso should be leading on a countback of seventh places.

    1. Vettel is ahead on count-back of 6th places after today’s result.

      Results in order best – worst:

      ALO: 1, 2, 5, 7, 9
      VET: 1, 2, 5, 6, 11

      1. Oh! Okay, I forgot Vettel finished sixth today…:P

      2. It’d be fairer to take the average of all driver results.
        Alonso would be winning in that case.

        1. I agree. That depicts consistency

          1. I disagree. The points system is a balanced way to measure consistency and, at the same time, reward top finishes, but is more centered at the first criterium. So the tie should be centered at the second…

  10. wongchinkong
    13th May 2012, 15:17

    Lotus is third in the constructors. Gathering more and more points with each passing race, consistent performance from both drivers and the car. If this trend persist, should top the constructors table soon.

    1. They only have Red Bull to worry about in that regard, unless McLaren pull their socks up.

  11. Vettel has 1 pole. Alonso 0.

    1. And? Races are won on Sunday, just ask Lewis.

    2. That doesn’t count in case of a tie.

  12. A few things:
    – Kimi is a truly championship contender. I think he will win very soon.
    – Maldonado drove a brilliant race. Hope he continues that way.
    – Despite the win on the first race, Button’s season is awful. Lewis is way ahead of him performance wise (up to this point). Even on the looking after the tyres matter, Lewis beat him.
    – Schumacher season is below average.
    – Watching the race today, i had a confimation to my thoughts: Alonso (awful car, third podium), Vettel (drive through, changed front wing, still finished 6th) and Hamilton (24th to 8th, two stops, if started from pole he would have won it this race) are F1 genuises, amazing drivers.

    1. Yeah it’s obvious those three are at the top of F1 talent at the moment.

    2. I would too like to comment on that it looks like Hamilton learned to treat the Pirelli tyres right which is the key this season. Having said that, he’s beating Button big time this year which was not foreseen even by me. I’m glad though for Hamilton as he has had his load of misfortune already.

      1. True, but we’re only 5 races in, with 15 more to go. That’s a maximum of 375 points yet to be settled.

    3. – Watching the race today, i had a confimation to my thoughts: Alonso (awful car, third podium), Vettel (drive through, changed front wing, still finished 6th) and Hamilton (24th to 8th, two stops, if started from pole he would have won it this race) are F1 genuises, amazing drivers.

      I agree. Hamilton came from the back to finish ahead of Button, Vettel finished 5 places ahead of Webber despite the drive through, and Alonso lapped Massa again.

  13. The great tyre manager Button finished a place behind the tyre wrecker Hamilton, despite having an extra set of tyres over Hamilton, and with Hamilton having to do a 30 lap stint, while overtaking and defending.

    Myths, gotta love ’em.

    1. And all despite starting 14 places ahead because of the penalty. Hamilton pretty much took the mickey out of Button today.

      1. I think your second sentence sums it up perfectly!

      2. + 100

        Jenson has had a good run since last year, but it’s high time Lewis puts him back in his place.

  14. McLaren due to their own errors have cost not only their drivers but possibly themselves 40 points in the constructors- I suspect that if they don’t win the constructors it will be down to their mistakes rather than the speed of other cars.

  15. I think Kimi is still not realize that now the sooner the pitstop the better, different from last year he drove. Btw, It looks like Lotus still cannot calculate the tires strategies correctly, they last longer, but only just. Come on Lotus, you can do it!

    1. It might just pay off in Monaco (vide Finger Boy last year), since it is so hard to overtake.

    2. Kimi does not make the decision when to pit. It is the team who hold that power.

    3. Ferrari doesn’t know that either or ever since the Pirelli tires got back into f1. Alonso would have won the race if he would have pitted in the same lap or at least a lap later than Maldonado. No 2-3 laps later. The one that pits first is at least 2-3 seconds faster than the one that is running at the end of the tires’ life.

  16. Just watch lotus lining up behind Mclaren. As Mclaren is more interested in how the tyres is putting up a good show than getting their team to function.
    They still managed to almost mess up Hamilton’s stop. Withmarsh either gets his act together or resigns and lets a better hand stir the ship, right now he is on a self distructive path.

  17. oh Boy Raikkonen is in the Hunt…..

  18. sid_prasher (@)
    13th May 2012, 17:23

    I think first of all today an apology is due to Maldonado from the fans who have dismissed him as a mere “pay” driver. It was a brilliantly driven race by him and the team.

    I guess Fernando will feel that under the circumstances a win was possible – I don’t think Ferrari is really fast enough to mix with the top teams yet…but Alonso this year has not dropped a single point due to a mistake.
    I am still not sure of the reasons for the drive through penalty given to Vettel and Felipe…

    The way Kimi was going at the end – it looks like Lotus made a mistake by keeping him out for too long. If he had been brought in a couple of laps earlier – he could well have come second again.

    1. He was holding up Maldonado and
      Alonso so that he could come back at them later after his pit stop.

    2. Vettel and Massa both got drive throughs for failing to slow under waved yellow flags after the Schumacher/Senna crash.
      There was a shot of Vettel coming down the main straight with his DRS wide open as he passed the yellow flags.
      A number of drivers were given reprimands and some penalised last year for this offence so its not a new one. The drivers have to make some effort to slow when they go past waved yellow flags. The Stewards often look at Telementry and compare sector times to determine if the driver did in fact make an effort to slow down.
      Jenson and Lewis had trouble last year in Spain if i remember correctly, but got reprimands

  19. Did Redbull cheat with flex noses ?

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