2013 Italian Grand Prix championship points

2013 Italian Grand Prix

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2013 Italian Grand Prix

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35 comments on “2013 Italian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Well, both championchips are officially over. Will be boring rest of the season.

  2. This season looks pretty done already

  3. Yes! Finally we can enjoy each race without thinking about the championship! Cool!

  4. Now we’ll have fun battles for 2nd place in WCC and 2nd and 3rd places in WDC.

  5. Wow, Hulkenberg more than doubled his points!

    1. Mercedes hired the wrong Nico…

  6. Congrats Seb for the 4th straight WDC…

  7. Common Fernando, I still have faith…

    1. In the words of Samurailonso:

      “If the enemy stays spirited it is difficult to crush him.”

    2. @kingshark:

      +1. But if Alonso doesn’t start taking big chunks of points of Vettel with immediate effect, then it’s all done. Vettel is 22 points away from rendering Ferrari’s 2013 campaign pointless. If he gets that gap by Japan, Ferrari will probably call it a day and put all their efforts into the 2014 package. It’s the sensible thing to do.

      The bigger problem is that 2013 might have been Alonso’s last real chance at a WDC. Sure, it’s a far fetched assumption, but by the looks of how things are going at Mercedes regarding next year’s car and the fact that Red Bull still have Newey to rely on, I’m not so sure Ferrari will have a better chance next year compared to 2013 or 2012 for that matter.

      I’m also not sure Alonso can take another near-miss this year as well, at a psychological level. He’s clearly unhappy and much more vocal towards the team than he was last year, or a couple of years back and that’s never a good sign unless your name is Paul Di Resta.
      I’m looking at how Will Power has declined after his 3 consecutive seasons as a runner up in IndyCar. He and Alonso are about the same age and they’re going to a strikingly similar period, performance-wise. Alonso’s downfall as a driver has to start at some point and another clear championship defeat certainly doesn’t help.

      1. It is true that it is frustrating for Alonso to see titles slip away from his hands,but the 2013 season being a last shot at WDC is not true(i feel).
        RedBull and Mercs may have their resources for 2014 but Ferrari will also not be behind as they also have rory bryne and more importantly James Allison.
        So there’s hope in 2014.

  8. Button is out of winning the driver’s championship. Grosjean still has a chance. ;)

    1. I was wrong by 10 points, both Button and Grosjean still in contention! ;)

  9. The Italian fans are an ungracious lot booing Vettel ,when Alonso did not win. Bad losers . Thought the Italians could have behaved better ,what a rowdy lot ,when the German anthem was played . Have some respect .
    The worst behaviour was the Italian who was on the podium looking impatient and grabbed the mic ,when Vettel was being interviewed by the other interviewer , How unbecoming behaviour of this Italian interviewer on the podium. Don’t bother to know his name anyway!

    1. None of the two interviewers were Italian

    2. The ‘Italian’ you are referring to is Jean Alesi, who is actually french. Awful interviews today.

      1. He grabbed the mike off John surtees !

        1. I have great respect for Surtees, but he has no skills as an interviewer!

    3. how old are you ?????

    4. What about the Brits who boo Schumacher, Vettel and Alonso. Or the Spaniards who boo Hamilton. Why is it only wrong when the Italians do it? If you’re going to slate people for booing then slate them all not just one group of them.

      Also that Italian interviewer who you won’t bother learning the name of is actually French. Maybe you should have some respect and actually learn his name.

      1. It isn’t only wrong when the italians.
        The discussion I think is going on since Canada, maybe even earlier.
        And it is disgusting no matter who does it.

        1. I have this sad feeling that everyone saw the booing in Canada and Britain etc on youtube, and now it might be starting to become a popular thing to boo vettel. its pathetic and I hope it ends, but I have a strange feeling with facebook type communication of this booing on the internet, it has become a popular thing to do. All Vettel can do is keep sticking it to them and winning.

  10. I know it’s still early but taking a look at the WCC, except for Ferrari and Mercedes that can swap places anytime, the order seems about done. Can’t really imagine Lotus going for 3rd or 2nd, Force India getting back up to speed or Torro Rosso losing out to Sauber.

    1. Interestingly the drivers’s championship standings for Ferrari’s and Mercedes’ drivers are quite different: Alonso is just over two wins behind Vettel, but Hamilton is easily over 3 behind. So by the looks of it, Mercedes can effectively take points off of Alonso.

      1. Webber can also prove to be a decisive factor here. With that car he can easily take points off Mercedes and Lotus. Provided Ferrari keep being first runner-ups for another couple of races, Mark being right up there with them and Vettel could work in Scuderia’s favour.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Mark ends up 3rd by the end of the year, screwing up Mercedes’ or Lotus’ calculations on his way there.

  11. soon it will be a fight for 3rd. I think webber will finish 3rd and raikonnen and Hamilton scrapping for 4th

    1. Don’t leave out the little hami yet . He may surprise and have a go at Alonso if Merc keep bringing updates.

  12. I need Alonso to somehow become a much better driver and take points off Vettel, because Vettel needs to clinch in America, which I am going to, but not before!

    1. he doesn’t need to become a better driver, he is needs a better car

    2. He needs a car… especialy in qualify

  13. Michael Brown (@)
    8th September 2013, 17:33

    Let’s see how the championship could play out:

    If Vettel wins every remaining race and Alonso finishes second, Vettel will win the championship at round 16, the Indian Grand Prix.

    If Alonso wins every remaining race and Vettel finishes second, Vettel will win the championship by 4 points.

    If Alonso wins every remaining race and Vettel finishes third, Alonso will take the lead of the championship in round 18 (United States).

    For Alonso to overcome Vettel’s points tally, he will need to at least outscore Vettel by an average of 7.7 points per race. This essentially means Alonso will have to win every race with Vettel finishing second in all of them and third in one of them.

    Alonso would have to win all 7 remaining races so that he could win the championship if he tied with Vettel’s points.

  14. 2 races ago, Hamilton was apparently likely to challenge for the championship after 1 win in 10 races for Mercedes – I hated how the media outlets jumped on the bandwagon and wrote things like “this will open the floodgates” . I would have preferred them to look at history and see that redbull get better as the year goes along (where as Mercedes get worse) when making their predictions, and realise Hamilton is always good at hungary. 2 races later Mercedes have no realistic chance of a drivers title, and quite possibly no chance of another race win this year, as not only are they behind redbull in speed, but also Ferrari.
    the consistency of Vettel is what also puts him at the top of the standings, and also makes predicting anyone else to win the championship so difficult now, it would require a catastrophic failure in the system of both redbull and vettel, the best team and the best driver, to lose from here.

    1. media outlets jumped on the bandwagon and wrote things like “this will open the floodgates”

      I didn’t write anything like that.

    2. catastrophic failure in the system of both redbull and vettel

      Forget it buddy,
      Red Bull know their stuff too well .I think victory is like a stimulant to them , they keep going , pushing limits , update after update and they have a helluva driver to take the flag home .

      One last prediction , they may not be as dominant as 2013 in 2014(as some say) , but they will always be a force to be reckoned with.

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