Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Bahrain International Circuit, 2015

Caption Competition 83: Raikkonen and Vettel

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Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Bahrain International Circuit, 2015

Ferrari duo Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen have got plenty to talk about: the pair have had very different seasons so far in their first year as team mates.

What’s being said in the picture above? That’s for you to decide in this week’s Caption Competition.

Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below and a selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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  • 112 comments on “Caption Competition 83: Raikkonen and Vettel”

    1. “You think I should drop this TNT on someone?”

    2. I think Alonso is having fun at McLaren-Honda now

    3. Constantijn Blondel
      15th August 2015, 12:10

      Seb: I have to give it to you Kimi, Minna-Mari really is pretty hot.
      Kimi: Wait till you see her after a bottle of wodka

    4. Vettel:and then he asked Christian for equal treatment, haha how pathetic!”
      Kimi: …

      1. But he’s always said he doesn’t care for team orders, there’s that…

    5. “Hey Kimi, I hear Haas F1 are looking for a Ferrari-affiliated driver next year”.

    6. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      15th August 2015, 12:33

      “I have bad news Kimi… they’ve fired they guy who prints the number and flag stickers.’

    7. “Vettel: I’m beating you so far this season!
      Kimi: Yes, but..”

    8. Kimi: “I have beer in my bottle”.
      Sebastian: “Hehehe I know, me too”.

      1. Haha. :D

    9. ColdFly F1 (@)
      15th August 2015, 12:55

      Well Seb you might be #1 in Keith’ ranking, but I’m still the most popular according to the fans!

    10. Ferrari decide who stays at the team next year through a bungee jump survival competition

    11. “and then I said, ‘Leave me alone, I know what I’m doing..'”

    12. Seb: “So even in 2015, Fernando finished on top of you”

    13. Kimi: Next races i will lose the handbrake.

    14. Kimi distracts Sebastian with some jokes whilst trying to stealthily steal his head phones.

    15. – C’mon Kimi try and say Champion once again.
      – Sampion
      – I give up

    16. Kimi: If I’m going out you’re coming with me

      1. I like trains

    17. Kimi Raikkonen and his #1 fan.

    18. “Let’s blow Lewis’s car up!”

      “Tee hee”

    19. That’s all there is to do in these summer breaks, pose for pictures that might be used for caption competitions.

    20. To go faster you need to drink more of this stuff Kimi, it produces “Energy for those who thrive on adrenaline.”…

    21. Nick (@theawesomefish)
      15th August 2015, 14:35

      “And then I told him ‘No, I’m sure Honda will get better!'”

      1. Haha, +1

    22. “Let’s see in a few years who’s the last Ferrari champion.”

    23. Formula 1’s best bromance.

    24. Seb : Do you think you can beat Fernando this year ?

    25. “You couldn’t give up on Ferrari, but I gave up Red Bull for you.”

    26. Seb: “Don’t know whats in this bottle but its better than red bull anyway”

    27. “I love you bro”

    28. Seb: Wasn’t that funny, Kimi?
      Kimi: Yeah, I don’t really care.

    29. “This drink tastes like vodka”

      “I think you have my bottle, Seb”

    30. Raikkonen to Vettel: “I’ve heard I’m the fans’ favorite driver.”

    31. Not everyone was impressed by Sebastian’s straw-art version of Kimi’s line through the Montreal hairpin.

      1. Black 'n' Blue15
        15th August 2015, 16:23


      2. Why are the straws always tied in a knot? Why not a shorter straw?

      3. That’s a good one.

    32. SV: And you thought things would be easier without Fernando…

    33. Black 'n' Blue15
      15th August 2015, 16:19

      Seb: Hey Kimi! do you want to sit on the Pole?
      Kimi: Nah, haven’t done it for a while…

      1. Ferrari sent their drivers to poles during the summer break so that they can regain that feeling of sitting on pole. Unfortunately due to severe frost bite on the backside, they cannot feel anything now. All hope lost for the season.

    34. …and then he says MULTI 21!!!

    35. Fancy an early icecream, Kimi?

    36. Seb:So,i win for the first time at hungaroring and all i get is a fake trophy.
      Kimi:I feel you man,in 2012 i won with lotus for the first time and all i got was a fake champagne…

    37. You and I, we always go for the Red. But I tell you, it’s not working out for ya.

    38. If you want to stay another year, just stay away from the ice cream. Don’t force me to chose between the two of you.

    39. KR: … and that’s when I said ‘I know what I’m doing’ but I know my car just isn’t up to it

      SV: Well, at least that I can easily say that I can finnish

    40. Seb- Do you think you will be here next year Kimi ?
      Kimi – Do you think you will be ?

    41. “I will tell you a secret Seb; the grid girls where with me in monaco”.

    42. Kimi: Where did you get that straw? I want one too
      Seb: Bernie gave it to me

    43. And they still believe there is no doping in F1.

    44. Thinking about your post-retirement plans, eh, Kimi?

    45. Kimi: “Let me tell you, kid, when I was your age I’d already won the WDC..”
      Seb: “Ha-ha..I’ve won…”
      Kimi: “in a Ferrari. ”
      Seb: “Oh…”

      1. Black 'n' Blue15
        15th August 2015, 18:36


    46. I wanna be teammates with you forever and ever and ever…

    47. Seb asks how his seat became available

      Kimi: “…and then he told us if he didn’t win he’d go back to McClarlen and win there. None of us could keep a straight face…”

    48. Seb: They love me here at Ferrari!

      Kimi: For now. For now.

    49. SV: So, what’s your secret at Spa?

    50. Stroked & Blown
      15th August 2015, 19:15

      Kimi: I call mine Mistress Minna.
      Seb: I was talking about the car.

    51. KR: I’ll get us matching shades.
      SV: I’ll get a tattoo.
      KR: They didn’t give me the headphones…
      SV: Should I go for laser…

    52. That’s why Santander don’t want you Kimi….

    53. Seb: How much you think Honda will increase the engine power for SPA?
      Kimi: About this much

    54. Sebbie: Hey old man, you now I rely on you for advice on how to win and such things.
      Kimi: Shut your face, or I put apfelstrudel on your seat in Spa.

      1. Maybe this doesn’t translate well? But seriously, it’s so bad it’s great

    55. SV: I’ll let him beat me in Spa, so he can keep his seat, then I can beat him more.
      KR: I’ll beat him in Spa, so I can keep my seat, then he can beat me more. No, wait a minute.

    56. “These drinks have more energy than Honda’s PU”.

    57. Vet: in heard they gonna replace you with that Verstappenkid.
      Kimi: yeah right and MClearen wins the constructorchampionship this year.

    58. Seb: do you wanna know why you have been performing so bad this season?

      Kimi: sure

      Seb: I put some red bull in your car

      1. LMAO dunno why thou

    59. I hear the Renaults are good rhis year!

    60. Seb : “Still drinking Red Bull to be fast, because it gives you wings. Only I drink it from the bottom, so the effect is reverse and the wings give more downforce.”

      Kimi : “I’m just sticking to a Slurpee, you know, still needing to stay cool.”

    61. Joni (@theflyingfinns)
      16th August 2015, 0:01

      Seb: You got any plans for the summer?
      Kimi: Well, there’s fishing and…. you know.

    62. Seb: C’mon, tell me, what do they call me in the garage?
      Kimi: er, ok you haven’t heard from me, but they call you Speed-fuhrer.

    63. Seb: Lewis wants to run NASCAR. Any tips?
      Kimi: Don’t turn right.

      1. Good one!

    64. “So Kimi, being a new father is pretty cool, yeah?”
      “Yeah, it gives “lap time” a whole new meaning!”

      1. Black 'n' Blue15
        16th August 2015, 11:04

        Good one

    65. OT: I’d like to see a poll on how many Vettel fans are also Raikkonen fans and vice versa. I always got the impression that fans who like one of them usually like both of them. Personally, I was Raikkonen fan and supported Vettel when he came into F1, later on became Vettel fan and supported Raikkonen when he came back.

      1. Ditto.

        I was indifferent to Kimi until his funny behaviour came out. (Someone explain to Eddie Jordan that that’s why we love Kimi – he makes us laugh.)

      2. Exactly.
        I was a Hakkinen fan, then a Raikkonen fan. Liked Vettel from the beginning but Kimi was the favourite. Vettel became favourite after Kimi left but now after the return of the iceman, I support both.

      3. That’s so true :D

      4. That’d be interesting to see @keithcollantine

    66. … the results may not look like that, but I am just this close to you…

    67. Seb: “Don’t tell Arrivabene, but I still drink Red Bull in my water bottle!”

      Kimi: “I have vodka in mine.”

    68. You are right Seb, these milkshakes are tasty, but I still prefer a good old fashioned ice cream.

    69. I pick up the coin and see it’s double-faced…
      So either way, Fernando was out and you were in.

    70. Sebbie: So you don’t like Indycar?
      Kimi: Definitely not, they run the cars on alcohol, what a waste.

    71. Vettel: “Life’s good, eh?”
      Kimi: “Yeah, wharever.”

    72. Seb and Kimi finally emerge from a long, mid season appraisal meeting with Ferarri’s bosses…

    73. Seb : So, I told Lewis that Rihanna’s songs carry as much as a tune as one of your interviews.

      1. *as much of a tune… even

    74. “I ran into Fernando last night at the hotel. I told him sweet dreams. He didn’t appreciate it..”

    75. “The tattoo artist said that the prick would be much smaller than the one Fernando feels like after signing for McLaren.

    76. SV – “You can smile then?”

      KR – “Yes yes yes. Leave me alone, I know what I’m doing.”

    77. Kimi: hey Lewis and Nico are coming let’s turn away.

    78. Kimi: I am going to drop this bottle if Lewis continues to sing on the ground.
      Seb: I’ll drop my if you miss.

    79. Antonio (@frosty-jacks-racing-team)
      16th August 2015, 16:24

      Vettel: ” How is it I’m so good yet your so popular?”

    80. Seb and Kimi feel sorry for Fernando as they watch him push his car back to the pits…

    81. “I think TNT blew my wing apart last gp; I must drink Redbull from now on; at least Redbull gives you wings.”

    82. There’s a river, not unlike this one, where my grandfather taught me to fish. You know you still haven’t asked me why i defected (to Ferrari)…

    83. Ferrari trial the strength of their new energy drink ‘TNT – for that explosive taste’ on Kimi. Visibility of Kimi’s teeth suggests the strength is too strong for the general populace.

    84. Elmo Carstairs
      17th August 2015, 10:49

      Kimi – if there is one, just one, funny caption for this comp I will give a big smile!

      Vettel – Bullseye!

    85. Seb, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about your arm hair…..

    86. Look Kimi I did it!!!! Yes yes yes, forza Ferrari, some more Italian quotes…………..5 min…..look I made a knot . Kimi is like , it’s not cool to suck on stuff man. Hide ur straw like me.

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