2017 Russian Grand Prix championship points

2017 Russian Grand Prix

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2017 Russian Grand Prix

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29 comments on “2017 Russian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. And now teaching my son that even if I’m a Ferrarista, we have to cheer BOT because he is a well deserved champion.

    1. Already after 4 races?

    2. Champion? What are u talking about.

    3. English is not my mother tongue, change champion with winner

  2. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
    30th April 2017, 14:37

    Just 4 races into the season and Vettel is almost doubling Kimi. Given how bad was Kimi’s start today (letting Valteri do his amazing start) he will need to start working even harder for the next GP in Spain.

    1. Bottas passed Vettel

      1. Out Dragged Vettel should be the exact words.

        1. So are you basically also blaming Kimi because BOT jumped both on the start?

    2. To be fair, neither kimi nor Vettel did a good job at the start.

      The fin had nothing to do with Vettel’s horrible start.

      1. @bcoliver Kimi had a poor start, Vettel actually had a pretty good start. Bottas’ start was only slightly better than Vettel’s but with the tow and a good engine, he managed to out drag Vettel. Not much Vettel could have done here. I was actually surprised Kimi ended up in third after turn 3, I expected him in 5th or 6th.

    3. @omarr-pepper
      You say “just 4 races into the season” like it would be harder to double team mate’s points after a couple of races than at the end of the season. It obviously isn’t. Apart from Mercedes and Haas every team has a driver “almost doubling” their team mate’s points at the moment.

  3. It took 4 races to Bottas to take a win.
    Kimi since returned to Ferrari….

    1. That’s because Kimi has a serious teammate

      1. And Bottas doesn’t?

        1. Bottas’ teammate’s driving was not quite as bad as Palmer’s

        2. At snapchat? World-Class

      2. How old are you, 12?

        1. And just how relevant is that?

  4. Mark gallerger says williams and renault are having a single car challenge against force india, just having a good is not enough right?????

    1. That’s what happens when a team choses money over talent (Willy and Renault). Kudos to Force India.

      1. Ocon is doing brilliantly so far and he’s only gonna get better. FI has done well.

  5. Ocon’s points are good.

    Force India might have lost Hulk but they’re making a killing with Stroll and Palmer.

  6. Gold, autocorrect.

    Ocon’s points are GOLD.

    1. Yes ocons points are gold, and its highlites Williams specially strolls plight more, just having a good car is not enough.

  7. Force India is really going well and they get upgrades next race? And how long will Palmer behind the wheel? If he don’t finish Barcelona i see hem replaced before the winterstop he is holding the team back.

    1. This circuit suits force India more that’s the thing, plus Williams and Renault are virtually fielding only one car for the race. Plus force India are over weight but they have played their strategy well race after race thats aided their p4 maintaining points. Now they are looking for their vjm10-B to solve their slow speed, medium speed weekness.

  8. Palmer bashers, take into account his result today was the cause of grosjean.

    1. Maybe. But what’s Palmer’s excuse for getting comprehensively demolished in qualifying and spinning out at every possible occasion?

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