F1 cars 2000-present at the Goodwood Festival

2012 Goodwood Festival of Speed

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Current F1 teams including Ferrari, McLaren, Red Bull and Mercedes are present at Goodwood with some of their most recent cars.

Red Bull brought the RB7 which dominated last year’s championship. McLaren ran its closest contender, the MP4-26.

The Renault R30 appeared in the livery of the current Lotus team, and Caterham ran a T127 from when they competed under the Lotus name two years ago.

Fitting in with the festival’s “Young Guns” theme Williams brought an FW22 of the type a young Jenson Button made his F1 debut with in 2000.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

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32 comments on “F1 cars 2000-present at the Goodwood Festival”

  1. I wish Ferrari, Red Bull and Renault/Lotus would not put their current liveries on their old cars (though I prefer the black and gold on the Renault).

    1. I agree completely, for a historical festival such as this, there should be greater emphasis on cars being run in their original liveries.

    2. +100

      It’s even worse when they try to make the old cars look like the new cars, which is absolutely impossible. I remember when Red Bull came to Argentina for the Road Show, they used the STR1 (which was the RB1), but had the RB4-like nose. It was horrible.

      1. I remember on Top Gear where Jeremy wanted to create a piece of art with paintballs splattered onto the canvas by an F1 car. They used the RB1, but alongwith having the livery from a more recent car (RB5 or RB6 I think), they had a shark fin on the car, which the RB1 didn’t have.

    3. Absolutely, it’s just about ok to do that with show cars in shopping centres or airports, but Goodwood is full of people who know their stuff. At least they haven’t messed with the RB7, one of the all-time great cars (and the least ugly out of this lot).

      1. @bullfrog The RB7 has the RB8 livery. The end plates on the RB7 were dark blue, the RB8 has red end plates.

        1. In that case, boooo – and a curse on them at Silverstone.

    4. @slr To be fair, other teams did as well, it’s just that the changes to their liveries have been more subtle. For example, Lucozade instead of Vodafone on the McLaren rear wing.

      1. @keithcollantine I didn’t notice the change to the McLaren. I did actually mean to say that I wasn’t happy when any team does it, I just singled out Ferrari, Red Bull and Lotus because I noticed the livery changes on their old cars.

  2. I am confused: is that really the W02 or is it rather the W03?

    1. Its a W02, but they fitted parts of the W03 bodywork to it.

  3. a stepped nose on the merc W02 ???

    1. The stepped nose regulation was conceived because the FIA wanted to allow 2011 chassis to be re-used in 2012 and still be able to comply with the height requirements.

  4. they are testing the new wing at goodwood :D

    1. They probably call it a “filming day”, hence all the extra cameras on the car.

    2. thatscienceguy
      1st July 2012, 13:37

      If you believed that you have no idea what Goodwood actually is.

      They’ll do about 3km of running today, with no warm up, at maybe 60% pace, on a course they have no benchmark for. There is no chance of getting anything meaningful at all from it.

      They’d be better testing at one of those “City Racing” demonstrations.

    3. like i’ve said in a previous post it does look new, maybe someone could spot something more.

  5. It’s a W03. Look at the exhaust. Unless it’s the W02 then ran in Abu Dhabi (with 2012 front wing) – seems unlikely.

  6. I’m glad Mercedes brought one of their own cars, albeit one that looks like a bit of a hotch-potch of bits from the W02 and W03, rather than bringing the Brawn BGP-001 that they ruined by painting it in Mercedes colours.

    1. Didn’t they have to give that car to Jenson?

      1. @hohum It was in his contract, not sure whether they did or not.

  7. R30. Ohhh.. having a crisis!

  8. I hate the nose on that Ferrari. Although it seems a moot point when the Mercedes is there too…

  9. So. Many. GoPros. I still don’t quite understand why they use them so widely for making videos. I mean, they’re not that great… The video tends to ripple, and unless you have a separate microphone recording sound, the audio is good for basically nothing. This is OK for low-budget productions, but you’d think TV crews would use some cameras more suited to this sort of thing!

    To anyone that was there, were the RB7s and MP4-26s off-throttle blowing? If so, I feel sorry for your ears! :-P

    1. @damonsmedley They’re handy, and easy to use for just about anything. Is there a better alternative you know of?

      1. @Matt90 I have no idea, but I’ve definitely seen better onboard footage than what GoPros produce. They’re not too bad if there’s a separate sound recording device.

  10. Such a shame the livery on the FW22 only lasted a year. IMO it was the best livery applied to a Williams since the mid 90s. Also love the sharp, sleek lines of those 99-00 era cars…

  11. I wonder if we’ll see ‘Santander’ on the Ferrari 375 F1..

  12. xeroxpt (@)
    2nd July 2012, 3:38

    I really love Buttons first car the scheme reminds me of the bmw brabhams of the early 80s.
    I’m a sucker for the 1998 spec until probably 2004 afterwards the liverys the design, some piece of history started to fade, and no more tobacco sponsoring etc.

    1. xeroxpt (@)
      2nd July 2012, 3:40

      the rims, the sharpness, and the sliding almost as amazing as the 80s cars to watch sliding.

  13. Does anyone know who the driver in the R30 with the blue-white-red helmet is? Could it be Nicolas Prost?
    Or why Hartley is in a Mercedes?

    Mercedes had Hartley driving.
    Caterham/Lotus had van der Garde driving.
    Ferrari had Gené driving.
    McLaren had Turvey driving.
    Lotus/Renault had D’Ambrosio driving.
    Red Bull had Ricciardo driving.

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