Red Bull line-up secured beyond 2017 – Horner

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In the round-up: Christian Horner has insisted that Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen will remain at Red Bull Racing beyond 2017.

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The Canadian Grand Prix may have been one of the least-eventful races of the season so far, but does that mean it was a bad one? Tristan doesn’t feel so…

Loved this race. A real cracker. Best race of the season for me by far.

The contest was close, tighter than we’ve seen in a long time. Sure there wasn’t as much “action” but those who are disappointed with such a contest where the drivers are challenged, and cracks are shown, I don’t think should be watching F1.

An F1 race should not about “overtakes per race” or any other such silliness. The closeness of the contest between the teams, and the drivers, is what makes F1 for me. And this race had that essence of the competition in spades.

9/10 ( -1 point combined for the traffic impeding the competition in places and the lackadaisical rules regarding chicane track limits at this circuit, a track limit is a track limit and should be punished more than a very minor time infringement.)

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37 comments on “Red Bull line-up secured beyond 2017 – Horner”

  1. There are so many clauses and interpertations of clauses in a team/ drivers contract…No f1 contract is water tight.. and no team wants a driver full of angst towards the team driving for them…this is a team salvo to other teams..not to mention Money can talk over a contract.

  2. The best thing for Ricciardo is to stay at RBR anyway. Unless he thinks Max is better.

    1. or he thinks they will play him as they did with Webber… But anyway, where else could he have a shot for the championship, next year, better than RBR?

    2. If he would think he can’t beat Verstappen, he could just as well quit F1 ia.

    3. As of today, I think Daniel is slightly better than Max, but that boy is the future. The way he defended Nico was brilliant.

      Hamilton/Rosberg > Ricciardo/Verstappen > Vettel/Raikkonen

  3. I say Red Bull is the place is to be next year with the new aero upgrades, but of course, they will be down on horsepower comparing to the Mercedes and possibly even the Ferrari’s. If Ricciardo or Verstappen want to win a world championship, I say RB is the right team to do so.

  4. Good COTD. I also found the race quite thrilling not knowing if Ham’s tyres would dramatically fail or Seb will catch up or how fast Nico would gain places with fresh rubber after his late puncture induced pit stop. Max holding Nico back reminded me of his holding Lewis back while driving a slower Torro Rosso in Oz and doing the same lap after to a much faster Kimi in Spain. Sainz’ moving through the field from the back of the grid was also good.
    So it was a good Canadian GP.

    Redbull’s decision to keep both drivers is not surprising because both men are very capable hands. They are a championship winning pair. I compare them to be as potent in craft and pace as Nico and Lewis hence Toto maintaining the status quo at Mercedes is also not surprising especially heading into a new season of disruption.

    Hamilton’s dedication of the victory to Ali was well thought out. Nice of him.

    1. Good COTD. I also found the race quite thrilling

      The contest was close, tighter than we’ve seen in a long time. Sure there wasn’t as much “action” but those who are disappointed with such a contest where the drivers are challenged, and cracks are shown, I don’t think should be watching F1.

      I agree. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the race.

      F1 will never be a stream of overtakes and wheel-to-wheel action start to finish, just like a good football (soccer for the yanks) game will not have a goal scored every 5 mins. We saw plenty of action with different strategies played out. It was only after Vettel went wide a couple of times at the chicane that we knew for certain that HAM would win, and we got to see some impressive defending and wheel-to-wheel action between ROS and VER, until ROS cocked it up.

      I gave it an 8/10 myself, and am looking forward to the rest of the season. Ferrari have shown they are very close to Mercedes, Red Bull are much stronger than they were, and the midfield is still very close. It could end up being a cracker!

  5. Looks like Ricciardo used Hamilton’s transplant doctor and may have even used leftover hair from Hamilton.

  6. If what Horner says is true then Sainz should be looking elsewhere for sure.

    I agree with Prost (I think he said this) that Ferrari should sign up Sainz at the end of this year (next year latest). If not then maybe Renault. I can’t seem him moving the Mclaren with Vandoorne coming through most likely and Alonso may stick around for maybe 2 years.

    No point going to Williams when he has the potential to win a WDC and any other teams will almost always be weaker of equal to torro rosso.

    1. @khanistanf1 I’ve been shouting Sainz to Ferrari since mid last season. Not because I think he is better than Verstappen but because Verstappen would have always gotten the RB seat. That is settled now so Sainz should indeed look elsewhere.

      1. Evil Homer (@)
        15th June 2016, 12:41

        It would make sense to replace Kimi with Sainz but Ferrari always seem to have a policy of hiring drivers with more experience and a proven record. Look at the past 20 years or so, they always do it.

        That said they may look to review this as F1 is continuing to go for younger drivers (and spit them out if they don’t perform right away) and take a few chances not to lose young talent as long as you have a Seb in the prime seat.

  7. Off-track highlight was the post-race interview Hamilton was giving to SkySports and Vettel came along to discuss the seagulls. “LOL” is much overused, but that was truly laugh-out-loud stuff!

  8. Is this an old photo or is Verstappen really still racing in his STR overall? Looks better anyway..

    1. ColdFly F1 (@)
      13th June 2016, 6:33

      It might be difficult to find a picture with Ric relaxed and laughing after Max’s arrival ;)

  9. So now we know to to get a place for a long term in RBR. Do a crash hat trick. Crash your car in practice, in qualification and in race in Monaco.

    1. If you’re going to pick out individual races, then why not select the one before and after?

    2. you can also say, win your first race…

      1. You have to win it first, not receive the first place from team orders.

        1. So Mercedes said: take eachother out because Verstappen has to win this one?

        2. Just stick to the facts, Ricciardo (again) was poor in his tyre management in Spain. The team therefore had to switch his 2-stop strategy to a 3-stopper.
          Because the team reckoned he could not make the tyres last in his 2nd stint.
          This is well-documented.
          In the 3rd stint he had a puncture, proof of poor tyre management.
          End of story.

          All the moaning and groaning by him and his fans is getting pathetic, he and his fans just have to move on. I don’t hear him complaining about his 3 wins when all the luck was on his side and why should he.
          But blaming everybody for your lack of race pace and poor tyre management is really out of order.
          He also complained about the pitstops in Canada, but the facts are, he only lost less than half a second to the pitstops of his teammate.

          Ricciardo is one-lap wonder, no doubt about it.
          But when you compromise your race settings, just to qualify ahead of your teammate and the rest of the pack, is not that smart in the end. You get praised on Saturday’s for your performance, but on Sunday’s you get rewarded for your performance.
          Three races gone and Verstappen outshone him twice in tyre management, race pace, attacking and defending.
          In one race Verstappen outshone Ricciardo in screwing up; Verstappen accepted the blame like a man, made no excuses for it, moved on and performed again in Canada.
          Let’s see what the next race will bring Ricciardo: excuses, blaming, moaning and groaning or outshining his teammate and the rest of the pack.

          I’m a big fan of Ricciardo, but he has to get his act together, otherwise his career starts to decline.
          Verstappen is without any doubt a future champion in the making, taking into account his age and maturity already. But Ricciardo still has to proof he is, turning 27 next month and just 3 wins on the tally..

          1. Nothing to add other than a compliment, great post and my CotD

          2. Auria, Rics race was compromised from the first corner when he was hamstrung by Nico (and not Nico’s fault) and he spent the next 70 laps trying to play catch up as well as being stuck behind a ferrari ect and chewing his tyres out..while Max raced on his own till the end and could manage his tyres..your comments are quite harsh and unfair…Ric has every right to be jacked off lately.. he cannot get the rub of the green as well as poor pit work…Max managed to total his car when he was playing catch up in Monaco..

          3. Evil Homer (@)
            13th June 2016, 15:19

            “Ricciardo is one-lap wonder, no doubt about it.”

            Interesting post, some good comments you make but, no, not a lap wonder LOL!

            As for him ‘complaining about his 3 race wins’, ever funnier, most F1 drivers don’t complain when they win, only lose!! :)

            Have a real good look at Spain and Monaco and tell me Dan should not have won both honestly- I was at both races, he was scr***d over there.

            I do agree he needs to keep his comments in check in regard to the team- but people need to know us Aussies speak a bit different to most countries- his “tripping balls” comments in Aust 2014 bought him many fans, the “screwed over” is opposite, but in Australia “screwed over” is actually not offensive, more of a “didn’t go my way”

            Daniel Ricciardo is the real deal if F1, if he gets a competitive car he is as good as anyone else, he is a top bloke……….. but really frustrated!!!

            I see Hulkenburg now missing a great car to show off, Checo now maybe the same (McLaren didn’t count, it was a dog) but very many great drivers did not get the car they needed- Martin Brundle is the best example- I hope not Dan, give him the same car and he is as good as Lewis IMHO!

          4. @auria
            I’m a big fan of RIC however I do agree with everything you say…..the guy lost his cool ever since Spanish Grand Prix and really needs to get his words in check. Pointing fingers at the team and threatening to leave is definitely not the way to build the relationship especially with the bosses like Horner and Marko- he should learn something from the experience of Webber. Verstappen, in comparison, showed some maturity and calmness even though he’s a teenager.
            I was quite impressed with Ricciardo’s tyre management in the past but this year he seems quite unfriendly with tyres, starting from China GP. Don’t see any driving style change so pretty weird though.

    3. I think if crashes were the way to long term contracts at rb, they let golden boy Kvyat go.

  10. COTD is spot on. Hundreds of easy overtakes don’t make a great race. It’s the thrill, the fight for P1 until the end, it’s the packed middle field, it’s the last lap errors and desperate attempts to get one extra point that make great races. Canada delivered once again.

    Talking about Canada… Mr. Bernie is such a bully, let Montreal alone, just pray your beloved Baku city circuit delivers, I’m hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

    1. Couldn’t agree more with both those points. That race was a cracker. There was a genuine battle between two different teams for the win, varied strategies and some close racing all through the pack. It really does make me think that the 2017 rules shake up is unnecessary. Mercedes are still a bit ahead, but the others are catching up.

      I always look forward to watching the Canadian GP and along with Spa and Monza it is the race I would most love to attend. FOM really do need to keep their hands off it.

      1. @geemac I’m starting to fear 2017 rules will cut off the maturation of this set of rules when Ferrari and Red Bull (props to Renault too) are closing the gap to Mercedes. Let’s hope we don’t end up with another (or the same) dominant force after rules changes in 2017.

  11. The so-called “ultrasoft” tires are awful and not at all ultrasoft. It made the race worse than it could’ve been even though it was quite good. I disagree with COTD’s 9 as it’s far too generous but a 7 is warranted

  12. If you can find an advantage where you don’t contravene the technical regulations, then ‘chapeau’. You have done a better job than anyone else


    1. William Jones
      16th June 2016, 9:52

      I think the concern is though that they may not have found an advantage, just a way to cheat without being detected – hidden leaf spring comes to mind.

  13. When did Ric become a complainer. I like him but I like him a little less since he became a complainer. Yes he lost in Monaco yes he had a slowish pitstop in Canada. He us quick to criticize his team for messing up but not quick to praise them. Imagine if a mechanic went on sky to start they would have got a podium had it not been for Ric lock up. Say what you will about Ves is up 2-1 against Ric

  14. RIC versus VES is getting more and more interesting.
    RIC clearly has an advantage in qualifying, from expierence he knows exacltly how to set up the car perfectly and often pulls out that one near perfect lap, although Q3 in Canada was close to crashing. If VES would have outqualified RIC already then we would have no competition and we could seriously doubt RIC’s talent.
    VES however is great in races, in both Spain and Canada his starts where ‘as good as’, his racepace equal and frequently better than RIC’s. Overtaking and defending is undoubtfully VES talent, tyremanagement around equal or maybe slightly balances toward VES..? The overall largest difference is their style, altough both aggresive drivers, VES hardly ever shows any lock-ups while we see that more then often happening to RIC.

    Is RIC still slightly better.? Based on what? Expierence?
    VES had the upper hand on 2 out of 3 races while he had only 3 races in a car which was build around RIC.
    VES didn’t get it together at Monaco, but his racepace was again very very good.

    It would be a tricky bet, but I would already put my money on VES for this (learning-) season.

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