Mark Webber, Red Bull, Interlagos, 2013

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Mark Webber, Red Bull, Interlagos, 2013Mark Webber has bowed out of Formula One after 215 races.

How well do you remember his Formula One career? This new F1 Fanatic quiz covers his 12 years in F1 from beginning to end.

Put your knowledge to the test now:

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18 comments on “Take the F1 Fanatic Mark Webber quiz”

  1. Answered about 12 questions and scored 10/20. Not to bad…

    1. Similar to me, though I only answered 10 and got 7. So not quite your level, but yeah :P

  2. 20/20!!! I think it’s my first perfect score.

  3. 20/20

    1-2 for the Mercedes drivers @slr :P

  4. 10/20 :)

    How do people score more than 15/20? It’s just impossible! My brain just can’t remember all those things! :P

    1. @andae I have the knowledge, but not like a lot of people where somehow they have it in the brains ready to answer. The quiz would be easier without a time limit :P

    1. “You have previously completed this quiz. Your original score has been counted instead of your new score.”

      No I had not ! :( @keithcollantine ?

      1. Same here. I m sure I hit 20/20 but instead the same message and I score 17/20

  5. Sadly I only achieved 19/20 because I ran out of time and couldn’t answer the last question. :(

  6. 15, happy with that!

  7. 13/20. Considering I’m not a huge MW fan, I feel quite happy with my score.

  8. oh dear only 4/20 :(

  9. 8/20, my best score at a quiz so far. But I only managed to answer 15 or so questions and then ran out of time even though I was answering really quickly.

  10. 19/20 Also.

    Have a feeling of what I got wrong, secretly gutted. lol

  11. 20/20 yay! Signed up just for this :D

  12. I always bugger up these F1 Fanatic quizzes!

    First time I let the clock run down thinking it would submit what I had completed (all but the last question) but you actually have to press ‘submit’. Second time I hit enter in one of the type boxes and it submitted the quiz half way through!

    I just re-did it properly for fun and got 14. So I have established I suck at properly submitting quizzes and actually doing them too :)

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