Todt formally elected to second term as FIA president

2013 F1 season

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Jean Todt has been elected to serve as president of the FIA for a second term. Todt was voted to continue as president during the FIA’s Annual General Assembly.

The appointment was a formality following the withdrawal of his only opponent David Ward last month.

Ward was unable to obtain support from a sufficient number of vice presidents to gain a nomination, a requirement he campaigned against during his brief election bid.

Among Todt’s plans for his next term are the formation of a Resource Allocation Working Group. “It will be their task to determine together how best to use the new resources arising from new activities and including the renegotiation of the [F1] Concorde Agreement,” said Todt.

Todt also plans to create a Motor Sport Development department and fund to encourage the development of grassroots motorsport.

He added that improving the governance of the FIA remains a priority. “We have decided that the Statutes Review Commission should continue its work to assess the reforms which have already been implemented and propose, if necessary, further improvements.”

Todt, formerly Ferrari’s team principal in F1, succeeded Max Mosley as FIA president at the end of 2009.

2013 F1 season

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25 comments on “Todt formally elected to second term as FIA president”

  1. surprise surprise!

  2. Awful news, the man that will ruin F1.

    1. What makes you say that?

      1. What has he done except run-up costs and interfere even more in the rules?

  3. Hands down, the biggest shock in F1 this year!
    Not even EJ could have predicted this result.

  4. petebaldwin (@)
    6th December 2013, 11:37

    Disappointing but that’s sporting governing bodies for you. They’re all the same.

  5. Very disappointed.

  6. The FIA really is in need of an overhaul.

    1. Indeed. I’m a bit perplexed that the FIA was recognized earlier this year by the IOC, when the FIA’s practices of governance reportedly do not confirm to the IOC’s rules of good governance.

      I wish we still had quarterly approval polls on this site for Todt’s work as FIA president. Any chance of starting those back up again @keithcollantine?

      1. confirm conform

  7. Thanks for pointing out how much this was now only a formality @keithcollantine.

  8. How can the FIA consider itself a democratic body and claim that M. Totd was elected president when the stupid voting rules effectively prevent anyone from shallenging him? F1 needs another sex scandal.

    1. ‘challenging’. I used to be able to type.

    2. F1 needs another sex scandal.

      @lotus49 Haha, yes!

  9. Imagine a former RBR boss as successor to Ecclestone… OH HELL NO. No way! What a joke. Hahaha.

    Image a former Ferrari boss as head of the FIA… Sure why not? Seems completely reasonable.

    1. The former March boss was head of the FIA and did a pretty good job. People still talk about wanting him back.

  10. There must be a complete overhaul of the laws within the FIA, the organization itself. There should be a different election process.

    I didn’t like how Ward presented himself critizicing everything, but still…

  11. David not Coulthard (@)
    6th December 2013, 15:56

    If that North Korean bomb strikes FIA’s headquarters, and another one strikes that of CVC………..

  12. Mr. Todt, first on the agenda should be to get rid of the awful new mandatory pit stop idea.

  13. Honestly I dont think Todt has been doing a bad job. From an F1 point of view he’s been fairly quiet (and slow to react at times), but other series are doing much better under his stewardship.

    1. Exactly… But he used to work for Ferrari, hence the knee jerk comments of discontent. Disregard the facts, he used to wear red. Apparently that’s all that matters in his new role as head of the FIA…..somehow…in someones dream world.

      We’ve even had a comment saying he’ll ruin motorsport.

      I suppose us with a grasp on reality will just have to silently despair at those people….as usual.

      1. I like the job Todt is doing in general and haven’t seen him as partisan in the Mosley mould, but I can’t help but reflect on the irony that Ferrari can veto Horner or anyone else, whereas the notion that Red Bull or anyone else can have a say about an ex-Ferrari boss running the rule making body remains laughable.

        1. Of course I mean veto Horner to be Bernie’s successor (not Todt’s, obviously).

        2. F1 has always been a power struggle. Probably always will be. So the day I see an energy drinks company given anywhere near an equal say to Ferrari is probably the day F1 dies.

  14. And now onto the day’s other news: Nelson Mandela has died…
    That must be the most low-key election of an FIA president in recent times – that’s in keeping with the profile Nicolas Todt’s dad cultivates. Easy to criticise him while wearing F1 blinkers – “the stewards were literally, like, epic fail” or “all the rules and tyres are stupid” but a lot of new FIA championships are starting up or developing nicely.

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