Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Shanghai International Circuit, 2014

Caption Competition 63: Rosberg and Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Shanghai International Circuit, 2014

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are vying to be the driver who gets both hands on the world championship trophy at next weekend’s season finale.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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Image © Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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122 comments on “Caption Competition 63: Rosberg and Hamilton”

  1. LH : Look Nico! You want to touch it also?

    NR : Yehhhhh, feels great…

    1. LH: Look Nico! Made in China

      NR: Yeah thats why is a piece of crap

  2. LH: Look at that! It weighs like your conscience after Spa!
    NR: Sure… It does…

  3. Nico: Urgh you smell like aftershave and taco meat

    Lewis: Yes I do, now move over

  4. Rosberg VS Hamilton !! Game on !!

  5. Hamilton: “Here, you can touch it! If you promise to be good, I’ll give you one of these for the whole weekend!”

  6. Rosberg: “Give me this, that’s mine!”

  7. Hey Nico, have a taste of victory.

    1. I like this

      1. Trenthamfolk (@)
        15th November 2014, 20:37


  8. Mercedes encourage closer bond between their competitive drivers by applying superglue to the trophy.

  9. Ham: ….and if you dont wanna keep it in a shelf, you can use it as a stove.

    Ros: Hmmmmmmm…….stoooveee.

  10. Mine. Mine! MINE!

  11. Lewis :Do you think you can get the crown
    Nico : yes , when your car has reliability issues

  12. Nico: “Hey Lewis, you know only old people like that watch, right?”

    1. LOL, good one @philereid :)

    2. Excellent

  13. We must have the Precious!

  14. Have a sneak Piquet at this!

  15. LH: As agreed Nico, the loser has to empty Bernie’s bed pan.

    1. Brilliant. We have a winner.

    2. “like” (Borat accent)

    3. Matthew Cheshire
      16th November 2014, 23:29

      Bernie would need a ladder to use that.

  16. Nico: That’s mine, give it.
    Lewis: Wait.

  17. That bit at the bottom… that’s the brake disc I used in monaco qualy

    1. This trophy is from the Chinese GP. which was held two race weekends before Monaco GP. Of course it could have been from Monaco GPs of the past, but that doesn’t make a joke, does it?

      And no, I am not invited to parties. Yes, I know why. :D :D

      1. Well you’re not getting a christmas card hahaha :P Fair point though, i’ll go back to the drawing board

  18. “You can have this, bro, I’ve got heaps more at home that you’ll never have.”

  19. “Lewis, I think it’s not very solid”
    “Yeah, hold it firmly, or else it’s going to collapse like the other one I had in 2008”

  20. Lewis – “I’ll trade you this fondue set for the championship”

    Nico – “Deal!”

  21. Lewis: Piquet gave my Mrs this present, any ideas what it is?
    Nico: Told me I don’t know engineering, he’s clueless, that’s a Ferrari turbo charger
    Lewis: Neither use nor ornament then, I’ll re-gift it to Seb for christmas

  22. Lewis: Hey buddy take a good look, because it will be your last time you will see one this. Nico: How came I run him off the track again ?

  23. Nico: ” Soooo….. do you think we can share the Trophy?
    Lewis “Not a chance, there can be only one winner”

  24. You want it? CAN’T HAVE IT NA NA NA NA NAAAA

  25. By Shanghai, the Mercedes drivers already had one hand on the trophy.

  26. Lewis, can I rub it? i am going to ask the Genie for Pole in Monaco, your retirement in Spa, and a double points victory in Abu Dhabi

  27. “Ok, on the count of three we both pull. Whoever gets the biggest piece get the championship”.

    1. Yes I like this one. I was thinking wishbone too

  28. LH: Looking for this? Oh damn, it broke.

  29. LH: Why is this trophy so fragile?

    NR: Judging by the design, it’s made in China.

  30. Lewis: I’m getting a proper trophy in 2 weeks! You can put this piece of [censored by FOM] next to your pole positions one.

  31. Nick (@theawesomefish)
    15th November 2014, 14:23

    “Okay, Nico, you can let go now. You can…you can let go now, Nico. Nico, let go. Nico? Nico, let go of my trophy! Nico!”

  32. Look ,Nelson Piquet put his car keys in my bowl

  33. feels like double weight

    1. Winner! I laughed so hard on this. :D

    2. Not bad at all! Hahaha

  34. LH: It’s ok, you can have a look, this is what we world champions get at the end of the season.

  35. Ooh, I’m so jealous, you got the pole position trophy.

  36. Diabolical Nico: “Hmm, I just need to create a mini-version of me, send him back through time to sabotage Lewis’ Australian race, then drop the idea with Bernie to have double points in Abu Dhabi. That should cut down Lewis’ mojo.”
    Lewis: “Yeah baby, yeah! Touch this groovy trophy baby!… Wait a tick, that driver ain’t no woman! It’s a man, a man!”

  37. Lewis, ” We both have one hand on the title. I, with talent and you, with double points!!”

  38. and that is what being a winner feels like nico

  39. But First, the pole position trophy, awarded to Rosberg!

  40. Lewis: “Nico we can make soup in this later!!”

    Nico: “Mmmm, soup!” nummy nummy nummy!”

  41. “Can’t touch this…”

    1. Winner IMO haha, with hammertime this is the perfect quote

      1. + 2 (1 for each caption)

  42. “Look – they’ve designed this trophy for 3-car teams”
    “Haha, that’ll never happen!”

  43. Lewis: The one to get his second hand first to this trophy wins the championship. Deal?
    Nico: Oh wait. I want to see telemetry of your first hand before that.

  44. “You can take as many trophies as you want Lewis; but with Bernie’s double points on my side I’ll be the champ this year!” – Nico

  45. “You can have this one Nico, i’ve got another 9 of these from this year.”

  46. Feel this Nico, next time they give me a piece of rubbish plastic like this I’m going to tell ’em straight

  47. Why is my teammate holding my trophy?

  48. Paul E Kiefer Jr
    15th November 2014, 18:59

    “Now, make a wish…then pull…”

  49. Hamilton “My eyes on you Nice”..Nico “My eyes on the trophy”

  50. Rosberg gives his best Ron Dennis impression.

  51. damm….. That feels good!

  52. Lewis: This is what hammer time gets you. You can’t touch this!
    Nico: please just once
    Lewis: ok friend

  53. Your turn to cook dinner tonight again Nico as I won again. I fancy Chinese. Here is the WOK.

  54. Lewis: “You can have this one if you want.”

  55. “And this is what you could’ve won…”

  56. …and you thought Abu Double would give this to you?

  57. “If Lewis breaks his column Err…car, I’ve got this one”

  58. Lewis has the upper hand, but the trophy seem to tilt towards Nico

  59. “Hey Nico wanna get your trophy and compare sizes?”

  60. New sponsor Gorilla Glue announce their partnership with Formula One by liberally applying their product to the trophy prior to the podium ceremony…

  61. Hamilton: Erm, what do you think you’re doing?

    Rosberg: Just seeing what it would be like to steal it from you next race.

    1. Mercedes ‘everyone’s a winner policy’ would be short lived

    2. *Mercedes, ooops!

  62. Nico: I do this to prove a point!
    Lewis: All I can do is smile.

    1. (Just as a reminder in case someone forgot, these words came from the two of them, in Monaco and Spa respectively)

  63. Rosberg ” Can I touch it please Lewis?”
    Hamilton “In your dreams Nico… its the only way you’ll get your hands on this!”

  64. NR: My… precious
    LH: There can only be one to rule the world!

  65. LH: See how much better the winner’s trophy feels compared to your one?

  66. I still have one hand firmly on this trophy Lewis !

  67. Hamilton:- looks like they are listening to me about the trophies.
    Rosberg:- I bet I can brake it, let me try…..

  68. Is that engine cover I can smell burning ?

  69. Hey Lewis !
    Its one brake failure away from being mine !

  70. You keep watching me Lewis ,
    My eyes are firmly on this Trophy

  71. LH: Feel the weight of that, my watch is heavier. Told ya the trophy’s are getting crapper every year!
    NR: (SMUG GRIN) I dont give a “banned double diffuser”, it can weigh less than your Girlfriend for all i care, you just keep thinking about the trophy’s and il just thinking about double points, PHEW! THANKS BERNIE!

  72. Going into Abu Dhoubli bost drivers still have a hand on the trophey!

    1. * trophy
      PS went for the good old Caption rather than Quote.

  73. Rosberg: ‘Good job, man’
    Hamilton: “Don’t touch it, man”

  74. What is it with you and your Chinese Gadgets Lewis?

  75. Here – you have it, friend. I’ve got a lot more than you.

  76. LH: Now remember we agreed: First place gets the Mercedes car, second gets the Blackberry phone.

  77. LH : One more race Nico….

    NR : Enjoy it while you can Lewis, this will be mine.

  78. Either you give this to me or I’ll give you a puncture

  79. ‘Tug of war’

  80. That’s the closest you could get to the world championship, Nico!

  81. NR: Let me have the trophy!!!!!
    LH: No! You already have the pole trophy
    NR: Please, i will give you the championship
    LH: Really?!?
    NR: No

  82. Guillermo Deutsch
    16th November 2014, 5:52

    Let it go b*tch!!

  83. Feel that Nico, it looks like a right-handed trophy but really its a left-handed one. Ahh, i see you understand

  84. NR: Lewis is happy beacuse he hasn’t realized still that it’s just a fake trophy made in China

  85. Hamilton: “Don’t touch this trophy, I’m older than you!”

  86. Rosberg: “MY precious”

  87. LH: ok, you can have it today and three more times in the summer!
    NR: Really? yeaaaah! could it be in abu dabhi the last one? my mum will be there! i want to give her a surprise!

  88. Johan Popadillo
    16th November 2014, 17:38

    “I’m not sure it’ll fit.”

    “No, nor me.”

    “Er. Who said that?”

    “Me, Lewis. Uh-huh-huh!”


    “Lewis. Uh-huh-huh-huh! I’m inside your head.”

    “Oh. No you’re not.”

    “Yes I am.”

    “Shut up.”

    “You shut up.”

  89. Double points? What double points?

  90. “Go on, touch it. That’s what a winners trophy feels like.”

  91. Nico stop it no Nico let go!

  92. Ham: To put a SPIN on things, “Made in China” isn’t a bad line after all, hey Nico?

    Ros: eff you man!

  93. LH: That’s it Nico – just a little bit of team work is all that’s needed for me to hold the cup!

  94. Lewis: I won! I won! I won!

    Nico: yes you did, yes you did but the world championship trophy is mine and it won’t be
    Made in China.

  95. “Yer right, … it DOES look like a three-legged turkey!”

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