2013 Brazilian Grand Prix fans’ video gallery

2013 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Wet practice sessions, a cheeky move by Marussia and the post-race celebrations by crowd favourite Felipe Massa and race winner Sebastian Vettel were among the videos captured by fans at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Ferradura in the rain


Drivers tackle the tricky Ferradura during a wet practice session.

Marussia in practice


This fan had a good view of Jules Bianchi entering the Marussia pit during a quiet second practice sessions.


Drivers queue for the pit exit at the start of Q1. Note the Marussias cutting into the line, which the team were fined for later, and which Adrian Sutil was warned about on the team radio.

Drivers’ parade

Lots of chanting as the drivers pass by during the parade before the race.


Nico Rosberg takes the lead off Sebastian Vettel at the start of the race.

The Mercedes drivers come under attack at the end of lap one.

Rosberg loses the lead

Lap two begins with Vettel passing Rosberg for the lead and Fernando Alonso overtaking the other Mercedes, while at the back of the field the two Caterhams almost make contact.

Vettel and Massa’s doughnuts

Vettel performs his now-traditional post-victory doughnuts and Massa also celebrates in his last race in front of his home crowd in a Ferrari.

Top three

The top three finishers arrive in parc ferme after the last race of the year.

After the dust had settled several team members gathered to say farewell to F1’s V8 engines in suitably noisy fashion:

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2013 Brazilian Grand Prix

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  1. Vettel even does doughnuts better than everyone else.

    1. I think Massa’s doughnuts were better, he was in a lower gear and sounded much better, a proper send off for the last V8 engine on a race track (literally).

      1. i have to agree, Massa’s were better and sounded better.

      2. They may have sounded better but donuts they were not.

  2. Driver´s parade… I only listened: Go, go, go…Alonso maricón!! (like Alonso is pretty gay)

    1. I understand the same, and they through lots of garbage. I remember back in 2010 they call him “viado” wich means “maricón”. And maybe now that Felipe is going the Brazilian fan somehow blame it on Alonso too

    2. ActuallyI l listen the same,,, oh oh oh Alonso maricón….. ( its like he is an homosexual)…

  3. No video of Grosjean’s DNF?

  4. The Rosberg loses the lead video is interesting – was it filmed with a very shaky camera and then stabilised in post processing?

  5. In the “Q1” video, should the Marussias have joined after the Mercedes has passed to avoid a penalty? And if the Lotus does not let them in, would the Lotus be punished?

    1. If my memory serves me, they (Marussia) were penalized or at least reprimanded for “not joining the queue properly” or something like that.

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