Name these 20 drivers of 2000-2010 in the new F1 Fanatic Quiz

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Start, Montreal, 2010F1 Fanatic has a brand new quiz to test your knowledge of the 2000 to 2010 F1 seasons.

How many of these 20 Formula One drivers can you name in five minutes? Take the new quiz now and find out:

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How did you get on? Share your score in the comments – but remember not to include anything which may give clues about the questions or answers.

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Keith Collantine
Lifelong motor sport fan Keith set up RaceFans in 2005 - when it was originally called F1 Fanatic. Having previously worked as a motoring...

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37 comments on “Name these 20 drivers of 2000-2010 in the new F1 Fanatic Quiz”

  1. 16/20. Better score than what I expected.

    I want more driver identification quizes like this one. A similar quiz like this with pictures of driver helmets only would be cool.

  2. I accidentally pressed enter half way through which submitted my results and got a score of one! I probably would have got all the remaining ones right as well. ;o)

    1. i did that either! :)

  3. 2.
    Outstanding !

  4. Wow, I found that very hard. I guess I’m paying the price now of not really paying attention between 2000 and 2006 :-) My 5 points included at least 3 lucky guesses.

    1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      12th August 2015, 15:14

      I scored a meagre 4, and I was paying attention! Or so I thought anyway.

  5. Decided against embarrassing myself

  6. Hahahaha my memory failed me I got only 1.
    I was a little kid in the early 2000 so I find it extremely hard to remember.

  7. I’ve been following F1 for nearly 20 years and only got 3/20. I suppose the helmet designs in the recent past haven’t been so easy to remember…

    1. Agreed, also drivers switching helmet designs between seasons is very annoying.

  8. ILuvSoundtracks (@)
    12th August 2015, 16:07


  9. I only got 2 :( Is there a way of seeing which ones I got right?

    1. Yes good question, Keith, could we please have answers for quizzes? I’ve never seen answers for any quizzes I attempt. So, i never know which ones i got wrong, and thus, can’t learn anything.

  10. Oops. A big fat zero… Only really started paying attention in 2009…

  11. Geez that was tough, 3 points and I was only sure of one…

  12. Ha haa, 1 out of 20, probably Michael Schumacher.

  13. I’ve been saying for a while that most of the modern helmet designs suck, because they are overly complicated with millions of some twiddly lines that don’t mean anything, accompanied by some “fast” shapes that are as original as Tilke’s tracks.
    The fact that most of the people got really low scores (when they anticipated they “should” have known much more) is one more proof.

    The other thing is they keep changing them and that most of these photos didn’t include Hamilton in a McLaren or Alonso in a Renault or Ferrari. :)
    I don’t think anyone would have had a problem identifying Hill’s or Coulthard’s helmet, but I dare you to try to remember what Brundle’s helmet looked like. :)

    1. Tommy Scragend
      12th August 2015, 20:26

      It was mainly white with blue and red wavy lines towards the bottom of it :-)

    2. I don’t get the ugly paint lines on helmets. Alonso’s helmet is also included. The blue doesn’t go well with the colors of his cars. Since Renault. Sticks out like a sore thumb. Compared to that Vettel’s and Hamilton’s current helmets look like a piece of art.

      1. I agree with you about Vettel’s helmet, but Hamilton’s helmet is ugly in my opinion. I really want him to go back to his old yellow design.

  14. I’ve been watching F1 since 2004 and I only got 2 out of 20!

    1. I’ve been watching F1 since 1998 and got 1 out of 20!!!

      1. Wow, that’s terrible!

  15. What a quiz! Thanks @keithcollantine

    I got 15 (seems pretty high) but have just spent the last hour typing “Driver X Year Y” into Google to try and work out the ones I didn’t get. It’s good to be put out of my misery!

  16. Lewisham Milton
    12th August 2015, 20:12

    Congratulations to “Andrew” with 20/20. Is that Andrew Google?

  17. Nice quiz, Keith! Something a bit different.

    Somehow got 13! Definitely got lucky with some. Coped better with the more recent drivers from about 2006-2010.

  18. 9/20 was my best effort, originally got 7/20.

    This one was so difficult. It started so well then fizzled.

  19. 0. That was an absolute disaster. I thought I had done well, surprised I didn’t get at least 3.

  20. You should do one of these in cars names.

    Lets see with BRM, Alfa Romeo, Pacife or Life is which.

  21. That was so hard. Many one-off drivers… I only got 5/20.

  22. For only 5 minutes without alternatives to chose from, it wasn’t the easiest, but i cannot really complain with 20/20

  23. I thought: how hard can it be? Well it turned out very!

  24. Is there anywhere you can see the answers once you’ve done the quiz?

    1. I think the score you get means so much more when you know that no one could have cheated and you only get a one-shot 5 minutes to do it.

      1. It’s really frustrating though!

  25. Wow…tough quiz! I only got 3/20. I blame it on being up late and tired. :)

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