Grosjean hit with ten-place penalty for Ricciardo crash

2013 Monaco Grand Prix

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Romain Grosjean will receive a ten-place penalty for the Canadian Grand Prix following his collision with Daniel Ricciardo.

Grosjean hit the back of the Toro Rosso driver on the run to the chicane on lap 63, putting both out of the race.

“I could see that Grosjean had got a good run out of the tunnel and that he was close, so I defended my line and the next thing I knew he was over the back of me,” said Ricciardo.

“I haven’t seen it on a TV yet, but at the moment I believe it was a misjudgement on his part and a costly one that was quite dangerous, even if we are both okay.”

It was Grosjean’s fourth crash of the weekend. He hit the wall at Sainte Devote twice during practice and also damaged his car at the chicane.

2013 Monaco Grand Prix

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40 comments on “Grosjean hit with ten-place penalty for Ricciardo crash”

  1. This guy never learns. At least last year he showed some speed before the occassional shunt.. but this year he hasn’t impressed anyone with his pace or racecraft.

    I doubt we will see him on the grid for another year if he keeps going on racing like this

    1. To be honest it looked like the car he hit braked waaaay early.

      1. Michael Brown (@)
        26th May 2013, 18:38

        I think so too

      2. It doesn’t matter when Daniel braked. He probably broke a touch early as he was on the inside of the track, on the bumps, with less grip. It’s nobody’s fault but Grosjean. The FIA would’ve looked at relative braking positions of both drivers the laps before the incident and came to the conclusion Ricciardo did nothing wrong. Hence Grosjean’s penalty.

    2. Trenthamfolk (@)
      26th May 2013, 18:54

      If you run into the back of someone, it’s always your fault… That’s the way it is. If you’re in front, brake when the hell you like!

      1. That´s the argument police do in my country :P

    3. I doubt we will see him on the grid for another year if he keeps going on racing like this

      I corrected it for you.

      He is too hot headed and plain careless. I wouldn’t miss him.

  2. Four individual crashes in one weekend. Unacceptable. Add to this all the accidents he caused last year, and I really don’t know where Lotus will finally draw the line.

    Yes, he’s a nice guy. Yes, he’s got speed and skill. But this is Formula 1. You cannot keep crashing as often as he has. I thought he’d made progress this season and had kept his nose clean, but then he goes an blows it with the most accident-strewed weekend of his career so far.

    The thing for me is, you know he’s going to be involved in more crashes in the future. Enough is enough, I feel. I’ve ran out of patience with Grosjean.

    1. Well. I don’t think your patience is much of a concern to Grosjean..However Eric Boullier also looked and sounded out of patience. And that is of much more consequence to Grosjean.

  3. he had a bad weekend, hope he gets over it and starts from the form he had in bahrain…
    he’s a talented guy, he didn’t crash at all this year until now!

    1. @rigi His pace is gone though.

      1. @wsrgo i don’t think it is, he was up front in all the fp’s this weekend, and don’t forget he could’ve easily scored points if it wasn’t for that mechanical failure in spain.

        1. @rigi At this point last year, Grosjean led Raikkonen 4-2 in qualifying nhead-to-head. This year, thus far it is a flat 6-0 in Raikkonen’s favour.

  4. A hypothetical but what would happen to the penalty if Lotus said enough is enough and dropped Romain for Canada. Is it a punishment just against him, or against the driver of car 8 in general?

    1. Just him. Whoever took that seat wouldn’t get a drop.

    2. Isn’t it a penalty against him for the next race he competes in?? Basically they could drop him until the last race of the season and he would just have to serve it then. That is my understanding of the penalty but of course i could be wrong! I want to see Davide Valsecchi in the car.

  5. He can do much better then this but I do hope Lotus has the sense to drop him from F1. He needs to find a home somewhere else, maybe NASCAR is a better suitable place for him. Everything has a limit and I think he has just gone over it.

  6. Well he’s had a ban already so what’s this gonna do apart from making sure he’s wrecking people further down the grid.

    1. What would you suggest then as oppose to grid penalty?

      1. Championship points deduction.

        1. Well, that won’t help with his crashing tendency as I understood was your point. Give him -50 points and he will still be same Grosjean.

          1. No but it will put his job in jeopardy meaning he may not be around to crash into anyone at all.

  7. “I understand Perez is aggressive but didn’t know he’s that stupid. He came too fast to the corner, there was no way he could make it.” KimiRaikkonen on SKY

  8. Lotus might want to raise the budget for this crash dummy

  9. Peaple say he is fast. I think he just drives on 101% all the time which makes him crash-crash-crash. Anyone has stats about Massa in his early days in Sauber? I remember Villeneuve talking F1 isn’t place for him etc. Somehow I think Massa crashed a lot less then Gro.

  10. Fortunately Ricciardo isn’t a championship contender, otherwise it would’ve been a one race ban for Grosjean.

  11. 4 crashes in one weekend is a bit much… He’s been nowhere compared to Raikkonen for much of the season, Lotus must be seriously considering other options…

    1. They do have last years GP2 champion lurking in the garage …

  12. Romain is going to get someone killed.

  13. I think it’s time for Lotus to put Grosjean aside, and put Valsecci in the car. With Raikkonen possibly going to Redbull next year, it’s important to have stability in the team, and by giving Valsecci the change to get expiercence, they would make life easier for the long term. That way, they only would need to find 1 other driver over the winter. If by any change, they could get Webber from Redbull, they’d have a reasonable line-up next year, not with a sublime driver like Raikkonen, but certainly a more stable pair of drivers.

    1. invisiblekid
      26th May 2013, 22:15

      Yeah IF they drop Grosjean (and I think they should) and IF Kimi goes to RB, Lotus will be starting 2014 with a radical engine change with two new drivers to the team either: new to F1 or new to racing F1 as their job.

      I think Grosjean should have another chance, but one more bad contact/crash of which I’m sure will happen, then it’s gotta be bye bye. But is it too harsh to drop him midway through the season?

      1. I agree with you that Grosjean should not be dropped yet, but Lotus must surely be worried about it by now.

  14. 1) He’s only been crashing and having incidents this weekend. I think if he keeps keeping his nose clean as he did in the first five races he can do a good job.

    2) How has Grosjean got a more severe penalty than Chilton? Chilton’s incident was much worse in many respects in my view.

    1. I agree Chilton’s crash with Maldonado was much worse – but seeing as Chilton is 22nd on the grid most of the time anyway, giving him a ten-place penalty isn’t going to affect him! As far as I’m aware Chilton hasn’t been penalised at all??

      1. Didn’t he get a drive through pretty soon after the crash?

      2. @nathanbellows So if you are in a slow car, you can do whatever transgressions you want, and you’ll get away with it?
        I suggested a hefty fine, paid by the driver. Or a suspended ban.

  15. Although i agree he deserves a penalty, I think ppl are exagerating here. He had a bad weekend yes. But as ppl have already pointed out it’s the first crash this year. Also, schumacher did the same thing last year ( and the year before) and got a 5 place penalty. So inconcistany by the stewards decisions in my oppinion.

    1. @melkurion +1 i almost forgot about schumacher, but now this is getting really unfair towards grosjean. i guess when you’re a 7 times WC you’re getting away with a lot more…

  16. michael mercieca
    28th May 2013, 9:03

    Hey everybody has found someone to blame for everything,how many shunts have we had so far by top drivers and are pushed aside as just a mistake. Give the guy some breathing space,much bigger accidents have been caused by others.

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